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Chapter 126.2
Chapter 126: Into the palace and better use the Imperial Uncle’s wife (Part 2)

The emperor had already chosen Xiao Tianrui as his crown prince at an early time. But, even if he died, the Empress still has the Seventh Prince. In the Eastern Country, the legitimate children are always in favored to sit on the throne, so even if the Third Prince is the emperor’s beloved son, he’ll never be the crown prince. An excellent example to that is the current emperor and Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao was the late emperor’s favorite son. And because the late emperor deeply favored him, the late emperor was about to abolish the old law and make a new one. And if not for his old age and lack of energy, he might have succeeded in enforcing that law before he died. And if that happens, it’s clearly obvious who’s the person should be sitting on the throne.

However, even if the late emperor

didn’t succeed in making Xiao Tianyao the crown prince. He gave Xiao Tianyao the military power. So, even if Xiao Tianyao has no parents at such a young age, he grew up peacefully. And because of this military power, he becomes a threat to the royal family.

Xiao Tianyao’s existence becomes the biggest shame of the current emperor. And that is also why the emperor hated him so deeply.

With the continued improvement of Third Prince Xiao Zian’s condition. The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou believe that Divine Doctor Mo will be able to cure his legs. The Empress and the Crown Prince’s also believes in this.

However, the Empress and the Crown Prince doesn’t want Third Prince Xiao Zian‘s legs to recover. Because in the emperor’s eyes, only him exist. So, if he will recover and will be able to walk in the future. The Empress and the Crown Prince’s future will be hard to predict. 

In order to make Xiao Tianyao the crown

crown prince, the late emperor decided to the abolish the old law and make a new one. So, there is no guarantee that the current emperor wouldn’t do the same.

“We mustn’t let Divine Doctor Mo cure his legs.” The Empress meaning is self-evident.

The Crown Prince also think the same, so he said: “To solve this matter, we must start with Divine Doctor Mo.”

The Crown Prince’s eyes flashed. Just by looking, the Empress was able to understand his words, so she immediately said: “Keep it only to your mind. Your father has been guarding them strictly recently. If he learns it was you, even I won’t be able to protect you.” The Empress doesn’t want him to be abandoned. 

When the emperor was still young, the crown prince was always in his eyes.

After hearing the empress words, the crown prince immediately puts aside his ideas and respectfully said: “Er Chen understand. Muqing (imperial mother) please rest assured.”

Although the Crown Prince always

Prince always has bad ideas. He is a very obedient son. He always listens to the empress no matter what she says.

The Empress nodded her head in satisfaction, then she smiles gracefully and said: “It’s been a long time since Wanting had visited the palace. The palace misses her so much. Why don’t you pick and accompany her in the palace?”

Girls have common languages. So it means, Lin Wanting will be the scapegoat.

The Crown Prince is not stupid. He grew up in the palace, so why he wouldn’t understand it? So, the Crown Prince reluctantly said: “Muqing, Wanting doesn’t understand this kind of thing. Prime Minister Lin also doesn’t want her to get involved in this stuff.” Lin Wanting is so kind, so why must she get involved in this dirty thing? “Muqing, why don’t we use Lin Chujiu instead? She and Mo Yuer are close, so she wouldn’t have a hard time to get close to her.”

The Empress’s eyes her.”

The Empress’s eyes almost rolled with his words, but then, she tried to be patient and said: “Silly boy, Wanting doesn’t understand anything, so the people won’t put a guard on her. She is the Crown Princess. You can’t just protect her for the rest of her life, right? She must also do something.”

In the Empress point of view, Lin Wanting is not as innocent as she looks. She successfully took away her sister’s marriage. It’s not an easy task, right?

“Wouldn’t using Lin Chujiu is still much better?” The Crown Prince hesitantly said. But, the Empress still got angry: “You ah! Lin Chujiu is your imperial aunt. You cannot just summon her to enter the palace. And it’s not like she can leave the Xiao Wangfu anytime.”

In the royal family, without the emperor’s words or imperial decree. They cannot just summon the emperor’s younger brother’s wife. And although she used Lin Chujiu before, she doesn’t want to kill her… … 

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