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“Come, send back Yu Meiren to her palace.” The Emperor’s tone was gloomy. Obviously, he was dissatisfied. But, Mo Yuer didn’t understand it, she still struggled and said: “Huangshang, let me stay. Huangshang, I can help, I can really help… …” She was locked in this harem. So, aside from this opportunity, when can she see Lin Chujiu again?

The Emperor’s face completely blacken. Lin Chujiu snorted, then said. “Yu Meiren wanted to help with what? If I remember correctly, when Divine Doctor Mo was treating Wangye who was soaked naked in the medicinal bath with the dragon fruit, you also begged and said you can help. But now that I’m going to treat the Third Prince, you’re also begging to stay? Third Prince Xiao Zian is the emperor’s son.”

Her last sentence was undoubtedly a slap not only to Mo Yuer’s face but also to the Emperor. So, the Empress and Imperial Concubine Zhou were scared.

Lin Chujiu is really bold.

“Plug her mouth and drag her away.” The Emperor didn’t even call Mo Yuer, Yu Meiren. He didn’t give Mo Yuer any face this time.

“No… …hmm.” Mo Yuer struggled to explain, but she didn’t get any chance. Her coldness and arrogance were not useful to the palace guards.

After Mo Yuer was towed away, Lin Chujiu turned around and kneel in front of the emperor: “Huangshang, please forgive my rudeness. I have always been straightforward with words. I accidentally told the truth. However, at that time, the actual person who took care of Wangye, in the end, was me, and not Yu Meiren.”

Not explaining was also good. But, if the Emperor got annoyed, they can’t stay. The Emperor can’t prove it anyway: “Small things, just forget it. Seeing the Third Prince is our top priority.”

“Yes.” Lin Chujiu got up from the goodness of the Emperor. But, when she stood up, she saw Xiao Tianyao was staring at her. Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t see anything. She lowered her head while walking with everyone.

In the inner palace, aside from the Third Prince, there were also some doctors that followed Imperial Doctor Qin. When they saw the emperor, they came forward to ask about Xiao Zian. The Emperor simply explained that the matter about the Third Prince will now be handled by Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was about to come forward, but Xiao Tianyao pulled her back, then said: “Huangshang, this younger brother asking you to order everyone to leave. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can order Imperial Doctor Qin to stay.”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand, but she knows that Xiao Tianyao was doing this for her. So, she just stayed silent.

“You want everyone to retire?” He refused everyone to stay and watch, but he let Imperial Doctor Qin stay? What was Xiao Tianyao planning to do?

Was he deliberately doing this for him to doubt Imperial Doctor Qin?

What does Xiao Tianyao have to do?

Too bad, only Imperial Doctor Qin could understand the situation.

When Imperial Doctor Qin heard Xiao Tianyao’s words, he knew his merits earlier was flying away.


Seeing Xiao Tianyao was very serious about it, the Emperor was afraid he couldn’t face the consequences. So, he didn’t directly reject his request, instead, he asks: “Why?”

“This younger brother can’t explain it now, but this younger brother guarantees that Zian will be cured after. There is also Imperial Doctor Qin. Huangshang, doesn’t need to worry about anything.” Xiao Tianyao said that no one else could go inside. Imperial Concubine Zhou doesn’t believe it, but for the sake of her son, she asked the Emperor to agree.

No matter what trick Xiao Tianyao wanted to play, she only wanted her son to get better.

“Other doctors are also not allowed?” The Emperor was still an emperor in the end. He cares about Xiao Zian, but it doesn’t mean he forgot his hate for Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao seems expecting such reaction, so he didn’t say much: “Other doctors are not good, this younger brother will assist my Wangfei saving Zian instead.”

“Wang…ye.” Lin Chujiu’s facial expression slightly changed, then she pulled Xiao Tianyao’s sleeve.

She can’t guarantee anything yet ah!

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