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Housekeeper Cao looks so poor and helpless, but… …

Lin Chujiu was still unmoved, and she even said: “Also, go to Lin Fu and tell to my four maidservants that I was injured and I need to them to take care of me.” Lin Chujiu ask for those maidservants not because she trusts them, but because in this place, she was familiar with only those four people.

And regardless of what their real purpose in staying by her side, Lin Chujiu need their attentive care the most at this time.

Lin Chujiu said that she will personally arrange everything. Housekeeper Cao has no right to stop her, so he just feebly sighed and said: “Wangfei, this subordinate will report this matter to Wangye. Please let me report to Wangye first and hear his decision.”

“Ok, I’ll give you one hour. After one hour, I’m going to leave this Jing Tian Courtyard.” No matter what Xiao Tianyao’s decision is, Lin Chujiu will leave this place. Human’s desire is infinite. No matter what she does, she cannot meet Xiao Tianyao’s satisfaction. If that is the case, then why would she let herself continue to suffer?

Housekeeper Cao has no other choice, so he immediately runs to Xiao Tianyao’s place. Then, he reported what Lin Chujiu had said and asked for his decision.

After thinking for a long while, Xiao Tianyao only said: “Wangfei, how is her mood?”

“Quite … … usual.” Housekeeper Cao also thinks for a long while, but he can only come up with this word.

There is no joy, nor anger. So, should he call it as usual?

Or unusual?

She was slander, and she almost died. It’s not  easy to forget those events, right?

So it means, this is simply her becoming moody.

Xiao Tianyao has always believed that Lin Chujiu’s calmness is wrong. Especially on that day when she’s finding an evidence. Xiao Tianyao thought that Lin Chujiu was only physically unfit that’s why she didn’t get emotional, but now it seems… …

She’s simply using non-physical violence.

“So, what do you want?” Xiao Tianyao squinted his eyes and muttered, “Benwang should care about you whether you’re calm or indifferent? And also even when you’re being unreasonable?”

Xiao Tianyao’s voice is not loud, but because Housekeeper Cao is close to his side. He was able to hear Xiao Tianyao’s words to himself. So, he couldn’t help but think inside his mind: Wangye, yes, you should ah. Because if not, Wangfei will make a scene and cry out all day while complaining about her grievances. Which is also not good!

Xiao Tianyao is a proud man, so he didn’t stop Lin Chujiu from leaving. And he did not only sent back Housekeeper Cao to help her but also told him to arrange for a doctor to take care of her. 

“Wangye, the outsiders know that Divine Doctor Mo is curing Wangfei’s disease. So, if we call for another doctor, wouldn’t it sound strange?” Housekeeper Cao is worried about Lin Chujiu, but he is more worried about Xiao Tianyao’s reputation.

“Just do as I said.” Lin Xiang had seen Lin Chujiu, but her condition stayed concealed.

With this, Housekeeper Cao no longer said anything, but… …

Lin Chujiu rejected the idea of having a personal doctor: “Your so proud ah? I am also proud to be a doctor! So I don’t need another doctor!”

Because of this, Housekeeper Cao went to find Xiao Tianyao again and convey Lin Chujiu’s words.

“If she’s ungrateful, then forget it.” Xiao Tianyao felt unhappy. He felt like Lin Chujiu is relying to much on the injustice she experiences to retreat.


Housekeeper Cao wiped his sweat and didn’t dare to say a word.

To be honest, he can’t understand why his two masters are weirder than before. And it’s really hard to get caught in their fight ah!

Xiao Wangfu’s security is tight from inside and out. But if the informant was already inside, they wouldn’t be able to stop it. So, when the emperor finished dealing with Third Prince’s case, he asks what happened to the Xiao Wangfu. 

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