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“I remember that in my dowry, I have a piece of land outside the capital. It was in Zhuangzi.” The piece of land in Zhuangzi is not prepared by Lin Furen. It was the dowry of Lin Chujiu’s biological mother. The land was named after her, so Lin Furen couldn’t touch it. 

“Wangfei, you mean to say, you want to go to Zhuangzi to recuperate?” It was too far in the capital, will Wangye agree?


“Then, I’ll go and ask.” Doctor Wu continue to travel back and forth to report until Lin Chujiu heard the answer she wanted: “No problem, she can go this afternoon, but she has to bring Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen.”

“Sure.” Even if she refuses, Xiao Tianyao will definitely send people to secretly monitor her… … not to protect her. So, better not discuss this thing further.

The matter was finally settled, Doctor Wu felt relieved and said: “Wangfei, I will go with you, I’ll take care of your injuries.” Although he is worried about the wounded Xiao Wangfu’s people, he is more worried about Lin Chujiu.

“No, I can take care of myself.” Her wound was already sutured. She only needs to put medicine. “How are Zhenzhu and the others?”

In fact, when she woke up, this is the first thing she would like to ask, but… …

She didn’t dare!

Zhou Zi’s arrow was too strong. It directly penetrated Zhenzhu and the other’s body. If they weren’t cured on time, they are probably dead.

“The four maidservants were lucky and didn’t die. But, the first… … three guardsmen died.” Doctor Wu sighed, but soon he changes the topic: “This matter is about life and death. Don’t take it to heart.”

Hearing that the four maidservants didn’t die, Lin Chujiu felt happy. But, when she heard the three guardsmen died, she felt remorseful.

“Their family… … back at home, I’ll send some silver.” Lin Chujiu knew that Xiao Tianyao will give pension to the deceased’s family. But, his gift is his gift. And her gift is her gift.

Doctor Wu understood Lin Chujiu's intention, so he didn’t refuse. After Lin Chujiu drank her medicine, he said: “Then, Wangfei, I’ll tell to Housekeeper Cao to prepare the carriage now?”

“Tell him to prepare a few more clothes.” She wanted to live in Zhuangzi as long as she can.

Doctor Wu didn’t think much about it, he only thinks that Lin Chujiu was afraid to wear contaminated clothes. So, he nodded his head without hesitation.

Housekeeper Cao’s efficiency at work is very high. In just two hours, everything was prepared. Aside from Lin Chujiu’s resting carriage, there was three other big carriage behind it. 

What are the things inside? One carriage was full of clothes, while the other carriage has a copper basin, bathing buckets, all kind of medicines, all kinds of tonic, etc.

Looking at the three big carriages, Lin Chujiu wouldn’t have a hard time living outside for a year.

Lin Chujiu only bring a few private things of her. Then, she took out 30,000 silvers before she left. And handed them to Doctor Wu to give to the deceased guardsmen’s family.

“This many?” One person will be given 10, 000 silver? It’s a lot more than what Wangye had given. Wangfei is really rich ah.

“It’s not much for a life.”

Although those guardsmen will not earn 10, 000 silver in their lifetime. Life shouldn’t be measured by money.

"This subordinate is wrong. Wangfei, rest assured, I will not be greedy. I will send them complete to their family.” Doctor Wu said in front of Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction, then said her farewell. With the help of Chunxi and Qiuxi, Lin Chujiu get inside the carriage without any hesitation. 

From behind, Xiao Tianyao who was looking from a far distance has a deep and unhappy expression in his eyes.

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