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Lin Chujiu’s guess is not wrong. At the same time, her maidservants, Feicui and Zhanzhu also felt something strange… …

Xiaoxiang Hall small kitchen is on the other side. The distance is approximately 100 meters away, but it won’t take a column of incense for a person to arrive in there. However, Shanshu hasn’t come back for a long hour.

Feicui and Zhanzhu are very worried, so they let Manao look for Shanshu. No matter what the situation is, she must bring her back with her immediately. But, as a result, Manao also didn’t come back either.

So, this time, the two maidservants couldn’t understand it.

“I think we’re caught in a trap.” Feicui and Zhanzhu’s face change in color: “Zhanzhu, send a smoke signal for help,  I’ll go and help Wangfei to come out.”

Feicui turned around and walked towards the house. Zhanzhu took out a smoke signal and was about to release it. However, two men in black suddenly jumped out from the roof and attack them.

"Be careful!" Feicui and Zhanzhu know a bit self-defense. So, they were able to respond quickly and dodge. But, Feicui misses the opportunity to break into the house. While the smoke signal in Zhanzhu’s hand falls to the ground.

*Pa* The smoke signal on the ground was trampled by the man in black, then he said: “Stopped them, don’t let them get a chance to ask for reinforcement.” The man in black raise his hand and blow a whistle. But, at the same time, Feicui also raise her hand.

“No, she will call for help.” Feicui didn’t dodge the attack, she directly took out the smoke signal in her arm. But, because the man in black’s martial art is way above her. She hasn’t had the chance to release it when the man in black stunned her.

“Master said we can’t take their lives or injured them.” Obviously, they want Lin Chujiu’s maidservants to rush to the venue and ask for help after the incident.

“Yes.” Another man in black stunned Zhanzhu the same way.

When the two maidservants fall to the ground, four men came out from the bamboo forest. The four men were tall and looked very fierce. It can be seen that the two men in black were only like their grandchildren.

“I’ll leave the person inside to your care. You all know what to do, right?” The man in black coldly and proudly said.

“Don ‘t worry, we know what to do.” The four men laughed evilly.

“Good, then go in!”

The man in black kicked the door and looked inside. As soon as he was sure that Lin Chujiu was lying in the bed, he coldly hums and left. While the other man in black walked towards the small kitchen.

The four maidservants of Lin Chujiu must be all together.

When the two men in black left, the four big men impatiently rushed inside the house: “I grew up this old, but I haven’t seen an imperial princess.”

“Tasting an imperial prince’s woman is worth dying for.”

As soon as the four big men entered the house, they rushed toward Lin Chujiu’s bed… …

In their eyes, under the effect of aphrodisiac, Lin Chujiu was as weak as the lamb and was only waiting to be slaughtered. She has no ability to fight. So, they don’t need to prepare anything… …

"Princess Xiao, daddy is coming… …” The tallest guy among the four big men took the initiative and rushed up. He thought he will be the first one to taste her, but who would have thought……

Lin Chujiu who was lying in the bed, rolled herself to the quilt, jumped up and throw a transparent liquid over his face.

The tallest man didn’t take any precaution. So, the transparent liquid directly fell on his face. With a “sizzle” sound, a white smoke began to rise and a foul odor instantly spread.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” The tallest man covered his face with his hands and cried in pain.

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