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Chapter 337 – Shi Yi’s Response

A shocking piece of information quickly spread through Stone Country capital, sparking a huge commotion. Shi Yi had returned! He had emerged from the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Ancient Sacred Courtyard!

The entire country was in an uproar, and the capital found it difficult to calm down. The dual-pupiled individual’s return was so abrupt. They all had a feeling that he was on his path to greatness, and all of them were wondering just how extraordinary his future accomplishments would be.

“My great little brother, I’ve returned. Where are you?”

The same day, Shi Yi released these words within the capital, triggering a huge storm. Everyone knew that this was most likely a reply to Shi Hao’s challenge.

The dual-pupiled individual had appeared and was going to confront another supreme youth. It was as if a tempest quickly engulfed Stone Country, spreading to all corners of the enormous city.

News swept over the city like a tide. Soon, the surrounding ancient countries were informed, and the information extended into the great wastelands.

The dual-pupiled individual’s name shook everything under the sky. His innate talents and endowments were already well known by this world’s residents, and he was even claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient deity. Who could compare to him? Who would dared face him head on?!

Shi Hao’s name was just as well known. He established records within the Void God Realm, fought in the Northern Sea, and even killed supreme experts in the capital. He had long established his outstanding reputation, and all powers were aware of his existence.

Now that these two supreme youths were going to fight, it raised everyone’s interest. They all erupted into passionate discussions!

This entire place was full of clamoring. The people couldn’t help but sigh.

This was a pair of supreme individuals, and they were actually related!

What a pity it was. Everyone sighed.

Stone Clan truly received heaven’s blessing. It truly made other jealous and admire them, yet in the end, something like this happened. Was this a situation of shining so bright that even the heavens couldn’t watch any longer?

Fire Nation, ancestral ground.

There was a group of fish swimming about in the magma. They were quick and agile as they made their way through the scarlet red liquid like fragments of gold. Pecks of radiance were scattered around them.

The school of fish was completely golden. They were red-hot and lively as they wagged their tails lightheartedly. A powerful force of vitality was surging within these fish that were bursting with spirituality.

“What kind of fish are these?” Several youngsters were left stupefied. Even as descendants of Fire Nation lords, they had still never heard about the ancestral ground having this type of fish.

Once in a while, they would encounter vicious beasts hiding within the volcanos, but that was it. After all, they were powerful and rarely seen. However now, they were actually witnessing an entire race of fish that lived within the magma. This definitely overturned everything they knew.


Shi Hao hinted for them to be quiet. He lead them backwards behind an enormous rock in fear of startling the school of fish. His eyes were burning passionately; seeing these fish had raised his spirits greatly, because these were the legendary creatures that were rarely seen. They truly appeared here, making him extremely happy and excited.

“There is a total of forty to fifty of them.”

Shi Hao calculated a bit in his head. It wasn’t a large number, but wasn’t too few either. After all, this was an incredibly rare race. However, how was he supposed to catch them?

The school of fish’s speed became a bit shocking. There was quite a bit of food, so they swam from the depths of the great lake all the way to the shore. A large portion of the sparkling bone marrow was consumed.

Regardless of whether it was the Barbaric Ox or the Silver Lion, they were all like small mountains. It was also worth noting that they were creatures close to the noble king level. When their bone marrow was dried, a large amount of the essence rich bait was produced, yet a large portion had already been eaten.

These fish weren’t that large, only the length of a finger. The largest one was only half a foot in length. Their bodies were entirely golden and full of spirituality. It was as if an expanse of lightning was dancing about.

He took out the Heaven Transforming Bowl and got ready to activate it. However, the school of fish were incredibly vigilant, and their spiritual awareness were sharp. They would not approach the shore unless there was a certain distance between them.

The fish in the lead were about half a foot in length. When they opened their mouths, an astonishing fluctuation was stirred up. Several spirals appeared, causing the lake of magma to surge violently; all of the fragrant bait was drawn in.

“These fish aren’t even as long as a hand, yet they actually possess such an astonishing ability.” The girl with large eyes was astonished. However, she calmed down soon after, because fish that were able to live within the magma were definitely unordinary.

Shi Hao was still waiting. If he was able to get a bit closer, then he would be able to move with much more assurance and catch everything in one go.

Suddenly, a figure appeared ashore. Someone cried out in shock,” Could these be… the legendary Yang Fish?!”

Shi Hao knew that things were going bad and that he couldn’t wait any longer. He activated the Heaven Transforming Bowl, and sent it flying towards the lake. He wanted to collect all of these fish.

Lava erupted, and the crimson liquid continuously soared into the sky towards the bowl. Several dozen fish began to panic as they shot upwards. They all tried to flee for their life and break free from this.

Shi Hao was amazed. These fish were unordinary after all. They were especially slippery in the magma, and as symbols flickered about their body, they could actually break free from his control. They would escape even with the slightest bit of carelessness.


The Heaven Transforming Bowl was still, after all, an amazing item. Shi Hao released a shout, and the bowl began to release strand after strand of auspicious light into the scorching magma to lock the school of fish in place.

Some of the finger length Yang Fish had already left the lake surface and were collected into the Heaven Transforming Bowl.

Shi Hao was speechless. After expending all that effort, he was only able to catch a dozen or so finger-length little fish. Even a true expert would have long been collected into the bowl.

The other fish were trapped in place. Their bodies struggled within the magma, seeming like they were just about to be captured.

“Youngster, I think it’s better if you let them go.”

Voices could be heard from the shore. The strangers showed themselves, and one of them threw out a banner into the lake. With a hong sound, it sent waves into the skies.

Shi Hao’s expression immediately became grim. At the most crucial point, he was actually disturbed by others. The Heaven Transforming Bowl was shaken, and those Yang Fish immediately began to flee.

The others began to move as well. One of them took out a blue gourd to seize the Yang Fish.

There was even another that brought out a lance and directly attacked Shi Hao to disturb him and prevent him from succeeding.

Auspicious multicolored lights surged. The Heaven Transforming Bowl bobbed up and down within the lava to seize those large fish. Following that, all of the Yang Fish fled without a single one remaining.

The bowl spun through the air and returned into Shi Hao’s hands. He caught a total of eighteen Yang Fish, a number that was lower than expected.

As for those other individuals, they didn’t catch a single one. Their expressions were ugly, and they all stared at the small plain gray bowl in Shi Hao’s hands.

“Youngster, leave behind the bowl. Then, you can get out of our sight.” One of those individuals spoke.

Shi Hao’s expression was ice cold, and fury filled his heart. These people disturbed him from catching the fish, and now they still wanted to steal from him.

“Truly having no sense of shame. All of you should just die.” This was his decision.

None of these individuals were weak, and their ages ranged from their twenties to forties. They came from great sects beyond this region, so their knowledge and experiences were vast. As a result, they were able to recognize the Yang Fish.

“Youngster, we are not willing to cause conflict either. However, this kind of fish is extremely useful to us, so could you show some kindness? Of course, will give you some compensation. How about we use this precious artifact in exchange.” One of them was a bit shaken after seeing Shi Hao’s attitude. He feared that they might have encountered some trouble.

“The name Yang Fish was even spoken, so you should be aware of its value, yet you have the nerve to exchange some rotten artifact for it? Fuck off!” Shi Hao shot them a glare.

“Youngster, your words are too excessive. We wanted to trade with you in good intentions, yet what kind of attitude is this? Since it is like this, then we don’t mind exchanging a few moves.” A middle-aged individual’s face became overcast.


Among them, one directly brought out a large banner to suppress Shi Hao. The banner fluttered with hualala sounds, bringing about a wave of terrifying symbol fluctuations.

Shi Hao’s expression was chilly. He did not want to let a single one of them go, and as a result, he immediately merged with the Imperishable Golden Body before rushing out murderously. He was quite confident that these were disciples from a great sect beyond this region.

However, when the great battle broke out, these people were all horrified. There was actually a genius like this in the wasteland region? This was a youngster barely over ten years old, yet he was more powerful than them!


Ten exchanges later, the banner began to reveal cracks. The mighty and impressive-looking cultivator’s breastbone was crushed with a single kick. He spat out large mouthfuls of blood, and the flag in his hand was also shattered into pieces by a single one of Shi Hao’s palms.

The other individuals’ faces were deathly white. A dozen or so exchanges later, they were all killed by Shi Hao, blasted into pieces by Shi Hao with his bare hands!

“The so called Yang Fish, what kind of uses do they have?” The individuals that were with Shi Hao were shocked by his cultivation. Only now did they calm down and gather here.

Shi Hao was currently fiddling with the Heaven Transforming Bowl and carefully carrying out a refinement.

“Rumor has it that these are a variation of the Flaming Fish Race and can even live within the sun. They are known as Yang Fish, and they possess a great divine power within them,” Shi Hao replied.

Moreover, he knew that this fiery domain was unordinary. Normal creatures would even be able to develop divine spirituality, not to mention these Yang Fish. They were definitely even more shocking.

“They are so small. How much divine substance can they even contain?” The large-eyed beauty curled her lips.

“Quite a bit. This species is just like this. If they are truly able to grow up to a meter or longer, then that would be a bit terrifying. After a few hundred years, they might even become deities,” Shi Hao said.

“What? They are that powerful?!” These individuals were all shocked.

Ultimately, the Yang Fish had all been converted into golden liquid. Even though the Yang Fish were so small, they were actually comparable to the Barbaric Ox and Silver Lion, shocking everyone.

Had they encountered a large group and caught them all, how shocking would that be? Just thinking about it made Shi Hao feel stirred up.

This truly was a rare creature. By seizing the essence of heaven and earth, an astonishing divine substance could be refined that was simply priceless.

During the following days, Shi Hao once again took action. He obtained the fragrant bait and chose some even larger lakes. This time, he was able to catch nearly a hundred Yang Fish in one go.

After refining several drops of the golden liquid, he swallowed it all in one gulp. He then went went into isolation on the spot. The insides of his body rumbled, and symbols covered everything densely, causing his spiritual core to be clear. He comprehended the dao here, and his benefits were substantial.

Several days later, Shi Hao appeared to be bursting with life and in high spirits. The results were extremely great, far surpassing his expectations. He felt that he would be able to quickly break into the mid-stage Engravement Realm if he continued to catch Yang Fish.

Meanwhile, a few events occurred within the fiery domain. Some black-clothed individuals had appeared and were searching through its various parts. There were even a few rumors that princess Huo Ling’er had entered as well.

Two days later, a black-clothed individual found Shi Hao’s group. The individual was endlessly bewildered while watching him.

“You’ve been following me for quite a while. Do you need something?” Shi Hao asked.

“I am one of Huo Ling’er’s war generals…”

“Where is she? Lead the way.” Shi Hao directly interrupted.

Soon after, Shi Hao met Huo Ling’er. Moreover, he obtained some extremely important news. Shi Yi had returned!

Huo Ling’er’s figure was tall. Her beautiful clothes fluttered behind her, and her waist was slender. Her legs were long and straight, and as she stood there, she was extremely breathtaking. With her bright eyes and white teeth, she was absolutely dazzling. She looked just like a fairy of flames, possessing an astonishing charm.

“Shi Yi is quite powerful. One of my old servants’ heart trembled even while observing him from quite a distance away,” Huo Ling’er said.

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