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Meng Laofuren is an elder. So according to the tradition, Lin Chujiu was supposed to be the one who should personally visit her. But… …

Rumors about Lin Chujiu being “seriously ill” spread to the capital over and over again. Xiao Tianyao even invited Divine Doctor Mo to treat her illness. And Lin Xiang himself personally come to visit her.

But even though it was the case, Lin Chujiu wanted to go to visit Meng Laofuren herself, but Meng Laofuren didn’t agree to it. And even though a lot of people has been saying that Lin Chujiu was only faking her illness. Meng Laofuren didn’t pay attention to them.

Meng Laofuren has been wanting to visit Lin Chujiu a bit more earlier. But, Xiao Tianyao has been stopping her, by using Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment as a shield. He said that it’s very inconvenient for Lin Chujiu to meet anyone. So, her visit to Lin Chujiu got dragged until now.

Lin Chujiu’s place inside the Jing Tian Courtyard was to the farthest part of the Xiao Wangfu. So, it can be said that it was also very far from the gate. And so, Lin Chujiu who was sitting in the sedan chair urged the servant to hurry. Because she doesn’t want Meng Laofuren to wait for long.

While on the road, Lin Chujiu recalled that the original Lin Chujiu and this old lady were very close. But, the original was also afraid of her that’s why she’s very obedient whenever she’s in front of her.

The original Lin Chujiu’s etiquette was also taught by this old lady. She was the only one who was personally trained by this old lady with utmost care. Because this old lady fear that she might forget it and turn back to her normal self.

After determining that there was no problem in their relationship. Lin Chujiu had a peace of mind.-And if by chance Meng Laofuren gets suspicious of her being sensible, she’ll just use her marriage as an excuse.

But, elders really love to see their granddaughter being sensible. So maybe, she will not only feel very distressed but also hesitate to let her stay in this dangerous place anymore.

Across the door, Lin Chujiu saw an old lady standing by the stairs while holding a man’s arm. Lin Chujiu stops her servants and stepped down from the sedan chair, but she haven’t taken a step or two, when she heard the old lady’s stern voice: “Chujiu, mind your manners!”

Lin Chujiu got shocked when she heard Meng Laofuren’s voice. And she suddenly understood why the original Lin Chujiu was so afraid of her.

Lin Chujiu busily stands firmly and walk elegantly … …

Meng Laofuren will be 66 years old this year. She has long black and silver hair. She’s not tall, but her back is now a bit arching. Her face has visible lines and fold. Her eyes looks like a gray cloud, but she doesn’t look drowsy like any other elderly.

She has an overbearing aura, elegant demeanor and posture. She looks very charming just like a young lady. She looks very wise, so a person couldn’t help but want to get close to her.

Lin Chujiu felt pressured but heart was so excited. She walked slowly, but when she got near her, she bend her knees a bit and said: “Grandmother.”

Meng Laofuren strict training to Lin Chujiu didn’t go to waste. So seeing her well-behave, Meng Laofuren‘s eyes redden and immediately holds Lin Chujiu’s hand, then said: “Good, good, good. My Chujiu grew up well just like her mother.” She’s not arrogant anymore. Or it’s more like her deceased daughter comes back to life.

“Grandmother …” Lin Chujiu was originally controlling her emotions. But, when she saw and heard this old lady’s words. Her eyes felt sour and she unconsciously want to rely on her.

When she recalled earlier that the original Lin Chijiu and this old lady get along well. She didn’t felt anything, so she only calmly analyze her memory and think of a way that may benefit her.

But, when she personally witness and felt this old lady’s care. She realized how much she’s wanting the warmth of a relative. She simply cannot calculate this old lady’s concern.

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