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Chapter 162.2
Chapter 162: Bullied and I am arrogant (Part 2)

What is this? 

“Princess Xiao, what are you doing? Hurry, stop it.” Princess Fu An who seems like received a great shock weakly leaned on her maidservant and cried out loud.

Lin Chujiu took a glanced at her and sneered: “Continue.”

“Yes.” Shanshu continues.

*P, P*

The loud slapping sound continues, as Shanshu directly hit the young miss’s face. And not long after, the young miss fell on her knees to the ground. The young miss endured the discomfort in her face and cried for mercy: “Princess Xiao spare me, Princess Xiao spare me… …”

“Spare?” Lin Chujiu laughed and said: “This Princess is arrogant and bully, so why should I spare you?”

“I was wrong, please Princess Xiao spare me.” The young miss mouth is full of blood. And due to pain, her face got all distorted. The

people around them could no longer bear to look, but Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care: “Continue slapping.”

She wants to step on her head to please Princess Fu An who has the Emperor’s backing, then she should have prepared herself to be beaten.

“Yes.” Shanshu pulled up the young miss and continue slapping… …

Princess Fu An knew that Lin Chujiu was serious and so she busily said: “Stop it, stop it, are you all dead? Hurry, separate the two of them.”

After shouting to the two-person next to her, Princess Fu An angrily look at Lin Chujiu and said: “Princess Xiao, you dare bully people in my Wan Fu Garden, are you looking down on this Imperial sister-in-law of yours?”

“Imperial sister-in-law, can’t you see that I am only trying to give a hands-on lesson to the people who collide with me? Lin Chujiu

Chujiu replied. Princess Fu An’s body quivered in anger: “Collide with you? This princess could see it clearly that you are only harassing them.”

“Imperial sister-in-law, I think you should go and see a doctor, because your eyes are in a very bad condition. These two obviously collide with me. In Xiao Wangfu, such person or servant will directly die in Xiao Wangye’s hands.” After Lin Chujiu finished, she looks at Feicui and asks: “Am I wrong?” 

Feicui cleverly replied: “Wangfei is right. Wangye said that no matter who made Wangfei unhappy will directly die in his hands.”  Feicui also wanted to add: “Wangye also said… …”

“Princess Xiao, this place is Wan Fu Garden, not Xiao Wangfu.” In her anger, Princess Fu An’s face becomes deathly pale. After all, she didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu would be this daring to even mention the word

the word killing.

“I know this is Imperial sister-in-law’s place, that’s why I didn’t ask my people to kill the two of them. And only wait for Imperial sister-in-law to stand up for me.” Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate the climb up the pole. She is Emperor’s sister-in-law and the other one is the Emperor’s younger sister. So, the two of them appears to be quite connected.

However, Princess Fu An angrily smiles: “Princess Xiao, dogs only acts according to its owner’s will. So, in my Wan Fu Garden, you can’t lift even one of your finger.” In front of her, Lin Chujiu will kill her people? Seriously, why would she let that happen?

“Oh …” Lin Chujiu lightly sighed and then bow to look at the guard that was still kneeling in front of her: “See, even your master said you are a dog, do you want me you want me to say anything to defend you?”

The guard lowered his head in shame to the ground, as his blood slowly spread.


Everyone become speechless. So, the area had quiet down. Princess Fu An’s face pale turn pale and then blue. And at that moment, she couldn’t wait to dig a hole and bury her face.

A bit earlier, they were saying Lin Chujiu is arrogant for calling the guard as a watchdog, but now… …

The young misses who spoke lowered their head one by one. And no longer dare to join the confrontation.

Lin Chujiu chuckled loudly to break the silence and said: “Today is Imperial sister-in-law‘s birthday. So, we shouldn’t spill blood. Imperial sister-in-law, I will spare the two of them.”

Shouldn’t spill blood? But those two people have blood all over their face?

This is simply a cheat, Princess Fu An almost spits out blood … …

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