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Lin Chujiu haven’t said anything, but Xiao Tianyao continued: “If you haven’t decided yet, then benwang will decide for you.”

Lin Chujiu stayed silent and just sits there quietly with an emotionless face. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay attention to it and just continue:  “The emperor had sent an imperial edict to Guo Gongfu. He appointed your uncle to be the general of 500 000 soldiers that will defeat the Northern Country’s army.”

Despite her calmness, Lin Chujiu admits that it’s not easy to avoid looking at Xiao Tianyao. She lifted her eyes and look at him, then said:  The north and east country had a fight?” The women inside the mansion are really pitiful. Because they don’t what is happening outside.

“Mmm. East has already lost three cities and many soldiers. Northern Country’s army is not an easy opponent.” Xiao Tianyao added two more information so that Lin Chujiu will know how cruel the northern army is.

“North Country attacked the east because of you, right?” Although Lin Chujiu was asking, her tone sounds like she was positive. Regardless of what Xiao Tianyao replied. Lin Chujiu said: “Wangye, if you also want to go to the war, then you should have pressured the emperor. I don’t believe you have such long temper.”

“That is not important.” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care what Lin Chujiu think of him: “Right now, you only have two choices. Treat benwang’s legs or let your uncle go to war.”

In order to help Lin Chujiu make a decision, Xiao Tianyao deliberately made up a sentence: “You should know by now that with your uncle’s ability, it’s a miracle if he comes back alive.” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t despise Meng Shi, but if he really goes to war, his death is only a matter of time.

The original Lin Chujiu and her three uncles are not close. But from her memories, Lin Chujiu understands that Xiao Tianyao’s words are not false. And it’s true, if her uncle goes to the war, only death awaits him.

Lin Chujiu and her uncles have no affection for each other. And if Meng Laofuren didn’t visit her before, she wouldn’t care about his life. But now… …

Just by remembering Meng Laofuren’s face, Lin Chujiu couldn’t afford to refuse.

“You win!” Lin Chujiu didn’t expect that Xiao Tianyao will use this trick to force her nod her head. Her heart has this indescribable anger, but she could only hold it back.

Xiao Tianyao’s lips curve into a smile and chuckle a bit before he said: “You didn’t lose.” He hasn’t done what he truly wants to do. Similarly, he hasn’t get back his own people.

Lin Chujiu snorted and asked: “How are you going to save my uncle?”

“It’s very difficult to make a person into a great general, but it’s very easy to make a person useless.” Xiao Tianyao said. Then, he gently rubbing his thumb and ask: “Do you want him to get a serious disease or a serious injury?”

Xiao Tianyao always gives Lin Chujiu choices. But in fact, he leaves her no other choice but to give him an answer.

Lin Chujiu snapped and said: “Upon receiving the imperial edict he acquired a serious disease? Who would believe that?” The more she speaks to him, the more Lin Chujiu find him hateful. Especially, that smile on his face is so annoying.

“Then, it has to be a serious injury.” The more Lin Chujiu gets angry, the more Xiao Tianyao’s smile grows big: “The day you will treat benwang is the day that your uncle will get an injury.”

A threat!

Lin Chujiu almost explode. After all, she had never seen such a despicable person.

“What? You can’t decide when? Do you want benwang to decide for you?” With Xiao Tianyao’s words, Lin Chujiu shouted angrily: “Tomorrow!”

“Good, benwang will wait for you.” Xiao Tianyao said with full of joy.

On the contrary, compared to her emotionless face before, Lin Chujiu who is now angry become more lovely and livelier in his eyes… …

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