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There wasn’t any emotion!

Lin Chujiu is not sad or angry. She didn’t show any kind of emotion. She just said gently: “Don’t resent” You are my man, so why would I hate you?

Lin Chujiu left those words unspoken, she only said it inside her mind.

But, she’ll never forget Xiao Tianyao’s tone when he was questioning her. She’ll never forget the pain she felt when she crashed to that bathtub. She’ll never forget how helpless she was when she was lying in the prison. She’ll never forget her despair… …

She doesn’t hate Xiao Tianyao, she doesn’t expect anything from him. She and Xiao Tianyao had only returned to being a stranger just like on the night of their wedding. She will remember her identity and duties, but not her feelings for him. She won’t strive for his attention, she will only focus on her status and dignity and nothing else.

“Really, you don’t resent benwang?” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe her. Because she’s too calm and not moody.

“No resentment.” Why resent? She doesn’t want to go back to her old self anyway. Because her heart clearly remembers everything.

“The mouth says no, but the heart says yes.” Xiao Tianyao said while tapping his fingers to the handrail: “You don’t resent benwang, but you resent Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo. Do you think, benwang will believe that?”

Lin Chujiu gently shook her head and sincerely said: “I don’t resent Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo.”

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao raised his eyebrow and look at her with full of doubt.

Lin Chujiu disdainfully answered: “Are they someone worthy of my resentment? I don’t resent them, I find them not pleasing to my eyes. Why? Don’t you think the same, Wangye?”

Lin Chujiu’s face looks very proud and arrogant. Making a person feel being stepped on. Mo Yuer wanted to open her mouth and say something, but she was stopped by her father.

Divine Doctor Mo knows very well, that the current situation is extremely unfavorable for them. They cannot do anything right now, they can only wait and wait… …

UntilXiao Tianyao handles this matter.

Divine Doctor Mo is still feeling confident. Because he believes that as long as Xiao Tianyao needs him to cure his legs. He will never neglect them. And as for that dragon grass?

Well, he’s not worried about it at all. After all, his daughter was only used. So, even if she received punishment, it wouldn’t be too heavy.

Lin Chujiu knows what was Divine Doctor Mo is thinking. She knows that she can’t resolve this thing alone. And she is not silly to think that Xiao Tianyao would give her a fair treatment, so she lightly coughed and said: “Things have been cleared. Can I go back now?” Lin Chujiu can no longer hold it, her chest injuries started troubling in pain and she felt like she’ll lose her consciousness in any moment.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t reply immediately, he stared at her for a long time. But then, he sighed and said: “Someone come, send back Wangfei to her room.”

“No … …” Lin Chujiu haven’t finished saying her words, but her body had already given up.

“Must not … …” In the end, she couldn’t hold it, so she felt ashamed.

“Damn it.” Xiao Tianyao reacted quickly, he went forward to catch Lin Chujiu and ask. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Chujiu’s soft body fell to Xiao Tianyao’s arms, but she stayed motionless.

“Doctor Wu, come quickly!” Xiao Tianyao shouted. Doctor Wu is close to Lin Chujiu, so he was able to squat down immediately and check her condition: “loss of energy, fever and wound laceration.”

Doctor Wu pointed out. He knows she loses too much blood before, so he couldn’t help but sighed.

She is the imperial consort, but she’s living like a poor person. Xiao Wangfu is a huge mansion, but she can’t just use anyone to serve her. She can only rely on herself even if she was heavily injured. Fortunately, she’s strong enough to deal with all of these things.

“Go.” Xiao Tianyao lifted up Lin Chujiu and ordered his guards to push him back.

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