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Housekeeper Cao anxiously asked: “Wangye, should I go and ask Doctor Wu to treat Wangfei first?”

Xiao Tianyao did not answer, he just coldly stared at him. So, Housekeeper Cao no longer dared to say anything and just left in a hurry.

Inside the big prison, Lin Chujiu did not only feel in pain, but also hungry and cold. She was also burning all night due to fever. But because Liu Bai is sitting on top of the roof, he didn’t know Lin Chujiu’s situation. Prisoners doesn’t received breakfast, so they only learned her condition when Housekeeper Cao came.

“Wangfei, you haven’t eaten, right?” Housekeeper Cao looked at Lin Chujiu and noticed that her face is abnormally flushing. So, he crouches and touches her forehead: “Oh, oh my, you’re burning hot.”

Housekeeper Cao hurriedly asks some people to carry out Lin Chujiu. But was stopped by Lin Chujiu: “No, don’t move me. Just don’t.”

Lin Chujiu’s throat was very dry, so she can only speak with a very low voice.

“Stop, stop.” Housekeeper Cao busily stopped the servants and kneeled in front of Lin Chujiu: “Wangfei, are you okay? This lowly one was ordered to take you out from this prison. Are you alright?”

“My … … bones were broken, I couldn’t move.” Lin Chujiu force herself to open her eyes, her visions were red because there was blood in her eyes. But, when she saw Housekeeper Cao’s face, she couldn’t help but smile: “Wangye, did he… … learn that I was telling the truth?”

When Lin Chujiu finished saying those words. She realized that she must be burning silly. How could she ask about Xiao Tianyao? Did she said that no matter… …

“Wangfei … …” Housekeeper Cao looked at Lin Chujiu in distressed.

This time, their Wangfei is still thinking about Xiao Wangye. So, to say that their Wangfei intentionally harmed Xiao Tianyao. Isn’t that a bit too much?

“It looks like they didn’t find any.” With Housekeeper Cao, hesitating words, Lin Chujiu understand the situation.

So, she closes her eyes because she doesn’t want Housekeeper Cao to see the disappointment in her eyes: “Then, why bother to take me out?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to believe that Xiao Tianyao will release her in prison if she wasn’t proven innocent.

Xiao Tianyao has never been merciful. So, he wouldn’t act kindly to her.

“Lin Xiang came to visit you.” Housekeeper Cao cannot hide this fact, so he better tells the truth.

“Then, originally… …” Lin Chujiu continue to say with a ridiculing tone: “The very last person that will save me is the one who actually came.” Even if Lin Xiang didn’t actually come to save her, at least because of him, she was able to leave this prison.

“Wangfei, Lin Xiang didn’t come to save you.” Housekeeper Cao explains with a heavy heart. He explains because he’s afraid that Lin Chujiu might be hallucinating.

“I know, that even he appears this time, he wouldn’t prove my innocence, but… …” Lin Chujiu carefully turn her head towards the prison door: “at least, I won’t die in this prison.” Xiao Tianyao never trusted her, so she might as well not to bother thinking about him.

Xiao Tianyao not trusting her is not important. What’s more important now is her life.

“Wangfei, you, are you okay? I’ll go and find Doctor Wu ah.” Housekeeper Cao busily stood up but was stopped by Lin Chujiu: “No need. Just find a flat wood to lift me up. I can’t keep my father waiting.”

“But, but … …” Housekeeper Cao couldn’t agree because, with Lin Chujiu’s current appearance, she wouldn’t survive if Doctor Wu will not treat her right now.

“No, Housekeeper Cao, do as I say. Tell him I won’t let him down.” Lin Chujiu stubbornly said. Obviously, her mind is not clear and she’s just forcing herself to stay awake.

I can do this!

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