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As he prepared to enter the Beast Wasteland, Chen Xiang was quite looking forward to it. After all, this was a powerful Ancient Desolation.

After stepping into the Beast Wasteland, Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and at the same time, absorbed a large amount of Dao Qi.

"The Dao Qi here also has profound Tao Power, why don't the Spirit Wasteland have it?" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up: Maybe there are a lot of herbs here!

Medicinal ingredients that contained profound Tao Power s were extremely useful, especially those high grade ones. Of course, he already had Diprofound fruit s, so if he was able to refine them into pills, it would definitely have a strong effect.

"Beast Wasteland should also be a very strong Ancient Desolation. Do they know anything about Black Hairs Human?" Bai Youyou said: "If there is the power of the Beast Wasteland joining into this fight, that would still be pretty good."

"We can only find out from Heaven Poison Divine Spirit. Heaven Poison Divine Spirit must have been here for a long time, she should know about it." Chen Xiang said as he took out the black disc.

"I really want to find her quickly. That way, I can cure Sister Bai Ling's poison quickly." Chen Xiang sighed, although he had the Three lotus Dan, he felt that he would definitely be unable to deal with the poison that Xia Bailing was currently infected with.

Chen Xiang continued to teleport in that direction. After half a day, he reached a large but not tall mountain.

He looked at the gigantic mountain in front of him, then looked at the disk in his hand. At this moment, the disc was shaking intensely, he felt that the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was probably inside the gigantic mountain.

"What's wrong? Is there danger ahead? " Seeing that Chen Xiang did not move, Bai Youyou asked.

"Yes, in front of us is a place where the beasts gather. The beasts here are different from the Spirit Wasteland. Chen Xiang already saw people flying out from a cave on the gigantic mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain, there were many plaza and things like that. There were people walking around.

"This mountain should be a gathering place for beasts. I wonder if Heaven Poison Divine Spirit is inside it?" To confirm, Chen Xiang then walked a circle around the huge mountain. All the pointers were pointed at the huge mountain, and now he was sure that the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was inside.

Along the way, he had teleported, so he did not encounter any beasts. He did not know what kind of strength the beasts in Beast Wasteland had.

"Seems like I can only sneak in and take a look." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, turned into a bird, and waited for a group of birds to fly past him. He then blended into the flock of birds, and flew into the forest on the huge mountain in front of them.

Soon, he arrived at the giant mountain. He then transformed into a small bug and flew into one of the caves.

After entering the cave, he found it to be very complicated, and he did not know how to proceed. Furthermore, the environment inside was not very good either. It was pitch-black and humid.

Not long after entering, Chen Xiang flew out, and headed towards the peak. Heaven Poison Divine Spirit should be a very powerful existence, so they would be at a relatively high place.

Arriving at the top, he saw a relatively large cave. After he flew in, there was light coming from the inside. There were a few rooms inside that were decorated quite warmly. It was obvious that these weren't ordinary beasts' residences.

"This is a man's cave!" Bai Youyou said.

"How do you know?" Chen Xiang observed some more and asked.

"I am a woman, how could I not know? "Although it looks neat and tidy, it doesn't have the slightest hint of a woman in it." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang looked at it, and it truly did not feel like a woman's cave. Just as he was about to fly away, someone suddenly shouted: "There is someone else in here!"

With that said, a stone room suddenly opened up. It was probably a secret room, the stone door was also relatively hidden, Chen Xiang did not see it earlier.

A few men walked out of the stone room. They were all dressed in white and looked neat and tidy, as if they cared about what they wore.

Chen Xiang wanted to teleport away, but he was suddenly trapped by something and turned black!

"It's a bug, but it's not an ordinary bug. This bug seems to have the scent of a human, could it be a human?" A man's voice was filled with surprise.

"Oh? We beasts want to cultivate to human form, but humans want to become these kinds of worms. This is truly strange! " Another person laughed.

Chen Xiang immediately used a spatial jump to jump out from the thing that enveloped him. At this moment, he also saw what it was.

"He's out! How did he do it?" A man said in surprise as he looked at the flying mosquito.

Chen Xiang immediately turned back into his human form and said, "Seniors, please listen to my explanation. This little one came here to find someone, and did not have any ill intentions, so I beg your forgiveness."

It was also because Chen Xiang heard their conversation, that he knew that these beasts did not have any ill intentions, and were of the milder kind.

"He's really a human. This is the first time I've seen a human that can turn into a mosquito."

"Other than becoming a mosquito, can you become anything else?"

"Turn into a bird and take a look."

Chen Xiang was speechless, what these beasts were concerned about was actually this.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang was like a little bird, and then a black hawk, squirrel, and even a tiger.


"What an eye-opener. To be able to change so many things. If it wasn't for my sharp nose, I really would not have been able to discern them."

"I can't tell."

The white robed men clapped and laughed.

"Oh right, did you say you came here to look for someone? Who are you looking for? To find humans or beasts? " A man with a bigger face asked.

"Find a woman. She knows how to use poison, and she's right in this mountain. Do you have this person here?" Chen Xiang asked.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the men's faces all changed.

"Of course there is. She is a very terrifying woman, you really must go and find her … And it might even die. Her place is filled with poison, and when I meet her again, I might accidentally get poisoned. It's very scary. " A man said.

"Yes, I'm sure I need to find her. I wonder if you brothers can take me there?" Chen Xiang hurriedly nodded.

"That's not a problem, but we're only bringing you to the outside of that place. You'll need to go in later."

Soon after, Chen Xiang followed the few of them into a passage. They arrived at the belly of the mountain, and it was deep underground.

You follow this path all the way to the end where there is a stone door. If you push open the stone door and walk a short distance, you will be able to reach that place after opening the stone door.

"Thank you everyone!" Chen Xiang cupped his hands towards them and then walked forward. Sure enough, he saw a stone door, and on top of the stone door, an ancient "Poison" character was written.

Pushing open the thick stone door, there was another path in front, the stone door would automatically close, and then he would reach the second stone door. As long as he opened the stone door, he would be able to see Heaven Poison Divine Spirit.

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