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Chapter 2461

The green-haired youth’s face was overcast and his expression was ugly. A circle of light surrounded his body, and with a greenish-golden whip, he walked over step by step. He simply couldn’t tolerate any more.

The sea level seemed to sway with his steps, and in the end, it turned into a heaven overflowing wave. This was a reflection of his anger, as even the blue ocean began to undulate as a result.

He had been torn apart not long ago, and this was a stain that he could never wash off. Needless to say, once news of this returned to the Archaic Divine Mountains, he would no longer have the qualifications to become the next successor.

“Lock up the surroundings. I am going to deal with him by myself,” Qing Yun said. His gaze was ice cold, and with a stamp on the ocean surface, he aimed the greenish-golden whip towards the area between Shi Hao’s eyebrows.

“I hate it when other people point at my head.” The devilish brat seemed discontent.

“The ten heavenly passages are powerful? Pay close attention to how I will kill you! I am going to destroy your heavenly passages one by one and make you helplessly watch the entire process!” The green-haired youth had a sinister expression on his face. After thinking about his qualifications to be the next heir, his killing intent immediately began to pour out.

The greenish-golden whip in his hands smashed over, and with a hong sound, the great sea exploded. It was divided into two, revealing a huge path as a the boundless might descended.

The greenish-golden whip rose dramatically, and in that split second, it seemed as if it was the pillar that supported the heavens. The shining whip became incomparably thick as it slammed down towards the sea with astonishing power.

Upon seeing this, Shi Hao did not try to dodge it. Instead, a great golden path appeared beneath his feet. With extreme speed, he rushed out to meet this attack head on!

His right palm struck out, and a Suan Ni charged forward. This palm seemed to contain the might of a Suan Ni, and as it fiercely collided with the greenish-golden whip, a large dang sound immediately rang out. The ocean waters were immediately shaken, causing waves to rush into the sky.


Qing Yun’s expression changed. Just how much time had passed? A youth that had just entered Spirit Transformation was actually able to meet his precious technique bare-handedly. What kind of ridiculous power was this?

“So powerful! How did he accomplish this? It’s only been roughly three months, yet he was already able to reach this level!” On the side, the divine servants were absolutely shocked.

“Something seems different… The divine light around his body seems to connect into the heavens, creating a drizzling of light. It’s extremely similar to that level from legends!” One of the divine servants suspected this and began to tremble.


Shi Hao leapt into the sky, and behind him, a golden pair of wings flapped. Wind and lightning danced about chaotically, causing the water surface to upsurge as lightning weaved about. The scene was extremely horrifying.

He dove down and sent his fist towards the green-haired youth. This attack contained a type of boldness and tyranny. His eyes were so bright it was astonishing.


Qing Yun shouted loudly, and the greenish-golden whip in his hands lashed out to smash apart his opponent. Dense symbols floated about, and it sounded as if a spell was being chanted as they rumbled.


This time, Shi Hao was the one that occupied the high ground. His fist immediately smashed down onto the greenish-golden whip, hitting it so hard that the precious artifact seemed to have deformed. It shook with weng weng sounds as light around this place flourished even more brilliantly.

“Break him apart!” Qing Yun’s loud roar filled the sky with symbols. A barrier of light protectively surrounded his body as he rushed out to engage his enemy.

However, no one could have foreseen Shi Hao’s unreasonable level of power. His entire body shone, forming golden spirals one after another. They swallowed Qing Yun’s spiritual force, shattering his symbols.

“What?! This is not just the power of his precious technique! He’s using his body’s inherent ability to accomplish this, using the power of spiritual transformation to seize the spiritual force for himself!”

“There’s no way he actually reached such a level, right? The legendary… absolute body spiritualization?!”

The divine servants were absolutely shocked. None of them dared to believe this.

Dang, dang…

Shi Hao was like a supreme deity. From high up in the sky, he sent down one fist after another, continuously triking the greenish-golden whip.

Soon after, this twenty-eight segment four edged precious technique became deformed. Originally, it was not a soft whip, but rather like a pointless sword. Now, however, it actually became bent out of shape. Soon after, a kacha sound was emitted, and cracks began to appear one after another.


A final strike was made. Shi Hao’s fist smashed out, directly landing on the precious artifact. With a kacha sound, it couldn’t endure anymore and shattered on the spot.

“How is this possible?!” At this point, Qing Yun’s eyes even became red. This was a precious artifact he nurtured himself, and it had accompanied him for many, many years. It contained ample spirituality and was simply invulnerable, so how was it smashed apart by this person?”

“It’s not even anything special. Isn’t it just some broken whip?” Shi Hao curled his lip as if he couldn’t care less about it. He swooped down and was about to grab Qing Yun.

Qing Yun was furious. The precious artifact that he loved dearly was shown such contempt and destroyed, filling him to the brim with anger. The boundless power of precious techniques erupted as he began to fight with everything he had.

With a loud roar, he turned into a Green Luan, his original form. Its wings were bright and vivid, lighting up and covering the sky as they moved about. Symbols and brilliant colors were everywhere, shaking this entire ocean region.

“Pure-blooded creature!”

In the distance, a group of people were crying out. They were all alarmed by this.

With the appearance of the Green Luan, the heaven and earth seemed to have lost all color. It was several dozen meters in length, and with a shake, green symbols immediately scattered down from the skies like a rain of light. They formed heavenly bodies that rained down towards its opponent.

However, what happened as a result stunned everyone. Shi Hao’s body simply stood there unmoving on the ocean surface, and his body shined like that of a spiritual embryo. He devoured essence energy from all directions, completely refining all of the great heavenly bodies into his own body.

“This is just… too horrifying. Just what kind of person is he?! The mortal strike of a pure-blooded creature was dissolved just like that!”

Everyone released gasps of surprise, completely at a loss for words. They simply didn’t know how to react.

“It’s true, it really is absolute body spiritualization! He truly is a ridiculously talented genius. Reaching this level in just three months time, what a pity… We actually missed such an opportunity and made him our enemy!”

The divine servants sighed with incomparable regret.

They didn’t dare to tarry any longer and quickly made their moves. Otherwise, the green-haired youth was going to die here, because he was definitely not Shi Hao’s opponent.

The four divine servants simultaneously took action, forming four streaks of lightning as they attacked from all sides. They were trying to crush this talent right from the start to avoid a future disaster.


A sparkling stone flew out, striking an elder between the brows. He immediately released a miserable cry. His forehead almost cracked open as blood was poured out.

“I’m going to die from pain! Who woke me up?!” The divine striking stone shrieked miserably. It rose from the water and once again returned to Shi Hao’s side.


A streak of blade radiance hacked out. The broken sword displayed its might, forcing a divine servant to back off, not daring to come any closer.

In addition, the ten heavenly passages around Shi Hao connected together. They contained an inexhaustible amount of spiritual radiance. As he rushed towards the Green Luan, this dazzling ring followed.


The resulting collision was tremendous. Shi Hao’s divine ring shone resplendently as it made contact with the Green Luan, making it cough out large amounts of blood. It was immediately sent flying horizontally.

Meanwhile, the other two divine servants backed up. Even though their offensive capabilities were shocking, the divine ring was too powerful. In addition, the devilish brat it accompanied was also incredible, so they moved out of the way.

With a peng sound, Shi Hao gave chase. He sat on top of the Green Luan, and with a slap of his palm, a large amount of its bones immediately broke.

With such a simple and direct move, a pure-blooded creature became seriously wounded and coughed out large amounts of blood. The devilish brat sat on its back and grabbed its neck.

“Why is a creature that’s not even at the peak of spiritual transformation constantly acting so bossy in front of me?” Shi Hao criticized the Green Luan.

At this moment, the Green Luan even had thoughts of suicide. Even though it still hadn’t reached perfection within the Spirit Transformation Realm, its current cultivation realm was still higher than this devilish child’s. However, it was still defeated in the end.

This time, it wasn’t due to carelessness, but rather because he truly couldn’t match Shi Hao. He was forcefully captured by the opponent and suppressed.

“Please be lenient!”

Two divine servants shouted loudly as their faces paled. They immediately moved just now after seeing the situation turn sour, but they were still too late. The opponent’s power was truly a bit terrifying.

If this continued, then not even those possessing power at the summit of spiritual transformation would be able to defeat him! The devilish brat’s rate of improvement was too fast, far surpassing everyone’s expectations.

“When you wanted to kill me, why didn’t you think about showing this kind of mercy?” Shi Hao asked.

The Green Luan released a low roar, and an ominous glint appeared in its eyes. However, it couldn’t struggle free.

In the distance, the purple-clothed Yun Xi and silver-haired Yin Xue also appeared, accompanying the divine servants over. They arrived just in time to see this scene, becoming absolutely shocked.

How much time had passed? It hadn’t been that long since they last met, yet the other party was already so heaven defying. Capturing Qing Yun didn’t even seem to be a strenuous task for him.

“Young one, within this world, there is no absolute black or white. Even an enemy can become a friend. We all walk within the gray, so do not act so stubbornly. This time, it was truly Qing Yun that was in the wrong, but he did come from the Archaic Divine Mountains…” After talking up to this point, the divine servant paused to see Shi Hao’s reaction.

“Are you trying to warn or threaten me? I absolutely hate it when others preach to me, especially when they’ve tried to kill me time and again. Are the Archaic Divine Mountains that incredible? Please watch carefully.” After Shi Hao spoke, his hands exerted force, snapping the Green Luan’s neck.

“Ah…” An angry roar was released from the Green Luan’s soul. Its eyes were widened, full of unwillingness. It was a creature from the Archaic Divine Mountain with pure blood that was extremely favored by the elders, and killing him meant offending a group of supreme experts.

Who would dare to start a war with his clan in any normal situation?

Its soul lit up, and his body sounded with gabeng gabeng sounds. The symbols within his body shattered, destroyed by a restricted force at the moment of his death.

This made Shi Hao sigh with regret. He couldn’t obtain the race’s precious technique.

In the distance, the spectators were all struck dumb. This was a pure-blooded creature, yet it was still strangled to death by someone. Being killed by having the neck wrung truly gave people a feeling of wrongness.

At the same time, everyone felt incredibly shaken. This seemed like the heir of a deity slaughterer!

Where did this youth come from? This was just too daring! Wasn’t he scared of bringing disaster on himself? This kind of bravery was just ridiculous.

The divine servants trembled, and their faces were quickly deprived of their color. What kind of powerful attitude was this? That youngster didn’t fear the Archaic Divine Mountains in the slightest as he crushed the Green Luan to death like a small chicken!

How were they supposed to explain this when they return to the mountains? The green-haired youth died, yet the opposing party didn’t fear the Archaic Divine Mountains at all. This made the divine servants’ faces turn ashen, and they almost fainted.

“In the future, if anyone else from the Archaic Mountains want to push me down, then this will be the result.” The devilish brat spoke.

At this moment, even the sound of breathing could be heard. This was just too daring! It was a direct threat against the Archaic Divine Mountains, completely opposite of what should have happened!

“Hand over your life!” The divine servants shouted and rushed over murderously together.

“I don’t feel like dealing with you all. I’m going to cultivate.” Shi Hao didn’t say anything else and collected the Green Luan into the Heaven and Earth Pouch. He disappeared from this place without leaving behind any traces.

A sensation immediately broke out in this area. The devilish brat had left behind a legendary saying. For many years to come, people would still be discussing how even pure-blooded creatures became his prey.

Yun Xi became stupefied, and her pupils were filled with an indescribable luster. In the end, she released a sigh. Even though she didn’t take action, she was quite certain that the devilish child didn’t have any good feelings towards her Heavenly Mountain either.

“This fellow is too formidable. His talent is even more shocking than creatures from our divine mountains. Tell me, how many people from our divine mountains can stand shoulder to shoulder with him or even defeat him?” Yin Xue muttered.

The bright moon was suspended high up in the sky, and the green sea became clear and crystalline as it reflected the moonlight. A ghost ship was drifting about alone, and all creatures stayed far away.

Many people began to curse. Why was there still a ghost ship even after they switched to a different ocean? It was truly infuriating!

This was naturally taken out from the devilish child’s Heaven and Earth Pouch. To others, the ghost ship was incredibly ominous, but for him, it was tool for touring the sea. It could even be considered a treasure boat.

The moonlight scattered down fluidly, scattering down its silvery splendor. The devilish child inside the boat was elated as he brought out a jade table. He happily roasted bright golden Green Luan meat while drinking good wine.

The Little Devil wine was exceptionally rare and precious. After being poured into a jade cup, it shone with translucent brilliance and released its fragrance. He raised his head to drink it and felt an unspeakable satisfaction.

Foodie, foodie, you are the foodie! This was the message being implied by Hairy Ball’s hands. It was protesting that it didn’t receive enough wine, and as a result it criticized the devilish child.

“If you drink any more, you are going to start drunk boxing again. It’s better if you drink a bit less.” The devilish brat chewed off a chunk of the shining meat and downed a cup of Little Devil wine before saying this.

Suddenly, a string of laughter rang out that sounded like the ringing of silver bells. The sound was melodious, intoxicating one down to their bones as if it came straight from nature itself.

Once the ghost ship began to move, everyone else would back off. How could there have been someone that followed along? This startled the devilish brat, making him look all around.

A rain of light scattered down on the ocean surface before assembling together. It formed a beautiful figure that treaded on the ripples and arrived in front of the ghost ship.

“Who are you?” Shi Hao asked.

“There’s no need to act so fierce. It is through the wonders of fate that the two of us can meet.” She smiled sweetly before turning into a rain of light again, directly scattering itself onto the ghost ship.

The moonlight became hazy, and the rain of light reassembled, once again forming a figure. Her elegance was extremely moving, and her grace and beauty were out of this world. She was simply too beautiful, as if she was a fairy that had descended from the moon.

Even the devilish brat who bit and wrestled with beautiful women without any feelings for the opposite sex felt a bit absent-minded at this moment. This kind of beauty was rarely seen throughout one’s life.

“Hey, fatty, where did you come from? Climbing onto my boat like this, what are you trying to do?” Only a moment later did he rub his eyes and ask this.

After the beautiful lunar fairy heard the word fatty, she immediately felt stupefied at first. However, she she began to laugh softly soon after wards and said, “This fatty has come to drink for a bit. Are you not going to welcome me?”

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