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Chapter 601 - Little Stone Dead End

Everyone who rushed in trembled. Their faces were all pale, finding everything hard to believe. How could it have ended like this, turning into this type of situation?

Qin Yining screamed and almost fainted on the spot. She threw herself forward into Shi Hao's embrace. Tears clouded her eyes as she wailed loudly. She felt as if there was a knife twisting about in her heart. 

"Hao'er, my Hao'er, don't die! How could it be like this? Mother has let you down!"

She hugged Shi Hao, her body trembling and struggling to stand up. She thought about everything that had happened, about everything that occurred during all these years. Her heart was full of pain and incomparable regret. She had missed too much, not being at her oldest son's side the entire time. In the end, he was going to die just like that. 

Blood flowed out from Shi Hao's chest. He was about to die. He also felt extremely emotional, unwilling to let all of this go. He comforted his parents, telling them not to feel bad. 

"Hao'er, don't leave mother, don't die… Please don't…" Qin Yining's face was full of tears. Back then, she didn't properly take care of Shi Hao. He was still so young when he had his supreme being bone gouged out from him in Martial Imperial Manor. He had endured too much suffering. Why was he so unfortunate? Later on, he was left behind in Stone Village, and since then, they had been separated for more than ten years and by a great region. They had never properly taken care of him. Now, he was like this, another tragedy playing out. She could only watch helpless without the ability to save him. 

"Where is the supreme being bone? Return it, hurry… Help Hao'er take it in, don't let him die…" Qin Yining wailed. She felt as if her heart was tearing and her lungs splitting apart. How could it be like this? Her oldest son didn't transplant the immortal bone and instead gave his own supreme being bone away! How miserable was this?

"It is already too late. Stone Emperor doesn't have enough supreme being blood within him, so he won't be able to nourish the blood. After leaving his body, it would be useless even if it was reattached to his body," Zhang Zhong said. 

"No…" Qin Yining's eyes seemed to lack expression. It was too hard to endure this pain and suffering. 

"Mother, you don't have to feel broken-hearted. That bone is already useless to me. It can't save me, so I could just give it to my younger brother." Shi Hao comforted her. 

"It was mother who was wrong, because of my hesitation, we missed the chance to transplant the bone…" Qin Yining grabbed him while sobbing loudly. She was full of remorse. She didn't want her older son to die, but she feared her second son becoming injured as well. She was always hesitating, and in the end, the chance slipped away. It was now useless even if they transplanted the immortal bone now. 

"Mother, don't blame yourself. How can it be your fault? How can I ask for my younger brother's bone? I won't agree to such a thing. How can we gamble with his life? I personally experienced these things and won't have him suffer the same pain I've gone through." Shi Hao said softly. Blood flowed out from the corners of his lips. His face became more and more pale. 

Shi Ziling stood there, seemingly petrified. His tiger like eyes continuously shed tears. He continuously muttered, "It was our fault, always hesitating and missing the opportunity. It's all our fault. This will become a great pain and regret for the rest of my life!"

"Father, don't say anymore. Doing this will only make me feel worse. It truly isn't you two's fault." Shi Hao felt his nose becoming sore. 

He didn't blame these two. The first reason was because he definitely didn't want that bone, and the second was that he had also thought to himself that if he had two children and had to make this decision, what would he do? That would definitely fill him with suffering!

He knew that these past few days felt especially long for his parents, enduring great torment. Even though they were hesitating and missed out on the chance to implant the bone, this wasn't their mistake. 

"My Hao'er, mother has wronged you… I truly regret it… This will be a suffering for the rest of my life, I won't forgive myself…" Qin Yining felt incomparably sorrowful. Her fingers were turning white, and her body was unsteady. 

 Shi Ziling's eyes were completely bloodshot. He was roaring in a low voice. When he recalled the experiences during these past few years, it was as if everything was like a dream. He was full of self blame and endless remorse. 

He and Qin Yining felt like they had shamed their eldest son. They had left behind too many regrets. This was the second time in this life where they had to see him this weak, about to leave this world. 

"The immortal bone wasn't implanted into Hao'er, and he instead gave his supreme being bone to his younger brother, how miserable is this…" Shi Ziling and Qin Yining could not control themselves. Their words were filled with sorrow. 

"Father, mother, all of this truly can't be blame on you guys! Give that bone to little brother. This is the same as a continuation of my life, one that will accompany you by your side."

When they heard these words, the husband and wife felt even more grieved inside. Tears continuously flowed out. 

Shi Ziling howled. His head of black hair flew about chaotically like a demon. His hair fell onto the ground. Divine light erupted from his eyes as he said, "To think that I, Shi Ziling, twenty years ago justified wrongs with vengeance and weaved unhindered under the heavens without any fear! In these ten years, after being trapped in Immortal Mountain, my pride had been cut down and my valiant spirit dulled, burying my original heart. There is regret in this life! From this day forth, I am going to go mad. I definitely have to wipe out Immortal Palace and sweep through the inheritances of the seven deities. I pledge a blood oath right here!"

He roared. He clenched his fists. Behind him, a golden spear appeared and pointed straight towards the sky. 

Regardless, this still couldn't change anything. Shi Hao didn't have much life remaining. No one could make him stay in this world. 

The eyes of Stone Village's people had long become red. They surrounded him, all of their chests rising and falling greatly. Their breathing became rough and their fists were tightly clenched. They really wanted to scream at the heavens. 


They said softly, hot tears rolling down their faces .They knew that there was no other way. Shi Hao had even removed his supreme being bone, eliminating their final glimmer of hope. 

"I want to kill!" Shi Linhu roared. Shi Hao didn't obtain the immortal bone's treatment and instead lost his own bone. It made this valiant man from the great wasteland wish to cry. 

The others were like this as well. Er Meng, Dazhuang and the others almost erupted with violence. If it wasn't for Shi Hao calling out to them to not have them act randomly, they would have definitely got into trouble. 

"Child!" Village Chief Shi Yunfeng pulled on his hand. He wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. The corners of eyes that were full of wrinkles only had old tears rolling down. 

"Big brother…" Qin Hao stood at his side, calling out to him. 

"Live properly, cherish everything you have. Take care of father and mother." Shi Hao nodded and said peacefully. 

"I will become the most powerful person and protect them." Qin Hao said.

Shi Hao looked at Zhang Zhong and said, "Great doctor, do you have certainty in safely granting him the bone?"

Zhang Zhong nodded. "If it was a normal person, then it definitely wouldn't be possible and incredibly dangerous, but it shouldn't be a problem with your majesty's brother. There is already supreme being blood inside of him that is nourishing the immortal bone. Now, it can naturally nurture this bone."

Since there was divine blood inside of Qin Hao, he could naturally accept the bone. It was dangerous for Shi Hao to accept a bone before because there were too many green copper rust symbols inside of his body, and his supreme being blood had been seriously exhausted as well. 

Shi Hao frowned and said, "Even though it is a supreme being bone, it is far greater than other bones and flesh. There are some traces of curses on its surface, so you definitely have to be careful."

"This isn't a problem. Your Majesty's brother has a perfect immortal bone that can wipe out the few symbols," said Zhang Zhong. 

"Then hurry and carry out the operation." Shi Hao said. 

That bone was sparkling white. Even though it was seriously damaged, full of cracks, and pieced together, it was still glistening brightly and releasing immortal light. 

However, it carried a trace of blood, making it look a bit cold. In the eyes of Stone Village's people, it was incredibly glaring. 

"How unfair is this, how miserable!" Shi Ziling and Qin Yining both felt this hard to accept. They embraced Shi Hao while choking with sobs. They didn't know what to say. 

Zhang Zhong brought Qin Hao away with that bone. A cloud of worry filled the main hall. Everyone felt deeply emotional. They couldn't calm down. 

The War King, Peng King, Ming King and the others went up. They silently carried out an examination of Shi Hao's body, infusing divine force to prolong his life. 

"How could it be like this?" Xiao Tian, Nine-Headed Lion, Xia Youyu and the others all rushed over. They had heard the news and felt incomparably shaken. 

The palace hall was filled with people. These familiar faces all carried sadness. Even though they had already guessed that it would be hard for Shi Hao to live, they never thought that it would be like this. 

"Child, let's go back." The old chief Shi Yunfeng said. 

"Let's wait a bit." Shi Hao shook his head. He wanted to see if that bone could successfully be reborn. 

"Little big bro…" Qingfeng weeped. His large eyes were completely red. Back then, it was Shi Hao who brought him to Stone Village, yet they were going to separate like this, never to meet again. 

Shi Hao sighed. He had also thought about giving the bone to Qingfeng, but he didn't have supreme being blood in him, so rashly proceeding might result in his death. In addition, he might even be cursed. 


After an unknown amount of time passed, news arrived that Qin Hao successfully accepted the bone. This was definitely a major thing. A youth with two supreme being bones, just how terrifying was that? He would definitely shake the heavens above and earth below!

However, no one said anything. There was no happiness in everyone's expressions. 

"Didn't Shi Yi have dual pupils and a supreme being bone back then? He was still defeated. Little Hao is the true unrivalled one!" Ermeng was furious. 

"There are definitely people like this in the higher realms. Whether or not he is on the road of no equal is still too early to say." Someone added softly. 

"Let's go." Shi Hao said softly. 

The ancestral altar shone, opening up a path. Stone Village's people travelled in the night, bringing Shi Hao home. 

When news got out, Stone Country Capital was greatly shaken. 

"Farewell Stone Emperor!"

The voices rumbled like thunder. Many experts shouted together, shaking the sky and making the entire capital city tremble. 

The little Stone left. This also meant that he would leave this world of mortals, never to see it again. 

"Farewell Stone Emperor!"

These voices rushed into the heavens, resounding through the night sky. Everyone shouted together, shaking heaven and earth. Everyone bid their farewells together. 

Sect master, giants of their regions, and powerful individuals appeared. This was a rare sight that had not been seen for many years. Unfortunately, Stone Country Imperial Palace was covered in clouds of sorrow. It was difficult for people to make joyous speech. 

Early in the morning, the sun rose from the east. Resplendent golden multicolored light scattered down warmly on everyone's bodies. 

"I am still alive. This type of feeling is truly great." Shi Hao's face carried a bit of redness. He welcomed the morning multicolored light while lying on a soft chair. He gazed towards the familiar Stone Village, feeling inwardly satisfied. Both his body and heart were warm. 

After coming back, everyone felt incredibly nervous, fearing that he won't last until daylight. They all felt terrible and incomparably stifled. 

Fortunately, he was still alive. Everyone released a breath of air and revealed smiles. However, their eyes felt a bit sore, wishing to shed tears. 

"I truly want to stay behind, forever remain here…" Shi Hao said softly. Then, his nose felt sore. He looked at everyone, not wishing to leave. 

Everyone shed tears, feeling incomparably sad. 

"Since we still have time, let's find another place," said Shi Hao, calming himself down. 

"Alright, pick a place." Shi Feijiao said. 

Ten li out, there was a hill where several old pine trees grew. There was a clear spring running. It was an extremely peaceful place. 

Shi Hao selected a burial place for himself. This wasn't some spiritual earth, but rather an ordinary place. However, he could see the distant Stone Village. This place was full of fresh and clean plant life, making it appear extremely peaceful. 

"This is the place." Shi Hao said softly. 

At the same time, his face lost color and his eyes gradually grew dim. His vitality that was forcefully keeping him up weakened. His life had finally reached its end. 


"Hao'er, don't leave us!"

Everyone cried out and threw themselves forward!

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