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Whether Lin Chujiu could, believe it or not, Xiao Tianyao’s legs get better and better. And in fact, he doesn’t even need to undergo such a thing called rehabilitation.

Lin Chujiu crouch beside Xiao Tianyao. After carefully examining his wounds, she couldn’t help but say: “This is really impossible.”

Only two weeks had passed, since Xiao Tianyao’surgery, but he can already move freely. And if not for this four light-colored scars, Lin Chujiu will suspect that he never had a surgery.

It’s been a couple of days, but this girl is still looking at them?

Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but shook his head and patted Lin Chujiu’s head to coax her: “It’s because your medical skills are good.”

“Forget it, I know my own capability.” Although the medical system gave her ten points for the result, she was not a bit happy. Xiao Tianyao is now healed, so she has nothing to do with him.

To encounter such a patient is very unlucky ah, doctors won’t earn a big chunk of money!

“You did a very good job.” Without Lin Chujiu, even if he can recover this fast, he wouldn’t be able to stand.

“Look at you sincerely praising me, as if it were true.” Lin Chujiu got up and clapped her hands, then said: “Well, Wangye, now that your legs were healed, when will you move out?”

To be able to take care of Xiao Tianyao properly, he has been staying in her courtyard.

Xiao Tianyao’s face slightly changed, but he said as if nothing had happened: “In two days.”

“Good,” As long as he promised to move out, whether it is in two or three days, Lin Chujiu doesn’t care.

After getting the answer she wanted to hear, Lin Chujiu didn’t stay any longer and just casually made up a reason to go out.

However, after two days, three days… … Five days, Lin Chujiu didn’t see Xiao Tianyao moved out. Instead, she received an invitation out nowhere.

“Wangfei, Princess Fu’an had sent you an invitation letter to attend her birthday party on April 12.” Feicui came forward and presented a very exquisite letter.

“Princess Fu An?” Lin Chujiu pondered for a moment before she could remember the actual person: “The Emperor’s biological younger sister that married into the Cui Family?”

“Yes.” Princess Fu’an is the only princess of the royal family that married into the Cui Family. So, they build her a mansion and treat like no ordinary girls.

Lin Chujiu vaguely sense a trace of conspiracy, so she couldn’t help but ask: “What happened outside recently?”

She knew Xiao Tianyao had done a major event some time ago, but she doesn’t know what exactly it is.

When Feicui heard Lin Chujiu’s words, she couldn’t help but think: Wangye is like a prophet ah, he actually guessed right that Wangfei will inquire things outside.

Feicui didn’t dare to dodge Lin Chujiu’s question. She told her all the uproars that had happened outside. However, she didn’t tell the relation of it to Xiao Tianyao, she only emphasized: “Because Princess Fushou Zhang‘s secret got exposed to the public, she was sent away by her husband. She and Princess Fu An have always been close. So, this time, Princess Fu An has always been visiting her in the palace.”

This time, Lin Chujiu doesn’t need to ask further… …

“They want me to pay … … for Wangye’s evil deeds ah?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t dare to gamble with her own head, but Princess Fushou Zhang‘s secret exposing is definitely Xiao Tianyao’s doing.

Feicui didn’t dare to confirm Lin Chujiu’s speculation.

Because she knows when and not to open her mouth!

Lin Chujiu didn’t embarrass Feicui, she took the invitation and ask: “What did Wangye say?”

“Wangye said that Wangfei can do anything she wants. Even if Wangfei made the sky falls down, Wangye will take responsibility.” Their Wangye is really is domineering ah!

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