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Chapter 356 – Supreme Bone’s Rebirth

The sound of water splashing about could be heard, as if it was playing a melodious tune. The pleasant sounds resounded through the palace. The hazy mist dispersed, and a spring could be seen.

Based on what Huo Ling’er said, in order to enter the Pond of Rebirth, one’s body needed to be free of impurities, and the ancient sacrificial ceremony was required. Otherwise, it was the same as disrespecting the archaic Vermillion Bird, and they might bring about trouble.

These were extremely rare, untainted waters that a deity once bathed within. It could eliminate the filth of the mortal and eliminate any impurities.

The waters did not possess any divine power and could only be used to clean oneself both internally and externally. This was a precious fluid that could wash the physical body and even treat illnesses.

If one were to call it a truly world-shocking treasure, then that would be a bit excessive, as it is far inferior to divine liquids. However, this was the best type of spiritual spring for the two at the moment, since it was something both Huo Ling’er and Shi Hao needed.

“Go over there.” Huo Ling’er shooed him away, not allowing him to come over.

Soon after, hualala sounds could be heard from the spring. Huo Ling’er stood inside, allowing the splashing liquid to fall onto her pure white and shining body.

Her hair was completely drenched as it stuck to her breasts and her back. Water droplets ran down her face past her bright eyes, giving her an appearance that was exceedingly beautiful.

“Hey, fatty, are you done yet? Don’t waste too much time. Are you stuck? Do you need me to help?” Shi Hao’s lazy voice sounded from the distance.

“You should stay where it is cool!” Huo Ling’er grinded her teeth in anger. Her sparkling pure white face was full of unwillingness. Last time, she suffered greatly and had been groped all over, yet she had no way of getting back at him.

“Do you really want me to go where it is cold?” Shi Hao was astonished.

“You… don’t come here!” Veins appeared on Huo Ling’er’s forehead. She almost forgot how weird this fellow was, how he would always take advantage of others’ faulty wording. This clear spring really was a relatively cooler place.

Soon after, she completed her bath. She jumped into the air and landed inside the Pond of Rebirth with a putong sound, causing magma to splash high into the air.

If it was a normal person that entered, their bodies would have definitely turned into ashes without even any bones remaining. However, after the Fire Clan members were awakened, that would no longer be the case. There was the true blood of the Vermillion Bird within her, allowing her to bathe within the flames and be reborn.

Her pure white nude body was now submerged within the pool’s scarlet magma. The red and white colors produced an unspeakable amount of temptation. The unique scene made her appear extremely beautiful.

The strands of multi-colored light flowed through her body at a visible speed, as if they were small and fast-moving streams.

Shi Hao entered the spiritual spring to rinse his body. The water was truly quite special, leaving him feeling refreshed and energetic.

It was almost as if it could cleanse his spirit, allowing his entire body to relax.

His tall, slender yet fit body shone with a sparkling luster. His entire head of long hair scattered about and flowed with a dark light. His eyes seemed to have become clearer.

In the end, he got up and said, “Don’t peek at me, we are already long even.”

Far away, Huo Ling’er, who was within the magma liquid, was feeling so much hatred that the roots of her teeth were becoming numb. What kind of words were those? It was almost as if she was the pervert! He truly lacked a good beating.

Shi Hao walked in midair, and with a putong sound, he landed into the other Pond of Rebirth. A huge amount of lava splashed out, and a part of it dropped onto Huo Ling’er’s body.

This produced a shrieking sound. When he splashed out the liquid, she once again recalled the passionate embrace when the lava landed on her body, making her feel as if caterpillars were crawling through her.

“Hurry up and carry out the ancient ceremony. Conduct the sacrifice already,” said Shi Hao.

It was impossible for them to offer anything, but from Huo Ling’er’s explanation, the true sacrifice was the prayer they made towards the archaic Vermillion Bird.

The effects were truly quite unusual. The two ponds immediately began to sparkle with light. An astonishing life force emerged from the scarlet lava, and the fragrance became even stronger.

Meanwhile, the golden lotuses that filled the ponds seemed to have all bloomed, with even a few flower buds appearing. Drops of golden liquid flowed outwards, producing an almost irresistibly intoxicating fragrance.

Shi Hao felt as if all the pores on his body were relaxing and expanding. He couldn’t help but release a groan; this was just too comfortable. On the other side, Huo Ling’er was experiencing the same thing. A delicate moan sounded, producing a truly unique enticement.

“Hey, are you trying to seduce me?” Shi Hao asked.

“Shut up!” Huo Ling’er was a beautiful and alluring princess from the Fire Nation, so she paid the most attention to her bearing. However, at this moment, she couldn’t help but utter these words, because she was truly angered badly.

Suddenly, a third voice sounded. It was not one that naturally belonged this place, and in this vast and spacious palace, it was extremely unusual.

“Wow, you two are like a married couple. It makes even immortals jealous!” This voice was just too abrupt. Shi Hao was a bit better off, but Huo Ling’er immediately submerged herself into the pond. She was completely ashamed and resentful.

If she was seen by others, how great of a scandal would this be? Moreover, that manner of speaking was too unpleasant. She looked everywhere to see exactly who spoke those words.

“So much precious liquid, mine, mine, all mine!”

Finally, Huo Ling’er discovered the source of the voice. Just from the manner of speaking, she could surmise that it was something related to the devilish child!

“Stupid stone, you dare scare me!” The angry Huo Ling’er felt humiliated.

“Did you get caught doing something? Why are you so embarrassed? It’s not even that big of a deal. You two should continue. I didn’t see anything. Just pretend like I don’t exist.”

A faint golden small stone was speaking smugly from Shi Hao’s hair.

It was precisely the divine striking stone. Several years ago, it ate too many things, such as the divine silt from the Immortal Spring and primal earth from the Kun Peng nest. These were all rare divine treasures. After eating those things, it didn’t digest them. Only after the battle of the Northern Sea ended did it begin digesting those treasures, and as a result, it submerged into a state of slumber.

And today, it had suddenly woken up in great spirits. The strange stone was much larger than before. It was now more miraculous, and could truly be considered a wondrous treasure. If the saints from the ancient era saw it, all of their eyes would turn red from greed.

As Huo Ling’er listened to its words, she felt ashamed and angry. This truly was an example of different environments providing different influences. While at the savage brat’s side, even that stone deserved a good spanking.

“Hey, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Aren’t you two just missing the courage to cross that last step? I’ll be watching from the side!” It truly wasn’t clear whether it was speaking towards Shi Hao or Huo Ling’er.

“If you speak any more nonsense, I’m going to let you have a taste of the Holy Emperor’s formation!” Huo Ling’er threatened.

Following that, she found it difficult to say any more, because a wave of powerful aura filled the air. The Pool of Rebirth boiled, and the magma with faint golden streaks surrounded her. It continuously coagulated until a huge cocoon formed.

Soon afterwards, not only was her pure white naked body surrounded, but even her head and beautiful hair were. It was almost as if she was completely isolated from the rest of the world.


Golden lotuses blossomed one after another. Soon after, they withered and turned into specks of divine radiance, entering the cocoon.

“Aiya, my magma liquid!” The Divine Striking Stone cried out miserably. It felt as if the essence of the pond was disappearing and being absorbed by the large cocoon.

Without a doubt, Huo Ling’er was undergoing a great change. She was undergoing another rebirth.

Shi Hao’s eyes became fiery as he watched, but he calmed down soon after he understood the mysterious power of the magma. It contained the undying essence left behind after the Vermillion Bird’s rebirth, which was deeply permeated inside the magma.

In what seemed like a split second, strange events took place where he was as well. The scarlet liquid surged and quickly surrounded him. Streaks of scarlet multicolored light curled up around him as if scarlet dragons were dancing about.

“Aiya, my divine liquid!” The divine striking stone cried out miserably. It no longer dared to stay idle and leapt down from Shi Hao’s hair into the pond to drink the lava.

Suddenly, the absorption force of Shi Hao’s body seemed to become even greater. He was like a bottomless pit as all of the precious liquid swarmed towards him.

“Monster! How are you stealing more than me?!” The divine striking stone shrieked.

Shi Hao’s flesh was not damaged, as if he was sturdy like a golden steel. They resonated together, as if he became one entity with the Pool of Rebirth. The endless essence all entered his body, and it was clear that a large cocoon was about to form.

Suddenly, something strange happened. His chest lit up and erupted with a world-shaking energy. The divine striking stone was so startled that it began to scream. It directly fled, shooting out of the Pool of Rebirth.

At the same time, the scarlet multicolored light that formed the cocoon shattered. Light flowed out like streams into his chest unendingly.

At this moment, the golden lotuses within the pool began to continuously blossom and wither, forming small golden streams. They flowed into his chest and dissolved into specks of light to nourish his body.

“Holy shit, it’s like a divine god descending into this world!”

The divine striking stone was experiencing post-traumatic stress. It had followed Shi Hao for many years, so it naturally knew what it was. At this moment, there were still lingering fears within his mind, because even the stone was almost sucked in.

The entire pond was boiling, and all of types of nirvana magma surged. Everything was sucked into Shi Hao’s chest, forming a small sun.

Shi Hao’s mind was constantly fluctuating. He almost lost self-control and roared towards the sky.

He had been hoping all these years for the supreme being bone to regrow, and now, there was actually hope for it to reemerge. This time, it was most likely not just recovering a bit.

His chest felt rather itchy, as if something was trying to wriggle into existence!

He had encountered trouble and misfortune again and again ever since his birth, and it was all because of the supreme being bone. It was gouged out and stolen by another, leading all who were close to him to scatter. He had been left with only blood and tears.

At this moment, his chest was completely sparkling. A small blazing sun appeared in that location, and blood essence was swirling within. A bone was gradually forming.

It wasn’t like the past few times where only the outline was formed and not the actual thing. This time, it was completely different!

This was a place of rebirth, with magma left behind from when the archaic Vermillion Bird underwent rebirth. This substance had miraculously been preserved until this very day without any of its essence fading with the passage of time.

At this moment, his body was frantically devouring it all. Everything concentrated towards his chest, entering that small golden sun as nourishment.

An intense pain began to spread over his body. It felt like his heart and lungs were being torn apart, and the pain seeped into his bones. Shi Hao’s body felt weak. At the same time, pi pa sounds rang through his body, and dazzling radiance shone all over his body.

Soon after, hong sounds rang out. It was as if he was burning with flames. His flesh, inner organs, and bones all gave off multicolored light. All of the divinity within them were pulled out and sent towards the bone in his chest.

The Pond of Rebirth trembled. The scarlet multicolored light poured toward his body like a tide, continuously replenishing him. This was a type of robbery, as well as a berserk transformation.

Within Shi Hao’s body, the extremely powerful and rich supreme being blood was revived, and it continued to reconstruct his bone. A small sun appeared, and as it continuously condensed, a sparkling white bone piece appeared.

The bone wasn’t that large, since it hadn’t completely matured yet. It was only the size of a finger segment, yet it gave off a power that felt like it could overwhelm everything!

It was sparkling and translucent. Terrifying rays of light were shooting out from it, and around its vicinity, a divine golden disc emerged, forming a blazing sun.

The scariest part was that there were symbols flickering on its surface. Then, a small blazing individual appeared that sat on top of the supreme being bone.

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