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Chapter 9 – Vicious Power

“There’s not enough time. Its speed is too fast. There’s no way we can escape back to the village.” shouted Pi Hou. He was grimacing in pain, as he had just been pelted in the arm by a rock as a result of the chaos. A huge chunk of flesh was broken, and blood flowed directly from that wound.

“There is a rather deep cave over here. Let’s hide in there for a while!” The little guy Shi Hao yelled towards everyone.

They were fleeing within the mountains, and after bypassing some large rocks, they charged into a group of giant vines. The little guy stealthily slipped in, and when the other kids saw this, they all followed closely behind.

This was a very damp cave, and it was covered with vines. A vague water dripping noise could be heard, and the lighting was extremely dim, making it almost pitch-black. The cavern was incomparably serene and hidden, and after entering, none of the children wanted to stand still. They all madly rushed in, and only after running ten meters did they stop.

Within the darkness, there were heavy breathing sounds. After running continuously for 500 meters, the ten or so children were all exhausted. Just now they were frightened and scared; that Green Scaled Eagle was too powerful. If that vicious bird caught up, one claw swipe would turn them into a pile of bloody mud and crushed bones.

“Hu, so dangerous. Just a bit more and we would have been finished!” After escaping the calamity and getting a renewed life, they all sat their buttocks on the ground.

“This cave entrance isn’t too large, so that vicious bird should not be able to enter.” Although the children began to relax a bit, they did not forget to take precautions.

The experience they faced this time was truly dangerous, and their corpses were almost buried within the mountain forest. After escaping that Archaic Devil Bird descendant’s claws, they finally began to feel a bit more tranquil, and their backs were covered with a layer of cold sweat.

The cave was extremely deep and was linked up to an underground river. Cold wind swished by, and the children were looking at each other in dismay. Some of them were anxious; how were they going to return to Stone Village? None of them dared to exit this cave.

“Yi, that’s right. Little guy, how did you know that there was a cave here?” After they calmed down a bit, the group of children remembered that at the crucial moment, the little guy found this path of life.

“Yiya!” The little guy was a bit embarrassed, and shyly played with the corners of his clothes. In a small murmuring noise, he said. “Last time, I ran out of the village while chasing after a scarlet sparrow, and almost got lost. I accidentally stumbled here.”

The group of kids became mute. The little guy was great at everything, but he was too restless, and was extremely curious about everything. When he was little, there was a time when he also ran out of the village chasing the chief’s big yellow dog.

“Hehe… the three year old little HaoHao still drinks milk and chases after everything!” The older kids were all teasing him.

The little guy felt embarrassed and was puffing his cheeks. Pouting with rage, he innocently said, “Stop laughing you guys. That was a sparrow completely covered in a blood red color. It looked exactly like the Archaic Divine Vermilion Bird recorded in the Bone Texts.”

“Che, forget about those legendary existences, even a Red Cloud Bird or a later generation would all be able to eliminate a super clan. If it really was a Vermilion Bird, would it allow you to chase after it? Just a yawn from it would obliterate an emperor’s territory!”

“But it really was exactly the same as what was recorded on the Bone Text. It was a deep red, and extremely beautiful.” The little guy was trying to defend himself, and his small white hands were gripped tightly. His little flushed red face was a bit emotional, and his black jewel-like big eyes were radiating in the darkness.


Suddenly, an oppressive sound rang out and roused all the children. They turned their heads to look, and saw a ice cold and metallic radiance flickering at the cave entrance . The Green Scaled Eagle’s head appeared, and its pupils were astonishingly cold and deep as it stared at the children within the cave.

“Heavens, he’s coming!” Many of the children’s faces suddenly lost color, becoming incomparably pale.

“There’s no problem, the entrance is not large, there’s no way he can enter!” Er Meng was quite brave, and while speaking, he picked up a face sized rock and threw it with all of his strength.


With such a huge rock thrown with his thousand jin strength, the speed was fast, and the power was formidable as well. It immediately smashed into the Green Scaled Eagle’s head. However, the only thing that happened was a few sparks flew and a sound began to echo. That metal like green-colored scale flickered with cold light, and was not damaged in the slightest. Instead, the rock split into four pieces before falling to the ground.

Everyone took in a cold breath. This vicious bird had copper skin and metal bones, and it was too powerful; it made people tremble inside.


With one claw, it instantly easily grabbed several hundred jin’s weight of rock, as if it was a sharp iron hook clawing at mud.

The group of children were dumbstruck. Could it be that not even the cave’s entrance could stop it?


The sound of rocks shattering once again rang out. The Green Scaled Eagle flapped its wings and streaked across the sky like a knife, splitting the rock walls into pieces. Huge rocks rumbled and tumbled, and that huge body stubbornly forced its way in.

“Too scary, it could blast open a low mountain like this? It won’t actually collapse this cavern and flatten this area right?”

Pi Hou took out his bow and readied an arrow. That was a Dragon Horn Hard Bow, and it was cut from the Dragon Fanged Elephant. Normally, only the adults could pull back the strings, as it was made from Stone Village’s best bow materials.


An arrow flew out with extreme speed, and great power. The arrow flew like a meteor, swift and fierce.


However, what caused people to be shocked was that the arrow shot towards the Green Scaled Eagle’s head only created a string of sparks; its scales were truly difficult to penetrate. Even this type of hard bow and sharp arrow were not effective.

Everyone felt scared and upset, what were they going to do now? Even such a strong bow could not harm it. Other than this, there was simply no way they would go up and fight it in close combat. They were stuck in a desperate situation.

“Yiya, let me try.”

The little guy borrowed an iron spear from the body of a big child that was only forty or fifty jin in weight. He bursted into a small run, and then he suddenly gained speed as he rushed towards the entrance. At the end, he ferociously tossed the iron spear, and it appeared as if a strip of lightning pierced the air as cold light charged towards the entrance.

Shi Hao, who could lift up the thousand jin copper cauldron, used all of his strength to throw the iron spear. Its penetrating power was frightening as it shot towards the Green Scaled Eagle’s pupil. The iron spear covered the sky, made a whistling sound, and pressured air followed it with booming sounds!

The Green Scaled Eagle continued to loathingly clawed at the children, and right now was the first moment where it actually expressed a hint of amazement. It quickly moved its head, and did not dare let its eyes get pierced by that iron spear.

After a large qiang sound, the iron spear shot out with astonishing speed and power as it smashed into the Green Scaled Eagle’s head. As if two slabs of metal plates were grinded together, sparks flew everywhere, and the emitted sound was extremely ear-piercing.

Finally, the iron spear fell onto the floor, but a scale on the corners of the vicious bird’s eyes also fell. A stream of blood trickled out, and it was extremely eye-catching.

A reverberating sound rang out from the Green Scaled Eagle, and it felt as if lightning was hacking away at one’s soul. It was grand and massive at first, before transforming into a sharp and penetrating sound. It was like a dragon’s roar, extremely terrifying.

Several kids were so startled they took a few steps back before falling with their buttocks onto the ground. They used their hands to cover their ears at once, otherwise, their eardrums would have been damaged.

The vicious bird carelessly allowed itself to get wounded, and thus as a result went mad. The eagle’s eyes were cold like sharp blades, and he stared at little Shi Hao. Brandishing its huge claws, it madly clawed at the cave’s walls and vigorously forced itself in.

Rocks rolled everywhere, from 10 jin to more than 100 jin, and were crushed as if they were rotting wood. The cavern was being torn open, and the Green Scaled Eagle angrily cried out as it attacked.

“Shoot, this giant bird is going crazy. We won’t be clawed into pieces by it right?” Pi Hou and the others were all scared, and some of the children were beginning to regret it. No wonder the adults never acted blindly without thinking; this vicious bird was too frightening.

“This place is quite close to Stone Village, grandpa chief and the others will definitely hear the activity and send people to rescue us.” Little Shi Hao spoke.

“That’s right, let’s use all of our strength to attack and infuriate it, causing it to make even more sounds. Chief and the others will definitely discover it sooner!” Shi Dazhuang said as he picked up a large rock and ferociously smashing it towards the vicious bird.

The bird’s cry became even more terrifying, and shook the cave until dust began to fall everywhere. Rocks rolled everywhere, and that large and densely covered body approached step by step, furiously tearing open the stone walls.

The group of children used their bows and arrows to shoot at its eyes and delivered their iron spears to Shi Hao, Er Meng, and Shi Dazhuang. They allowed the three most powerful individuals to shoot the spears at the Green Scaled Eagle’s eyes.

The mountain forest rocks collapsed everywhere, and leaves madly danced about. The vicious bird closed its eyes and retreated several steps from the cave, completely flattened the surrounding mountain area.

“What’s going on? What caused that Green Scaled Eagle to go so mad as to come to our village and cause such a ruckus?.”

The people inside of Stone Village began to notice the abnormality, and began to become suspicious. They quickly sent people to report to several elders, and a group of people arrived at the village head’s high platform area to watch from the sidelines.

“Chief, today I saw Er Meng, Da Zhuang and the little guy skulking around furtively. This trouble should not be their fault right?”

“These brats!” Shi Lin Hu smacked his thigh, suddenly remembering that while they were discussing about the Green Scaled Eagle, Pi Hou and a few other kids were sneakily eavesdropping.

Chief Shi Yunfeng immediately understood the severity of the situation after obtaining this information. In an extremely decisive manner, he said, “Quickly go, go fetch the two Ancestral Artifacts. We will go together!”

The strongest men within Stone Village all took action, and for the sake of the children, their eyes all became red. Who cares if you are some Archaic Devil Bird’s descendant, we will still fight! Some of them carried hundred jin Wolf Fang Poles, and some carried super bows that were as tall as people. Some of them even carried black iron broadswords that were almost as tall as them; they looked ferocious and murderous.

“Relax, nothing will happen to the kids. If that featherless eagle dares to do anything, I’ll definitely slice it into pieces and feed it to the pigs in the village!” These men consoled their wives, loudly shouting before rushing out the villager in a clamor.

The group of robust men were like a group of ferocious beasts, and they had powerful imposing manners. From afar, they had already begun firing arrows, and the thick arrow shafts were like javelins. They were also all iron arrows, and their might was astonishing.

Dong, dong…

After the giant arrows were fired out, many trees were pierced through and broken; they were extremely mad and tyrannical. It was like as if a group of tall and savage people screamed by, as they loudly berated the vicious bird.

The Green Scaled Eagle had long withdrawn from the cave entrance, and its ice cold pupils were staring at these virtuous fighters. It did not know the meaning of fear because it was a top-notch predator within this area. As long as it did not enter the depths of the mountain range, it could do as it pleased.

Extending its wings, the furious wind howled. Many of the heavy arrows and metal spears that were shot towards the eagle were blown away. Amidst the clashing noises, sparks madly flew everywhere as the eagle raised its head and cried out loudly. The fury in its eyes grew, and after flapping its wings, it shot towards the group of people.

It had a seven to eight meter long body that reached fifteen meters after extending both its wings. Such a giant figure charging over had an extremely terrifying demeanor. Broken and battered twigs and leaves exploded into pieces, and before the eagle even approached near, the horrifying air currents already made the people’s faces hurt.

“Everyone should defend together. Lin Hu, you go get the sacrificial artifacts!” Chief Shi Yunfeng said.

With such a terrifying Devil Bird descendant powerfully shaking about, it would definitely cause disastrous damage. Only by using the Ancient Treasure Artifact’s intimidation passed down from the village ancestors would they have a chance of making it run back in fear.

“Featherless eagle, come here, charge towards me!” Shi LinHu shouted. Being at the furthermost point, he raised his head and watched as the fierce bird swooped down. Meanwhile he took out a piece of animal bone that resembled the arm bone of a vicious beast.

The pupils of the green scaled eagle glistened as if it had some sort of reaction and halted its attack. Unwaveringly, the eagle glared at the lusterless bone. It began to take precautions, and its half meter black beak suddenly released a brilliant light. A symbol appeared, and it began to emit a frightening oppressive power.

“Good fellow, this green scaled eagle is surely one of a kind. Its body possesses blood that carries a symbolic mark, representing its formidable strength.” Old chief exclaimed admirably.


Meanwhile, Shi Linhu roared while understanding the emergency situation. He persevered, and used all his strength to move forward. His left arm glowed, and a bone text appeared and dazzled brilliantly. Suddenly, he took that piece of arm bone and press it towards his own arm.


He exhaled powerfully into the air, and it was as if there was a frantic hurricane. It seemed as if the king of beasts has resurrected, and it even frightened the vicious bird in the sky. It rapidly rushed towards the sky to increase the amount of distance between them.

Shi Linhu’s left arm radiated, and that piece of the vicious animal arm bone fused with his own arm. It became a part of his body, and mixed with his flesh mysteriously as if there was no distinction.

Not only did that left arm’s radiance became increasingly more magnificent, it also condensed an ancient symbol, as if there was a vicious beast that wanted to escape from the symbol itself!

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