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Inside the room, Xiao Tianyao was quietly lying in bed. And it seems, he is still under the effect of anesthesia. So, he didn’t wake up at all.

“Doctor Wu,” Lin Chujiu who was standing motionless knitted her eyebrows.

“Wangfei … …” Doctor Wu who almost wanted to cry, wink at Lin Chujiu and pointed his mouth at Xiao Tianyao.

When Lin Chujiu sees it, she understood what he meant, but… …

She doesn’t dare to scold Xiao Tianyao. Doctor Wu could only consider himself unlucky.

The next moment, Lin Chujiu refused to respect him as an elder and coldly said: “Doctor Wu, do you know what you did is wrong? Wangye’s wounds are extremely deep, so it’s very prone to infection. And now that you removed his bandages, there’s a 70% chance of him to get a fever. And if he did get a fever, who do think will be responsible? And even if he didn’t get a fever, with infection, Wangye’s legs may end up useless again.”

Lin Chujiu is not exaggerating, all that she said is true. Xiao Tianyao’s actions were reckless. And so, his wounds might likely get infected. Complications during postoperative care are very unpredictable.

“I, I didn’t … …” Doctor Wu cried, but why he couldn’t explain himself ah?

Wangfei, don’t you understand my gestures?

“You didn’t? You didn’t know? Doctor Wu, I know you didn’t intend to harm Wangye. You only want his wounds to heal faster, that’s why you removed his bandages, but… …” Lin Chujiu stop and then turn to look at Xiao Tianyao: “If you didn’t know the basic of postoperative care, I’d rather you not do anything. Because acting like you know it all is so annoying. Next time, if you don’t know how serious the problem would get, then don’t make any decisions without consulting me. With this, you will not cause any trouble to others, right?”

Doctor Wu who was stupidly standing in the same spot, stared back at Lin Chujiu and wipe his sweat.

Actually, he thought that their Wangfei will unjustly accuse him. But, it seems she knows the truth. 

Well, even if he himself wanted to removed those bandages, without their Wangye’s order, he wouldn’t have the gall to take the initiative, right?

Knowing that Lin Chujiu will not unjustly accuse him, Doctor Wu felt relieved. However, he felt worried that their Wangye might feel unhappy, so he busily approached Lin Chujiu to ensure that he wouldn’t dare to do it again.

Lin Chujiu has vented her anger. And so the fire inside her heart also subsided. Lin Chujiu knows that Doctor Wu is not at fault, so she no longer entangled herself in it and only asked Doctor Wu to get her medical box in the operating room.

After all, she needs to bandage Xiao Tianyao’s wound again.

“I’ll go get it.” Doctor Wu ran fast, so he almost trips and bumps into the wall. Lin Chujiu heard a loud noise, so she also feels in pain.

“Dr. Wu is old, but still strong ah.” He stood for at least eight hours, but his actions were still very agile. How envious!

Lin Chujiu shook her head and chuckle. But, when she turned her head and look at Xiao Tianyao. Her laughed stopped.

This man is really … … I’m speechless.

Lin Chujiu’s anger return. After all, she really couldn’t make fun of his condition.

Lin Chujiu checked Xiao Tianyao’s temperature and said: “You do have a fever. Fortunately, it’s not that high.”

Lin Chujiu sighed and then removed Xiao Tianyao’s quilt. And so, she saw some cotton sticking on his wounds. Lin Chujiu didn’t find it strange.

It would be more strange if it remained clean.

“Why act so careless like a child.” Lin Chujiu angrily muttered while poking Xiao Tianyao’s legs. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t complain. “It is for your own good, so why can’t you cooperate a bit more?”

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