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Lin Chujiu’s medical treatment was unheard of. He can accept this fact, but it doesn’t mean others can accept it too. What if Mo Qingfeng sees it and spread it outside? So in order to put an end to unknown danger, Xiao Tianyao deliberately stop Mo Qingfeng from entering and sees Lin Chujiu’s medical treatment. 

Time continue passed by, but Mo Qingfeng couldn’t hear a single voice inside. He could only imagine what was happening inside his mind. But, the more he thinks, the more he felt uneasy. Mo Qingfeng loosed his grip to the chair and walked around the maternity room, to relieve his tension.

At this time, he still couldn’t calm down himself. He was the disciple of 7th Martial God, but right now, he was only a younger brother, that was very concerned to his eldest sister.

Xiao Tianyao was still not in a hurry. When the sky turned dark, he let his people enter the room to put candles, so that Lin Chujiu could see things clear inside.

He had always remembered every word that woman had said. Once she missed a thing and made a mistake, the patient will die. He didn’t know what exactly that woman was thinking though.

Women are really troublesome.

The people outside the house were very anxious. While the people inside the house felt uncomfortable. Lin Chujiu busy herself in completing the operation. Her hands were sore, but she can’t lift them up and shake. She needed to pay close attention to the whole process. Her brain was telling her not to stop, so she was focusing. But as soon as she finished the surgery, her focus collapsed.

Well, she was really tired ah. This operation was more tiring than Xiao Tianyao’s operation.

Lin Chujiu moved her stiff neck and shook her hands, then bandaged the lady’s stomach wounds. Afterward, she changed the empty infusion bottle. Lin Chujiu took this moment to cleaned her surgical instruments and returned them to the medical system.

After the blood transfusion ended, Lin Chujiu also cleared them up. She only left behind a used scalpel and bloody bandages. These things also needed to be disposed. But now, she really has no strength to do so.

After examining the lady’s condition, Lin Chujiu write her findings to the patient’s chart. Then, she went outside to the report the situation.

When the door opened, Lin Chujiu hadn't completely gone outside, but Mo Qingfeng reacted very quickly: "Xiao Wangfei, how is my sister?”

“I temporarily saved her life. We will know if she can survive after twelve hours. These next twelve hours are very important. She must hold on, and slowly nourish herself.” Lin Chujiu explained. The cinnabar seeds were the reason why the lady prematurely give birth. Fortunately, these seeds haven’t completely sucked dry the nutrients inside her body, but… …

She badly lost a lot.

"Later on, she may not be able to give birth again. Her body will be weaker than an average person. She will easily get sick. If she won’t nourish her health well, she might die at a young age.”

Cinnabar seeds are good for the infant, but it will burn away the mother’s life. It’s not easy to save the mother who takes those seeds, so Mo Qingfeng was very grateful: “I would like to thank Xiao Wangfei. Mo Family will always remember Xiao Wangfei kindness. In the future, if Xiao Wangfei has met any trouble, Mo Family will help without questions.”

“I didn’t save your eldest sister to get your family’s favor. If you really felt like you owe me a thing, you can pay my doctor’s fee.” Mo Qingfeng was a very sincere person. To return a favor, he didn’t hesitate to use his entire family. If he was an average person, these words will not be spoken. But, Lin Chujiu simply didn’t know what Mo Family was in the Northern Territory. However, even if she knows, Lin Chujiu will not take advantage of him. 

She has medical ethics. She’s not curing people to get favors or rewards.

Am I right, Wangye?

Lin Chujiu look up and focus her line of sight towards Xiao Tianyao. The sky was dark, Lin Chujiu couldn’t see his face clearly, but she vaguely felt terrible… …

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