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Mo Qingfeng was quite surprised by Xiao Tianyao’s knowledge about a little person like him. However, he still honestly admitted it: “Yes, my master is the 7th Martial God. Master has mention Xiao Wangye before, he said that if Xiao Wangye didn’t get into an accident, Xiao Wangye will be the youngest martial god out of the four countries.”

“Benwang has a close relationship with your master.” In other words, Mo Qingfeng is a younger generation. And Xiao Tianyao was expressing his goodwill.

"Master often speaks about Xiao Wangye, he always say that Xiao Wangye is a dragon.” Mo Qingfeng’s tone was full of respect, but deep inside, he was extremely depressed. He was only a few years younger than Xiao Tianyao, but Xiao Tianyao and his master has a good relationship.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao always heard such a praise, so he didn’t take it seriously. He asked: “What is your relationship with the pregnant woman?”

Mo Qingfeng is not married. So… …

“She is my eldest sister.” Mo Qingfeng only mentions one thing and didn’t elaborate much his eldest sister’s identity.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t ask another question. But, how much does he really know about the Mo Family’s only son? How about to the Mo Family’s daughter?

Does he need to spend so much time asking about such things?

After Xiao Tianyao asked that question, he no longer speaks again. Mo Qingfeng would like to speak to Xiao Tianyao more, but his cold face really scares him. He simply didn’t know how to start a conversation. So, for a moment, the flower hall fell into a deep silence. Until the Chief of Zhuangzi rushed inside: “Young Master Mo, Young Master Mo, Wangfei asked me to hurry and call you, hurry, hurry,…. ….”

“Oh, I’ll … … Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei must be looking for me because of my sister. I’ll retire first.” Mo Qingfeng also kindly refused to stay and rushed outside.

“Push benwang outside.” He also wanted to know why Lin Chujiu was looking for Mo Qingfeng.

Mo Qingfeng was extremely fast. In a flash, he arrived in the maternity room. But, he hasn’t taken a breath, when he heard Lin Chujiu said: “The lady hasn’t given birth. Where did you run off to?”

“Wangye has summoned me.” Mo Qingfeng saw Lin Chujiu was angry, so he explained.

"Wangye?" Lin Chujiu frowned her eyebrows: “He’s back?”

Mo Qingfeng nodded his head and open his mouth. However, he hasn’t said a word, when Lin Chujiu interrupted him: “Well, don’t say anything. Put your hand out.”

“Okay… …” Now that Mo Qingfeng knew that this Wangfei is Xiao Wangye’s wife, he has now an inexplicable respect towards her.

This woman had dared to marry the God of war, Prince Xiao. So, in his eyes, she was an extraordinary woman, that shouldn’t be offended.

Lin Chujiu took out a needle and extract a bit of Mo Qingfeng’s blood: “Don’t go anywhere, I still need you.”

Lin Chujiu returned inside the maternity room and checked Mo Qingfeng’s blood type. After determining that they have the same blood type. Lin Chujiu went to him again and motioned him to sit down on the chair: “Your sister loses too much blood. She needs a blood right now, so I need to pump out your blood and give it to her. Do you agree?”

“My blood? Is it okay?” Mo Qingfeng couldn’t understand a thing, but… … he believes Lin Chujiu’s words.

“Of course, you are siblings, right?” They have the same blood type, so she saves a lot of time. She no longer needs to look for someone else.

“Yes.” Mo Qingfeng hadn’t prepared his heart, but Lin Chujiu didn’t give him a chance to think. She put a strap on his arm and inserted a needle. As soon as the needle went through his blood vessel, blood flows along the transparent tube up to the blood bag… … 

When Xiao Tianyao came over, he happened to see this scene. He understood right away that this was the blood transfusion, Lin Chujiu had mentioned before… …

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