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Chapter 284 – Priceless Treasure

The precious technique of the Black Tortoise that had killed noble kings before was definitely astonishing. It could be considered a sect subduing divine ability. A technique like this actually appeared for auction, making Shi Hao extremely excited for this auction.

“Even though this Fire Avoidance Bead is damaged, it is still a treasure that is difficult to come by in recent years.” On top of that stage, the white-haired elder revealed a fiery red bead.

“This is a priceless object and truly a treasure. Everyone, please take a careful look. Regardless of whether it is used for refining precious artifacts or to add to a collection, its value is shocking.” The curvaceous woman added.

Fire Avoidance Beads were naturally formed gems of heaven and earth. The one on display was about the size of a pigeon egg, and it was entirely crimson like a fiery diamond. The bead was glittering and translucent. Unfortunately, it was cracked in several places and even had a corner missing, so it wasn’t flawless.

At first sight, the usage of the bead seemed limited, since it merely avoided fire and was lacking of other wonders. However, its real value was much more than that.

In this world, some restricted areas required special means to enter. Places like the earth’s core and the Flaming Cave were only accessible through specific treasures, especially if one wanted to refine treasured artifacts there.

Some dangerous legendary areas were even filled with sky high divine flames. There were wonderful treasures hidden within, so if one possessed the Fire Avoidance Bead, they could enter and harvest them.

Gems like Fire Avoidance Beads or Wind Withstanding Beads were extremely rare, and no one knew how many years they would have to wait until the next one showed up. They were definitely going to become rare treasures in the future.

Moreover, they were actually great materials for refining sacred artifacts, and could even be used for the refinement of divine artifacts. They were scarce divine materials.

As a result, they had barely finished speaking on stage when the crowd started bidding. It was a lively scene with fierce competition.

Shi Hao could only stand by and watch. The price of the bead was raised unprecedentedly high, which astounded him, so he did not participate. He had no use for the Fire Avoidance Bead yet and found no reason to join the madness.

In the end, a melodious female voice announced an unbelievably high price and won over the treasure with a pile of primordial symboled bones.

“That’s Princess Sixteen, the favourite daughter of the Human Emperor.” Someone cried out when they saw the final bidder.

The young lady was dressed yellow clothing. Her eyes were bright, and her teeth were beautiful; she was extremely beautiful. The crimson bead was currently held in her hand, and a splendid rosy light was flowing around it. The contrast of colors between the two created an astonishing sight.

The crowd sighed. How could they possibly compete with the aristocrats? These people possessed the deepest backgrounds, so how could they lack spiritual jades? In fact, at this point of the auction, everyone was using primordial symboled bones as currency.

“What a pity. Another rare item showed up, but we simply didn’t have the resources to obtain it.”

“Don’t worry, there will be other good stuff. The standard of this auction is set quite high and they have made some elaborate preparations. A lot of treasures have been gathered here.”

People were discussing in private with great enthusiasm. All of them were looking forward to even better items.

Of course, the base price of items that followed would only becoming higher. Although the best stuff was not necessarily reserved towards the end, that was still the general trend.

Soon after, an Asura Fan appeared. Dark light flickered about it, and it was full of negative energy. The object was extremely powerful, a valuable object among noble king weapons. It raised the interests of a few old kings.

The younger generation could only watch without participating. The first reason was that the price was quite high, and the second was that since these old figures were fighting over it, it would be a bit rude for the younger generation to participate since they were all a part of the capital. There was still some friendship between the people here.

Soon after, the Asura Fan was taken by a middle aged noble king.

“Little pagoda, can’t you give me some recommendations or advice? Exactly what kind of objects have a high price so I won’t miss it?” Shi Hao transmitted these words.

The small pagoda remained silent and did not respond.

The devilish child’s mouth twitch. He didn’t believe that it could stay silent the entire time. Once something good came that it needed, it would definitely speak up.

“What we have for everyone now is a precious symbol left behind from the ancient era. It is extremely rare, so we invite everyone to take a look.” The flirtatious red clothed lady on the stage smiled as she introduced the item.

This was an earthen colored parchment that seemed rather tough and flexible. No matter how it was twisted, it would remain unaffected. When things made contact with its surface, it seemed like some type of metal or stone.

“Someone should have realized by now, right? This is a Withdrawal Symbol. When stuck to one’s feet, it could allow one to rise from the ground and fly faster than a bird. It is something refined by an ancient great power, and nowadays, not many people can create such a thing,” the lady added.

Many people were interested and attentive. The Withdrawal symbol could allow one to quickly flee if they were being chased by an enemy.

However, the nobles of the capital weren’t as interested. Their illustrious identities affected their decision. They rarely had times when they had to flee, and so they prefered offensive magical artifacts.

In reality, they definitely wouldn’t lack protective equipment.

Shi Hao was tempted. He had once intercepted someone with a Withdrawal Symbol in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, but it was already almost broken. He found it rather practical and wanted to obtain it.

“Three thousand spiritual jades here.”

“Four thousand!”

The great hall immediately rose and fell with sounds of bidding. Even though it was not as popular as the Fire Avoidance bead, there were still many people who wanted to obtain it.

“Chop of a fist size of my ocean blue essence and use it as a bid.” Shi Hao instructed for the auction staff to help him do this.

After seeing another piece of Ocean Blue Essence being moved out, everyone became speechless. This… It was just too extravagant. This was like bullying others.

In reality, only a small piece of this large object was still Shi Hao’s. The remaining had already been used, but just haven’t been cut off yet. They were waiting until the end to do so.

Ocean Blue Essence was also considered a rare material, and just a fist-sized piece was already priceless as it could be used to raise the grade of many precious artifacts. This actually were truly type of squandering.

In the end, no one wanted to fight against him. Shi Hao’s bid with the fist-sized Ocean Blue Essence knocked everyone down with his wealth. He was able to obtain the Withdrawal Symbol.

“Sigh, won’t this make others angry? I need to think of something later.” Shi Hao was a bit worried.

“Please be at ease. At the very least, no one will dare take action within the capital. Our Bone Insect Auction House still has some power, and can ensure the safety of our honored guests.” One of the individuals in charge handed over the Withdrawal symbol while saying this.

In reality, the things that Shi Hao bid couldn’t be considered to be too valuable. Compared to those divine objects, it was still rather ordinary.

Of course, this was because no one knew that the white bone had a mysterious connection to the True Primordial Record.

“Does everyone think that things are a bit dull? Then let’s raise your interests again. I believe that the next item for auction will bring about many people’s interest.” The red-clothed female gave everyone a lovable smile and left everyone in suspense.

She brought out a piece of beast skin. It was rather dull in color and without any exceptional qualities, but when she shook her hand and draped it over her shoulders, something bizarre happened. Her exquisite and curvy body completely disappeared.

“Yi, she actually became invisible.”

“What happened? What kind of precious artifact is this?”

Everyone became amazed. They were all interested.

With a shua sound, the red-clothed girl reappeared. She had already lowered the beast skin, and with lovable smile, she said, “Can our guests guess what this is?”

“Could this be… Void Beast Skin?” Someone shuddered.

When everyone heard this, they all became shocked. A huge sensation broke out. This was an extremely rare material that was just too rare.

In the current age, the Void Beast should have already become extinct. Even during the ancient era, it was exceedingly rare. The price was immeasurable.

The appearance of a Voice Beast Skin would sell for an astronomical price, because its natural characteristics made it an incredible treasure, not to mention what it could be used to create.

It could allow someone to hide within nothingness and remain completely undetected. Once it is properly refined, it could allow one to travel through the void. It could be considered a remarkable treasure!

In the past, Shi Hao had seen Huo Ling’er bring out a piece of Void Beast Skin. They were able to avoid a great disaster because of the Fire Country Emperor’s magical artifact.

How could something collected by a country’s emperor be ordinary?

Of course, that piece was far larger than the one in front of them. This piece was only a square meter in area, so its carrying capacity was limited.

“There’s no need for me to say too much about the divine might, because I assume that everyone is quite clear on it.” The red clothed girl on the stage then spoke out an astonishing starting bid.

Everyone found it difficult to calm down. This beast skin’s uses were too many. It could be used to avoid a great disaster since one could enter the void by stepping on it and hiding within.

Meanwhile, if it was in a killer’s hands, it would be even more terrifying. Where wouldn’t that individual dare to go, and who wouldn’t that individual kill? It was impossible to defend against.

Of course, if it was refined together with other amazing materials, it would become even more valuable. It would bring about an incredible magical artifact.

Shi Hao’s eyes became red from greed and began to bid as well. In the end, he realized that even with his recently acquired wealth of Ocean Blue Essence, it was still not enough. There were quite a few that were more rich and overbearing than him.

Someone directly brought out pieces of rare materials. They flickered with radiance so dazzling that people couldn’t open their eyes.

There was also someone who took out a large piece of Earth Essence, something that was known to be able to prolong one’s life.

Shi Hao surprisingly noticed that not only were aristocratic kings bidding, there were even some younger unfamiliar faces. He could sense the auras of pure-blooded creatures, giving him a big headache. He couldn’t outbid them.

“It seems like the human emperor’s birthday has brought over quite a few great experts!”

In the end, the piece of void beast skin fell into the hands of a mysterious individual. He hid within the VIP lounge and did not reveal his identity. The price he declared left everyone powerless.

More than ten rarely seen material including Blue Spirit Earth, Purple Crystal, and others appeared. They were all shockingly valuable items.

“I’ll let you guys bid it out first. When there are good items later, all of you will be powerless.” Shi Hao said this to comfort himself.

With another climax of the auction over, it now naturally sank into an ordinary period of items. What was being displayed now was a fist sized small back person. No one knew what kind of metal it was made from. It didn’t possess any luster, and was completely devoid of light.

It seemed rather ordinary, but it still made people feel like it was an antique. Moreover, it was most likely quite ancient.

“What is this?” Someone asked.

“This is an ancient magical artifact. It is so ancient that we aren’t even able to determine where it originated from.” The red clothed girl smiled as she introduced.

After experiencing the course of the auction, the people gradually began to understand her nature.

“Are you sure it’s not just the word ‘ancient’ that’s written on it?” A few people laughed and said.

“That’s not necessarily the case. This is a magical artifact left behind from the ancient era. Based on what we surmise, it could possibly be a powerful battle figure. If it can be restored, it might be incredibly useful.” The red clothed girl smiled and said.

“Once a battle figure is broken, I don’t think there’s anyone in this world that can restore it. If it really is an ancient holy object, then you guys would not auction it off like this.” Many people shook their heads.

This fist-sized small person was dull and without light. It was sent into the VIP lounge for everyone to see and touch for themselves.

It was truly a pity that even though it was made from a rather sturdy material, its symbols were still shattered. There weren’t many left behind, and there were many cracks on it. It seemed as if it could shatter at any moment.

Everyone shook their heads. This thing might have come from the ancient times, but it had already lost its value after all this time.

It had no symbols, and there was no divine energy fluctuating from it. Moreover, no matter what was done to it, it still wouldn’t display its power. It was more correct to call this a ruined treasure.

“The only thing that’s worth something is the material it is made of. However, it does seem like a particularly rare material either.” The people did not show much interest in this item.

Shi Hao looked it over in his hand. It was rather heavy and cold, but other than that, he didn’t feel anything special.

Right at this time, the small pagoda suddenly spoke, saying, “Bid over this item, and it will be enough for you to use for the rest of your life. Even I feel like eating it is a bit of a waste. It is somewhat of a pity.”

Shi Hao became apprehensive. The small pagoda’ background was extremely terrifying. How could an item that it was interested in be ordinary? It was definitely one of this world’s supreme treasures!

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