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What Mo Yuer had said in front of everyone is enough as an evidence. So, Divine Doctor Mo can’t afford to argue. However, letting him explain this incident with his own mouth is very cruel.

Fortunately, Doctor Wu is a man that full of kindness. So, right after he saw Divine Doctor Mo’s face become ugly, he went to Xiao Tianyao and said: “Wangye, this book has a very faint trace of dragon grass. The dragon grass is a tasteless, harmless and non- toxic herb. But, if it was put together to the dragon soul, it will be very fatal. Miss Mo has touched this page the day before the treatment, so her hands must have been stained by the dragon grass, but it was very faint so she didn’t notice.”

“Dragon grass? You! Why would I have a dragon grass ah? You’re just deliberately framing me.” Mo Yuer explain and then ask her father’s confirmation: “Dad, their just framing, right? So, you have to help me.”

Divine Doctor Mo would really want to help her, but… …

“Yuer, that page really has a trace of dragon grass.” It is a fact that Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t change.

“Impossible! This is impossible! Why would I use a dragon grass ah? I was framed. Wangye, you have to believe me.” Mo Yuer keeps shouting, but aside from her father, everyone ignored her.

They know that Mo Yuer was being used, but so what?

Because of Mo Yuer, Xiao Tianyao almost loses his life. Her ignorance is not enough reason to clear her name.

Divine Doctor Mo wanted to open his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. After all, because of his disciple and daughter, Xiao Tianyao’s life was put in danger. So, what will he say?

Doctor Wu ignored Mo Yuer and just look at Divine Doctor Mo, then he said: “Putting the dragon grass and the dragon soul together even if it was only little is extremely dangerous. If Wangye stayed in there from the given time limit, Wangye will lose his life.”

In other words, if Lin Chujiu didn’t prevent it in time, then Xiao Tianyao would be dead by now.

Everyone looks towards Lin Chujiu. But then, they got surprised when they saw her indifferent facial expression. Lin Chujiu open her mouth and said: “I’ve finally proven my innocence. Wangye, what do you say?”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao simply replied and didn’t say anything else. Lin Chujiu didn’t pay much attention to him. She looks at Divine Doctor Mo.

Divine Doctor Mo felt very embarrassed, but still, he bowed down his head and plead for Mo Yuer: “Wangye, Yuer had never wanted to harm you. She was used. Wangfei, could you please check it too?”

Hearing this, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but chuckle, “Divine Doctor Mo, I think you’re asking the wrong person. The person who almost died is not me, so why am I the one who will check it?”

Divine Doctor Mo didn’t give up, he still said: “Wangfei, Yuer is innocent. You know very well how hurtful it is to be misunderstood. So, are you just going to let Yuer to be misunderstood just like you?”

This is a moral kidnapping, but unfortunately, Lin Chujiu is the same as Divine Doctor Mo. She also doesn’t care about her face. Lin Chujiu sneered and said: “Divine Doctor Mo, what you had said is wrong. This consort had never harm Wangye but rather had saved him. And as for whether Miss Mo is truly innocent or not, I’m afraid that she’s the only one who knows the answer.”

Mo Yuer’s body got stiff because she couldn’t take the huge blow. So, she said with full of grief: “Wangfei, how could you be so ruthless? You know that I was framed and yet you just want to watch me suffer?” Mo Yuer’s eyes turn red and a tear slipped down from her eyes.

A tear of a frozen beautiful girl is really heartbreaking. But unfortunately, everyone’s mind was only full of thought that she almost killed Xiao Tianyao. So, everyone didn’t feel any pity. Even Liu Bai didn’t feel sorry for her.

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