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Chapter 135.2
Chapter 135: Battlefield and Urgent report from Lijia (Part 2)

The last case has not been completely investigated, but new cases about them come out again. The evidence that was presented is not sufficient, but because it doesn’t matter, they just imprisoned them. And after, investigating slowly.

Corruption, bribery, false labor, embezzlement, killing innocent civilians, killing prisoners, robbing men and women, betraying companions, dividing divisions… …

The civil servants stated. Meaning, all the military officers of the Eastern Country are a scumbag. No one truly serves the citizens at all. They exist not to protect, but to suck the people’s blood. They fight in the war not to protect their country, but to protect their own interest.

Although these impeachments are only for Xiao Tianyao’s confidantes. The other generals cannot help but feel sad. If the rabbit dies, the fox grieves (idiom:  sympathizing with the

person of same kind.)

They killed their foes on the battlefield so that they won’t die in the hands of their enemies. But, who would have thought that they will die just because of internal fights and struggles.

No generals that have been on the battlefield had dared to say that they didn’t make any mistake. But, Xiao Tianyao’s soldiers were trained very strictly. So, it can be said that these civil servants were only falsely accusing them of these crimes.

“If this sovereign must die, then I’ll die.” Another upright general that was kneeling in the hall has said. But, while looking at the emperor, the upright general couldn’t help but burst into tears while saying: “I really hate myself for not dying on the battlefield. At least, by then, my loyalty and reputation can be kept clean.”

Even right after he finished

finished saying those words, the upright general didn’t stop from crying. The sound of his sad tears echoes in the hall. But, when he was dragged away, the entire hall becomes quiet. No palace ministers can lift up their spirits in this case.

However, the emperor doesn’t care about all these stuff. Because all he wanted to do today is to bring down all Xiao Tianyao’s capable generals. He wanted Xiao Tianyao’s forces to collapse into half or until he could no longer be called as fearsome.

Seeing that his victory is nearing, the emperor couldn’t help but feel happy. However, a very sharp and rapid voice suddenly sounded: “Urgent report from Lijia! Urgent report from Lijia!”

Even after hearing the report a few times, the palace ministers still couldn’t understand it.

“How can there be an urgent report from Lijia at this time?” The

time?” The Emperor said because he also couldn’t understand it. However, he cannot help but get curious because the eunuch had announce that it was urgent.

The messenger walked into the hall and then kneel to present the report: “Huangshang (emperor), this is an urgent report from Lijia. 500, 000 soldiers from Northern Country attack our borders. They successfully claimed three of our cities. While our army suffered a heavy defeat.”

After reporting, the messenger collapse on the floor. The imperial guards busily carried him to be treated. But, his words causes restlessness to the palace ministers.

“Northern Country attacked our border? How can this be? The Northern Country didn’t attack our border for several years now. And it’s autumn season, they wouldn’t harvest anything, so why would they send troops to attack us?”

“Yes, what Official Wu had said is right. The Northern Country has no reason has no reason to send their troops to attack us.”

“Northern Country will not get anything from sending their troops.”

Several civil servants who don’t know anything about war started whispering to each other.

Because they know the Northern Country was afraid of Xiao Tianyao’s forces. So, they wouldn’t attack the East border no matter what.

But, what they don’t know is that the Northern Country received a news that the army of the God of War Xiao Tianyao was being pressured and that something bad happened to him. Because of that, they attack the Eastern Country. Trying to get some benefit from their own made up issues.

It’s just, they haven’t said anything about it. Their brains might not big, but they know how much the emperor despise Xiao Tianyao. So, if they will reveal the reason why they attack, the emperor might only despise himself… …

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