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“Benwang thought, after you heard Miss Mo’s affair, you will feel sad and confused, but it seems your not!”

Xiao Tianyao’s voice came from behind her. Lin Chujiu didn’t hear any movements at all. So at this moment, she was completely stunned: “You… …”

After turning around, she saw Xiao Tianyao sitting in his wheelchair. Lin Chujiu’s face becomes pale and the infusion bottle slipped from her hand.

“Ah… …" Lin Chujiu screamed. In her panic, she took two stepped backward, but as she realized that the infusion bottle will break. Xiao Tianyao suddenly got up to catch the bottle: “Next time, be careful.”

Lin Chujiu’s face was as white as a paper. Her lips trembled a bit before her voice came out: “You, when did you come in?” What did he saw?

“Just now,” Xiao Tianyao said without any difficulty, then passed the infusion bottle to Lin Chujiu’s hand. Afterward, he went back to his wheelchair and sit: “What’s wrong? Did benwang scared you?”

Xiao Tianyao looked so calm as if he didn’t see anything strange. Lin Chujiu stared at Xiao Tianyao for a long time, but she found no abnormal reaction. 

"What? Did you lose your soul in fright?” Xiao Tianyao leaned his back on the wheelchair without any unrestrained behavior. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if he was deliberately talking naturally or he was only not interested. 

Lin Chujiu secretly adjusted her breathing and calmed her mind. Then, she turned back to Xiao Tianyao and said: “It’s nothing, I was just startled.” Lin Chujiu knew that Xiao Tianyao arrived early. Because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t know what Mo Qingfeng had said. However, she didn’t know when he came in. She didn’t know if he had seen her brought out the infusion bottle in the middle of nowhere.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t mention it, so she will also do the same.

After thinking like that, Lin Chujiu was able to calm down herself. She decided to ignore Xiao Tianyao’s existence. She changed the empty infusion bottle and adjusted the infusion rate. Lin Chujiu then picked up the patient’s chart and written a note in it.  

Lin Chujiu tried her best to make herself look very busy. She didn’t speak to Xiao Tianyao at all. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao also does the same, he only sat in the corner and didn’t say anything… …

At first, Lin Chujiu looked up at Xiao Tianyao from time to time. But, she found out that Xiao Tianyao didn’t look towards her at all. As time passed by, she gradually gets accustomed to it.

Two people stayed in the same room with an unconscious patient. Although this scene doesn’t warm, at least they don’t feel shy to each other.

Xiao Tianyao ran away and irresponsibly left all his official business to Su Cha and Liu Bai. Although Xiao Tianyao already made an arrangement for each of them, Su Cha and Liu Bai need to implement them one by one and follow up the results. In case of emergency, they also need to make decision base on the actual plan or adjust it a bit.

“I didn’t know Tianyao was so busy before. If he didn’t suddenly push these things to us, I wouldn’t really know.” Liu Bai said as kneel down on the floor. Well, he was born not to deal with this kind of things.

“In fact, Tianyao doesn’t really need to busy himself. He only needs to give an order.” Su Cha was also tired so he rubs his eyes.

He really wanted to sleep at this moment.

"You can try to be like Tianyao, and just order the people under your command.” Liu Bai said as he yawned. Su Cha immediately answered him with tears: “I can’t do that. There are things I need to clarify first. I’m not Tianyao. I can’t guarantee that my decisions are correct.”

“When will Tianyao return?” Liu Bai directly lies on the table and doesn’t want to move anymore.

“If Wangfei will not return, he will also not. However, I heard this afternoon that Wangye almost return in the capital. I don’t know why he’s not here though. Do you?” When it comes to gossip, Su Cha’s spirit had seems returned.

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