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“I heard you clearly, you said you wanted to urinate, just wait for a second.”

“Fine, benwang will wait!” He wanted to see how will Lin Chujiu going to help him.

Paralyzed patients all year round urinate in their bed. Which make nurses experience some difficulty. However, although this is Lin Chujiu’s first time to do postoperative care, she believes that such task is not very difficult. 

After putting the urinal on top of the bed, Lin Chujiu stretches her arms to pull Xiao Tianyao’s remaining pants. Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression immediately change, and hold Lin Chujiu’s hands: “What are you doing?”

“Pulling down your pants? Do you want to urinate with it?” Lin Chujiu ignored Xiao Tianyao’s blacken face and tried to shook away his hands. And then, she said with a very serious face: “Wangye, don’t feel shy. I’m a big girl now, so I don’t care about what you care.”

Well, Lin Chujiu admits that she sounds desperate. But, what can Xiao Tianyao do?

If you can stand up on your own, then go!

“You’re still not a woman.” Xiao Tianyao said with a gritted teeth and reddish ears.

“What does it have to do with this?” Well, she admits, that even if she sounds desperate. She doesn’t have other thoughts. Xiao Tianyao is nothing but a patient in her eyes.

After all, what organs a doctor hasn’t seen before? And if all urologists, obstetrician, and gynecologist were only women, what will a male doctor do?

“Do you think a girl should pull a man’s pants?” Xiao Tianyao with a blackened face reprimanded.

Lin Chujiu recover her hands and patiently said: “Of course, not. But, can you pull your pants on your own? And why are you so stubborn? We’re husband and wife.”

After this postoperative care, Xiao Tianyao must undergo rehabilitation. But, if he continues to pay attention to gender difference, she will end up doing nothing.

“You’re right, we are a husband and wife.” After hearing Lin Chujiu’s explanation, Xiao Tianyao’s mood turns a bit a better. So, he coughed a bit and ask: “Have you helped others like this before?” This question is very important to him. Because if really there is… … he doesn’t mind killing that man with his own hands. 

“How is that possible? Who will let me do the honor? And also, didn’t you give me maidservants?” Lin Chujiu didn’t lie, after taking care of his people’s wounds, the other maidservants do the other jobs.

“I see. Benwang is the only one.” Who would have thought, that with Lin Chujiu’s words, Xiao Tianyao would get excited.


Even if that is the case, Xiao Tianyao will still not allowed Lin Chujiu to pull down his pants, “Don’t tell me, you will ask benwang to use that thing to urinate?”

Xiao Tianyao said while pointing out his finger to the urinal on the bed.

That thing with a big hole? It can be… … he will shove it there? He cannot accept it.

Lin Chujiu knows what was Xiao Tianyao is thinking. But, what does it have to do with her?

Lin Chujiu smile and cheerfully said: “Yes, you cannot move right now, so you can only urinate in the bed. But, rest assured, the hole is very big so it won’t get stuck. If you feel embarrassed, I can go outside and you can do it alone.”

Whenever Xiao Tianyao is unhappy, she is happy.

Xiao Tianyao’s blackened face become darker and darker. He didn’t say anything, but his pair of dark eyes keep staring at Lin Chujiu’s face: That look…

Xiao Tianyao always felt that with her smile, there is always a hidden agenda.

Well, Lin Chujiu admits that she wanted Xiao Tianyao to feel bad. But, she has no ill intention, she only wants to do her job.

Lin Chujiu slightly coughed and kindly asked: “Wangye, do you still want to urinate?”

If he holds it for a long time, his bladder might explode, right?

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