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Chapter 138.2
Chapter 138: Daughter-in-laws and Not familiar (Part 2)

Meng Laofuren ignored Da Furen, then said: “Second and Third daughter-in-law, help your sister-in-law to get out. After this, don’t get yourself involve to other family’s business. If I see you idling with other family’s lives and doesn’t put your mind to the right path. I’ll make you all very busy.” 

Most of them didn’t get what Meng Laofuren had said. But, San Furen understands it. This old lady beat her up with questions before because she was very dissatisfied with her attitude towards Lin Chujiu. And if they are not familiar with her attitude, surely, there will be very few women in this family. 

The three ladies felt bitter inside their heart. But because they fear this old lady, they no longer said anything and just left.

After sending away her noisy daughter-in-laws, Meng Laofuren continues to discuss

the imperial decree: “Eldest son, although you don’t pay much attention to political affairs, but you know how strong the Northern Country’s soldiers, right? In just five days, those Northern Country’s soldiers claimed our border and three cities. Do you have the confidence to block their attacks?”

“This son… … doesn’t!” It really takes a lot of courage to admit one’s incompetence.

But, mother knows best. So, Meng Laofuren sighed and said: “Eldest son, admitting that you don’t have the capability is not shameful. Look outside and try to see if anyone is willing. I’m sure, not more than three people will say that he can do it.”

Although it was very subtle, Meng Laofuren’s words are really comforting. Or at least, when Meng Shi heard these words, his heart felt comfortable. And people can now see the smile on his face.

“Er Ye, San Ye,

Ye, you also have to understand this. Mother is not doing this block your future. But, to make things right.” Meng Laofuren knew that she won’t live much longer. Guo Gongfu will be soon be managed by these brothers. So, she took this opportunity to educate her sons.

Meng Erye and Meng Sanye who’s putting a proud and relax eyes become sad: “Mother, then why did the emperor choose Eldest brother to be the general?” People with clear eyes can see that their big brother doesn’t have the ability. So, why?

Meng Laofuren thinks for a moment, and then said: “If my guess is not wrong, then I’m afraid that, it’s has something to do with Xiao Wangye.”

“Xiao Wangye?” The three Meng brothers got puzzled, so they ask: “What is the connection of this with Xiao Wangye? Chujiu married Xiao Wangye, but we are not

are not familiar with him.”

In order to avoid and arouse suspicion, the three of them didn’t show their face to Lin Chujiu and Xiao Wangye’s wedding day. They also didn’t even greet Xiao Wangye after that.

“We are not familiar with each other, but we are in-laws.” Regarding this matter, Meng Laofuren is not only dissatisfied with her three daughter-in-laws, but also with her three sons. However… …

They will be Lin Chujiu’s aid, so even though Meng Laofuren is unhappy. She will not mention that matter to avoid grudges.

Meng Shi got panicked, so he hastily asked: “Mother, is that true? The emperor see us this time because of that connection to Xiao Wangye? Does that mean he wants to eradicate our family?”

“Huh? Really?” Meng Erye and Meng Sanye got scared:”But, we’re not the one who decided that marriage. So, why we got involved?”

That inference is reasonable, inference is reasonable, but… …

These three are too blind to see why the emperor gives it a shot to use their family.

“Do you want to go to the battlefield? You don’t have any military knowledge. The emperor will not go to our house and cut off our head if you lose, right?” If the emperor killed them, then it’s very unfair, right?

“Since the emperor doesn’t see me capable, then what does he mean?” Meng Shi doesn’t believe that the emperor see him capable.

Meng Laofuren doesn’t also want to believe her speculation, but: “Those soldiers that you will manage is Xiao Wang’s soldiers.”

“Huh? … …” Meng Shi’s face become dull and mockingly said: “Does the emperor think Xiao Wangye’s soldiers will listen to my orders?

The Emperor thinks too high of him, but he and Xiao Wangye are really unfamiliar to each other… …

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