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“See, you also knew Wangye will not cooperate, if he knows. But, because we want to heal Wangye’s legs, we had to do this, ok? And to heal Wangye’s legs, we can only use this method.” Lin Chujiu patted Doctor Wu’s shoulder to comfort him: “Doctor Wu, I think Wangye could understand it. But, if he won’t, don’t worry, I’ll support you. You won’t be blamed alone.” 

After hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, Doctor Wu completely felt relieved. And so, he no longer entangled himself with doubts and just shave Xiao Tianyao’s hair on the legs. Xiao Tianyao couldn’t get him in trouble because Lin Chujiu will support him.

With a very cooperative assistant, Lin Chujiu’s work becomes a lot easier. And in just a few minutes, she was able to set all her needed surgical instruments: “Doctor Wu are you ready?” Because of the mask on her face, Lin Chujiu’s voice sounded a bit vague. But, Doctor Wu could still hear it, so he nodded his head: “I’m ready.”

“Ok then, let’s get started.” Every surgery is accompanied by a great risk, and so they must be cautious.

Lin Chujiu stood next to the operating table and took a deep breath. This is not the first time she will operate, nor the biggest operation she had performed in her life. But, it can be said that this one is the hardest, because… …

In here, she doesn’t have her medical team.

In here, there are no available first aid machines.

If she suddenly encounters a problem, no one could help her.

She can only rely on herself, so she shouldn’t fail.

After opening her eyes, Lin Chujiu’s eyes become so clear. Lin Chujiu draw a line to Xiao Tianyao’s legs and then took the scalpel and cut… …

Doctor Wu had seen the same cut to the rabbit’s leg. But this time, the cut is much deeper and longer. And so, he couldn’t guess what is happening.

Next thing he knew, Lin Chujiu was holding something like tweezers and a knife. Doctor Wu doesn’t know where exactly in the wound he had to look, so he looks at Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu’s hands were very fast. And sweats continuously pop-ups in her forehead. So, it can be seen how much strength she was putting into, but she doesn’t look tired.

“Wipe!” Lin Chujiu’s voice pulls back Doctor Wu’s wandering mind. Doctor Wu immediately pick up a white cloth and wipe Lin Chujiu’s sweat.

However, he hasn’t had a chance to put back the white cloth, when Lin Chujiu said: “Hemostatic Forceps.”

“Here.” The hemostatic forceps was handed to Lin Jiujiu, and then the tweezers were taken back.

Doctor Wu couldn’t think much because Lin Chujiu asked him to passed instruments almost every two seconds. Doctor Wu is familiar with their names, but because he tried to catch up with Lin Chujiu’s pace, he sometimes gets confused.

Doctor Wu passed a wrong instrument twice, so he becomes more and more nervous. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t seem got affected by it. Because she even got faster and faster to the point, where Doctor Wu could hardly see the operation.

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s fast hands, Doctor Wu couldn’t help but think: Is our Wangfei a Miaoshou KongKong’s successor?

Miaoshou KongKong is expert thieves. Rumors even said that their extremely fast even though they’re grabbing money right through a person’s hand.

Fortunately, Doctor Wu was able to adapt to her pace, so he no longer made a mistake. Doctor Wu knows Lin Chujiu understand his position, so he just tried to enjoy. However, Lin Chujiu seems doesn’t think the same way, because right after she put down the scalpel, she took a deep breath and said: “Ok, we can insert the catheter now.”

Doctor Wu haven’t understood what she means, but then, he saw Lin Chujiu inserting that so-called catheter into the cut. And then, a black colored blood started flowing out.

Is that thing this magical?

Doctor Wu’s mouth got wide open and didn’t close for a long time… …

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