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In truth, it was really like that. Before, Lin Chujiu was given a task by the medical system to treat Third Prince Xiao Zian but didn’t force her to heal him at that time. So, she had already forgotten this matter. But suddenly, the medical system punished her, this pain… … she can only bare it once. She doesn’t want to experience it again.

It’s too damn painful!

The pain Lin Chujiu felt haven’t subsided. Lin Chujiu gasped for breath and hold Xiao Tianyoa’s hand tightly. The sweat on her forehead continued popping out… …

Xiao Tianyao saw that Lin Chujiu had no strength to speak, so he didn’t ask her a question. Instead, he also held her hand tightly, hoping to relieve her pain.

Cui Sanye and Princess Fu An stood on the side quietly and looked at Lin Chujiu with concern. Although Lin Chujiu said that this matter has nothing to do with Princess Fu An, they couldn’t just leave at this time.

Time passed by, but every second and every minute was so difficult for the four people present inside the room. Especially for Lin Chujiu. If Xiao Tianyao was not holding her hand, she might have run to the corner and banged her head on the wall.

It hurts so bad!

After a column stick of incense, Lin Chujiu’s breathe finally stabilized. But, she looked like a fish that was dragged out from the water. Her whole body was sweaty and her bitten mouth was bleeding.

It’s finally over ah!

After Lin Chujiu deeply sighed, she found out that she was still holding Xiao Tianyao’s hand. And so she immediately released it: “I’m alright now, thank you.” Did I injure him?

“Are you sure?” When the warm temperature in his hand suddenly vanished, Xiao Tianyao felt quite a bit sad.

“Yes.” Lin Chujiu weakly raised her hand and wiped the sweat on her face. Then, she looked up at Cui Sanye and Princess Fu An. Lin Chujiu apologized: “I’m sorry to make you scared.”

Of course, Lin Chujiu’s apology was directed at Cui Sanye. Cui Sanye was very polite and spoke extraordinarily like a real gentleman. He was a very decent middle-aged uncle. Lin Chujiu was very impressed with him.

“You, are you all right?” Princess Fu An finds Lin Chujiu not pleasing to the eye, was purely because of her hate towards Xiao Tianyao and Princess Fushou Zhang’s influence. But at this time, when she saw Lin Chujiu look so weak and poor, her heart soften.

Her daughter was about the same age as Lin Chujiu.

“Just an old disease.” Lin Chujiu didn’t explain much, but when she said those words. The three people around her understood the problem.

Many people were aware that Lin Chujiu was sick. Cui Sanye and Princess Fu An also heard this rumor. Even Imperial Doctor Qin said Lin Chujiu was sick. So, of course, they didn’t doubt her words. But, they didn’t expect that it was this serious.

Cui Sanye was a discreet person, so he busily said: “Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei is not feeling well, we will not continue to disturb you, and just visit another day.”

Of course, this was only for formality. Why would Princess Fu An come again to apologize?

"You go and walk slowly, benwang will not send you off.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any respect to Princess Fu An, as if he was an emperor.

Well, he didn’t even put the emperor to his eyes, so what more Princess Fu An?

Princess Fu An was somewhat dissatisfied, but Cui Sanye said: “Xiao Wangye is very polite. We will leave now.”

Regardless whether Princess Fu An agreed or not, Cui Sanye took Princess Fu An and went outside.

“Tianyao really dared not put me in his eyes.” Princess Fu An whispered, but Cui Sanye only acted like he didn’t hear it.

Ordinary people don’t know, but influential families like them know things very clearly. Xiao Wangye should have become the youngest martial god in the four countries, only if the emperor didn’t cause him trouble. Moreover, the emperor did not only ruined his legs but also took his military power.

But even when he was put under such heavy circumstances, Xiao Tianyao didn’t kill the emperor and Princess Fu An. How could they still expect him to put them in his eyes?

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