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“Father, I… I… I listened to mother’s words and came to see sister. But, but.. … Father, I’m okay, let’s just go back. This is Xiao Wangfu. We, we… … sister only lives here.” Lin Wanting’s words were not clear, it can easily misunderstand.

This method was really powerful. It can help Lin Xiang to fight back. Housekeeper Cao’s eyes flashed with worry. He knows he had to hurry to explain, but he didn’t get a chance.

Sure enough, as soon as Lin Wanting finished, Lin Xiang anxiously shouted in anger:   “What if it is Xiao Wangfu? Xiao Wangfu can’t bully my daughter. Wanting, don’t be afraid. Father won’t let anyone bully you.”

Lin Xiang asked a few questions. But, Lin Wanting only showed a more pitiful face. She didn’t mention even half of her words from earlier. She only said that she came looking for Lin Chujiu because Lin Furen ordered her to do so.

After turning around, Lin Xiang looked at Housekeeper Cao and accused him in anger: “Housekeeper Cao, Xiao Wangfu must give an explanation for this. I, Prime Minister Lin didn’t raise my daughter, just to be bullied.”

Lin Xiang also swept his cold eyes toward a few maidservants in the corner, as if he was ready to eat them alive.

No matter what his daughter actually feels about Xiao Wangye. Lin Chujiu shouldn’t say anything so ugly. This account must be discussed today.

He’ll let them know that it’s not easy to put a dirt on his head.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t feel shy, he generously said: “Prime Minister Lin, we don’t know what is the truth yet in this matter. We haven’t asked the maidservants. Can’t you listen to a one or two of their words? I think it is better to also ask a few questions to them to know the truth.”

“Do you think these maidservants will talk about Xiao Wangfu’s evil doings? How do you expect me to believe their words?” Lin Xiang didn’t want to hear the truth. He only wanted to grasp this chance and get some benefits.

Housekeeper Cao learned that Lin Xiang was not a reasonable person. He only came to play. So, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but sneer: “I don’t know what is Prime Minister Lin was talking about. I only hope Prime Minister can take back Miss Lin. As for the other issues, our Wangfei will talk about it to you later.” He was only a servant, so even if he was angry, he didn’t dare to speak ill to Lin Xiang.

“Rest assured, I am, of course, will take back my daughter. Otherwise, she will continue to be bullied by you, Xiao Wangfu’s people!” Lin Xiang said as if he was standing to the highest peak of morality. He accused Xiao Wangfu’s people without hesitation.

Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but laughed. He doesn’t believe Lin Wanting’s words. He believes Lin Wanting was stopped by the maidservants, so she didn’t see their Wangye and Wangfei. However, he doesn’t have any evidence, so he can only let Lin Xiang put his finger under their nose.

Lin Xiang knew that Lin Wanting’s actions were wrong and unreasonable. But, because of Lin Wanting’s words, he barely makes the upper wind. However, he also no longer wanted to delve into this matter. He swayed his sleeves, after taking Lin Wanting’s arm and ready himself to leave. But the next moment, Lin Chujiu’s maidservant, Qiuxi, came rushing and stopped at the door.

“This slave came to see Prime Minister Lin. It’s good Prime Minister haven’t left yet.  This slave thought she’ll fail to catch up.” Qiuxi said gracious sounding greetings, then added: “This slave is a female servant under Wangfei. This slave came to deliver Wangfei’s message to Prime Minister Lin.”

Lin Xiang didn’t need to think much about it. Lin Chujiu’s message was definitely not a good thing. From what he heard to Housekeeper Cao earlier, he no longer has any interest to hear this one. However, Quixi was not asking for permission, she directly said: “Wangfei told this slave to tell Prime Minister: Taking the initiative to enter someone else door is a big disgrace, don’t blame Xiao Wangfu for being a bully.”

“Xiao Wangfu’s people are big bullies!” Lin Xiang’s face bloated with the same color of a pig’s liver. On the other hand, Housekeeper Cao was very calm and stayed silent. But, in his mind, he thought: Our Wangfei is really fierce!

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