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When the imperial guards came in the Xiao Wangfu, many people saw it. Many of these people crouch on the ground to see what was happening.

But as a result, later on, they saw… …

“Xiao, Xiao Wangye?” There were few people couldn’t calm down, when they saw Xiao Tianyao came out. Some people even fell to the ground in shock.

And again, a person who just calmed down himself was frightened: “Xiao Wangye’s legs were cured?”

“Is this real? The imperial guards came to invite Xiao Wangye into the palace, now that his legs were cured?” Some people who were hiding in the corner, near outside the Xiao Wangfu said. They couldn’t believe in the scene they just saw. Even if the facts were already in front of them. 

“Hurry, let’s go and tell this news to the old master. Xiao Wangye’s legs are really cured.” There were really some well-informed people, but when they received the gush of wind, they didn’t believe in it at once. So to be sure, these people arranged some spies to watch over the Xiao Wangfu. 

This move really frightened many groups of people.

The news came out one after another. Many pigeons fly outside the capital. All of them fluttered and flew in the sky. But, they didn’t go too far. Because they were killed one by one.

“One, two… … ten pigeons. This one is a roasted pigeon, steamed pigeon, braised pigeon… How many days do I need before I could eat them all?” On a tree, a youngster with a fat drum like face looked sadly at the lined up pigeons.

It’s too much, I can’t finish it!

“Little Chichi, when are you coming back? I’m really bored killing the pigeons here.”


The youngster pulled the string of his slingshot once again and shot the pigeon.

This youngster named Tang Tang was the younger brother of the first rank assassin, Jing Chi. Tang Tang has red lips and white teeth. He looked like a 16 or 17-year-old boy, but he was actually 25 years old. He only looked soft and tender. And of course, his IQ was comparable to his appearance. So, Jing Chi arranged him to this ‘very important’ task called pigeons killing.

The moment Xiao Tianyao walked out from the Xiao Wangfu, the news that the God of War can now walk with his legs spread quietly throughout the capital. All the capable people now learned that Xiao Tianyao can walk. 

Meng Family was very happy when they heard the news: “Fortunately, my son, your legs got hurt. Otherwise, if you were on the battlefield this time. And this news spread, you will encounter more unnecessary trouble.”

“It is because mother was considerate and thoughtful.” Meng Shi convinced Meng Laofuren.

Cui Family was also very happy, the Cui Family Master and second son shared their thoughts: “Father’s eyes are outstanding, this son can’t even compare enough.”

Cui Family Master said in modesty: “No, no, it’s not that I have outstanding eyes. It’s because of our family’s ancestral teachings. Our Cui Family never participated in power struggles. So, no matter who wins or lose. No matter who dominated or fall. Our family never fall. When our family was not despised by any side, we can continue to develop.” 

“This son will remember grandfather’s teaching.” Cui Erzhu busily gets up and cupped his hands.

Some people were happy, but some people were not. Naturally, those unhappy people were, Left Prime Minister Lin Xiang and Right Prime Minister You. Both of them instigated against Xiao Tianyao at that time. If Xiao Tianyao takes revenge, they can’t hide.

Xiao Wangye, this person, if he wants to take revenge, he doesn’t beat around the bush. He will directly slap or clean up their face. Just like how cleaned up the Tiancang Pavilion.

Lin Furen and Lin Wanting were even more regretful. Lin Furen regretting miscalculating things. She even offended her brothers just to marry off Lin Chujiu to Xiao Wangfu.

No need to mention about Lin Wanting. She fell in love with the crippled Xiao Tianyao, so what more now that he could walk. How can she not regret it?

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