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Lin Chujiu wanted to roar out loud her hatred towards Xiao Tianyao, but… …

She has always been a cautious person. Unless she loses her sense of reasoning or was forced into a desperate situation. She will never let herself fall into any disadvantageous situation.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and tried hard to cover up her irritation, in seeing Xiao Tianyao’s face. Then, she gently said: “This place is quite far from the capital. It’s very inconvenient to travel back and forth. So, seeing Wangye suddenly appear is quite unexpected.”

“It’s quite far.” Xiao Tianyao said while looking at Lin Chujiu. But, he was a bit at lost.

This woman is really a turtle. Once she feels threatened, she will immediately retract herself inside the shell and deal with him with this hypocrisy.

Lin Chujiu was unaffected by Xiao Tianyao’s cold face. She still showed a faint smile on her face: “The time is still a bit early. If Wangye will travel back now, Wangye will at least reach the town of Guan Cheng."

“Are you driving away benwang?” Does that mean she doesn’t want him to be here?

Lin Chujiu shook her head with a smile and gently said: “The time is not too early, I’m afraid of delaying Wangye’s return in the capital.”

Who said you can show up yourself in here? Your trick is so lame. You think, just because you showed a bit of dedication, I will happily roll back with you in Xiao Wangfu? Just go back and don’t disturb other people, okay?

After complaining inside her mind, Lin Chujiu was a bit calmerd. And her irritation somewhat lessen.

She will never forget the pain she felt with Zhou Si’s arrow. She will never forget the desperation she felt at the moment of death. And all of those things were brought upon to her by Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu’s fake smile and hypocrisy made Xiao Tianyao feel disgusted. In order to make her facial expression change, Xiao Tianyao deliberately said: “Who told you benwang will go back to the capital today?”

“Wangye is not going back to the capital? You want to stay here?” Lin Chujiu ask in a hurry, but after that, she regretted it.

Xiao Tianyao smiled, then said: “Since you’re sincerely inviting benwang, then benwang will stay.”

Lin Chujiu’s facial expression almost change. But at the last moment, she held back her temper and said in a thoughtful way: “Wangye, you don’t need to be so stubborn. I only have a few people here, the surroundings are not in a good condition. Wangye is definitely not accustomed in this kind of place. It’s still better for Wangye to leave as soon as possible, and return to the capital. But of course, if Wangye wants to stay in the Zhuangzi, it will be wonderful to stay outside this house for a night.”

“There is no need for you to worry about where benwang will stay.” Xiao Tianyao refuted Lin Chujiu’s excuse. But at the end, he added again: “Who told you benwang will stay for only a night?”

“You… You really want to live here? For a long time?” Lin Chujiu admits that she could no longer hold her temper.

Why can’t he understand the meaning of her words? Will he get satisfied when he saw her vomit in disgust? If she had a knife, she will really stab this shameless man.

Who told him to be here even if he is not welcome?

“Why? Is benwang not welcome here?” Xiao Tianyao lowered his eyes to hide the disappointment in his eyes. But, when he spoke, he put the kind of strength to his tone that no one could refuse.

At this point, Lin Chujiu still acted virtuous and gentle: “It’s not that Wangye is not welcome here, but it’s still better for Wangye to go.” Don’t force me to poison you!

“If benwang will not go? Are you going to chase benwang away?” Xiao Tianyao slightly leaned forward his body and looked at Lin Chujiu. Giving her a deep sense of oppression.

He won’t accept Lin Chujiu’s refusal!

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