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Divine Doctor Mo is not Mo Yuer. He knows what type of person Lin Chujiu really is. He knows that Lin Chujiu will never frame a person. And she only dared to say those words because she really found out something.

Divine Doctor Mo look at the book that Lin Chujiu was holding. He squinted his eyes to see it clearly, but it didn’t help him at all. Well, right now, all he could blame is no other than himself, because he didn’t check the books. And that was his biggest mistake.

Divine Doctor Mo felt restless and uneasy. And at the same time, he becomes a little timid, but he doesn’t want to expose it. However, even though he was able to calm down himself, he still can’t see right through Lin Chujiu’s eyes.

Divine Doctor Mo settled his emotion and said to Mo Yuer: “Yuer, go and get Wangfei a chair. Don’t let Wangfei get tired.”

“No, I don’t want to sit.” Lin Chujiu refused. But then he said: “Yuer, go and bring  father a chair instead.”

Mo Yuer’s room is not big. And Lin Chujiu is currently standing in the center of the room. So, if Mo Yuer suddenly bumps into her, it would only look normal.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what was Divine Doctor Mo’s real intention. But when she saw Mo Yuer was about to come out, Lin Chujiu immediately said: “Are you all blind? Haven’t you seen that Divine Doctor Mo needs a chair? Go and bring Divine Doctor Mo a chair, and also Miss Mo.”

“Yes.” The guardsmen reacted immediately, and in just a few seconds they blocked the door and Mo Yuer’s way with their body and said: “Miss Mo, please wait a few moment, this subordinate will help you get chairs.”

The guard’s attitude was firm, so Mo Yuer turns speechless. However, the guard didn’t leave in front of her, instead, another guard passes the chairs. Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer felt an unspeakable dissatisfaction, but they could only smile and say thank you.

Xiao Tianyao looks down on the floor to cover the smile in his eyes.

Sure enough, this is the woman that catches his eyes!

The two chairs were brought in one by one. So, Mo Yuer couldn’t go out and just had to walk back.

Lin Chujiu secretly felt relieved, then she walk leisurely towards her shoes. Her slow movement looks very clumsy. She looks like an old man that was walking, so the others couldn’t help but feel anxious about her. However, Lin Chujiu is not a bit worried, because she’s very firm to finish her every action.

Seeing her stubbornness and persistence, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turn deep.

Lin Chujiu went out, but didn’t hand over the book and just quietly stood beside Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao has long been quiet, but when Lin Chujiu stood beside him. He slightly lifted his eyes. Because of that, he saw Lin Chujiu’s pale face. Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed with a trace of distressed, but then he soon recovers his calmness.

No one knows what problem Lin Chujiu had found out in that book. They really wanted to know what happened. But, no one had dared to open it up nor ask about it. Even Xiao Tianyao himself didn’t ask.

Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer’s heart were itching. They cannot wait to see right through the book, but they didn’t dare to ask Xiao Tianyao. So, they can only pretend that they don’t care at all. However, just by seeing that book, the two of them felt an inexplicable disdain and discomfort.

At this moment, all the people including Xiao Tianyao hope that Doctor Wu soon arrive quickly. Fortunately, Doctor Wu soon came to Jing Tian Courtyard. After the ceremony, Xiao Tianyao let his people bring a table and put the white jade hairpin on top it. He also let Lin Chujiu hand over the book herself.

However, Lin Chujiu didn’t meet Doctor Wu’s line of sight. Instead, she walks forward once again. Lin Chujiu’s breathing in each step she took was heavy, but she didn’t say anything or complain. All of them know that she’s experiencing a great pain, but… …

She didn’t say anything until the end. As if she didn’t know what pain is, just like a robot. 

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