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Seeing that the few elders were almost here, Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the stage, laughed: "I am not here to cause trouble, I am only here to retrieve what belongs to me!"

"You … Do you really want to become enemies with our Great Heaven School? " The host was shocked. Chen Xiang being able to teleport in front of him showed that he was very strong, because they had a spatial strengthening array formation but it was useless against Chen Xiang.

"No, no, no, I don't want to become enemies with your Great Heaven School. It's just that Yu Zhen from your Great Heaven School stole my things, I'm just returning now." While Chen Xiang was speaking, he teleported to the side of the golden armor, shattered it with a single palm, and then placed the golden armor inside the ring.

Everyone in the auction house was stunned. To think that he would dare to take away the Armored crocodile's golden armor in front of so many people, this was a provocation!

"This is only a portion of the Armored crocodile's body, there are still many that should still be in Yu Zhen's hands. Where is he now?"

Chen Xiang released a suction force from his hand, causing the host to be pulled over, his neck was held by Chen Xiang: "If you don't want to die, then quickly tell me where Yu Zhen is."

The few old men who had just gone to capture him didn't have time to think too much about it and directly flew to the auction stage.

"Don't slander us, this Armored crocodile was killed by our Great Clan Elder after three days and three nights of fierce battle, and yet you dare to slander our Great Clan Elder!" An old man said angrily: "I even saw that Armored crocodile's body!"

"Three days and three nights? Then ask him to come out right now, and tell us how he killed the Armored crocodile! " Chen Xiang sneered: "I was the one who killed the Armored crocodile. At that time, I cut him into two, the upper half falling into the mud, and the lower half floating in the air. He used a treasure to collect them."

Other than that, the old man sneered: "Nonsense, we have all seen the entire corpse of the Armored crocodile, we can't help but admit, the Great Clan Elder is truly powerful, actually being able to cause the golden-armored Armored crocodile to be covered in wounds, you said that you have half a Armored crocodile's body, why don't you take it out now!"

The few elders were also extremely fearful of Chen Xiang. Someone who dared to cause trouble here and had such a deep grasp of spatial energy must definitely not be someone ordinary, and should be very strong. They just saw Chen Xiang destroy the powerful formation with a single palm, but it was very difficult for them to do so.

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed: "Looks like all of you were also deceived by Yu Zhen. If I take it out, what would you say? Why don't you all ask yourselves if you think it's shameless to boast in front of so many people? Have you really seen that body covered in wounds? Or did Yu Zhen tell you this? "

"This... This, we did indeed see the Armored crocodile's corpse, even though it was only half of it, but … But the Great Elder said he cut it. " The old man stammered, because they had indeed boasted. They had only seen half of the body, and it was completely undamaged.

At that time, they were already very suspicious, because the cut on the half of the Armored crocodile's body was very orderly and it was obvious that it was split into two. What surprised them at that time were the cuts on the golden armor, as if they were very easy to cut.

"Oh?" Chen Xiang laughed: "I remembered that you said before that you had personally seen the whole body that was covered in scales, but why did you change your words and say that it was only half-way through?"

Everyone present also voiced their doubts. This old man was definitely lying!

This meant that Chen Xiang's words were reliable, as he had snatched away half of the Armored crocodile's corpse!

"Hmph, what right do you have to say that the Great Clan Elder snatched away half of the Armored crocodile's corpse? Maybe you took the other part. " If they were to admit it in public, their Great Heaven School would definitely be laughed at for a while.

"Explain why you were lying before. It's fine if you lied to me, but it's wrong of you to treat the tens of thousands of friends present as fools!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly. His words made the old man start to curse loudly in his heart.

"Let Yu Zhen come out and face him!" Someone shouted: "We only believe in our eyes. We paid the Shen Yuan stone to come in, but we don't have anything to auction right now!"

The people of Star Law Divine Realm talked about rules and regulations, because the old man lied just now, no one believed the Great Heaven School.

Chen Xiang said: "I'll take out the other Armored crocodile's corpse now!"

With that said, Chen Xiang released the mountain-like Armored crocodile from his ring. There was still a lot of dried up mud on it, but it was not hard to tell that this was a Armored crocodile.

"At that time, I split the Armored crocodile in half, but the Armored crocodile did not die. I attacked the Armored crocodile's head, and threw its upper body into the swamp. Chen Xiang pointed to the place where the Armored crocodile's head was caved in: "This is the place I attacked!"

When Chen Xiang took out the true evidence, everyone present felt that they were deceived by the Great Heaven School. At this time, all of them shouted at the Great Heaven School to retreat the Shen Yuan stone.

At the same time, everyone was also surprised by Chen Xiang's strength. He was actually able to cause the golden armor and Bones on the head of the Armored crocodile to cave in.

Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a Qi approaching and immediately picked up the half of the corpse. He was afraid that Yu Zhen would suddenly come and take the other half.

"Yu Zhen is here!" Someone suddenly shouted.

Yu Zhen was dressed in a red robe and holding onto a fan. He was actually wearing a young and handsome face that was currently covered in a cold aura.

"Hmph, there is actually someone here slandering me, it was clearly you who stole the Armored crocodile I killed, do you still not know who I, Yu Zhen am? Would I do such a thing? " Yu Zhen was extremely calm. He thought that Chen Xiang came here because the news of the auction had spread far and wide. He never thought that Chen Xiang and Feng Wu had gone to look for the old man.

"But why would they lie?" Chen Xiang looked at the two elders. "Could it be that you guys are afraid?"

"They are them, I am me!" They just want to uphold the dignity of the Great Heaven School, so they were wrong to lie! " Yu Zhen took out a long sword. "And you, are the real bandit, the one who stole the Armored crocodile that I killed so hard!"

"To be able to easily cut a Armored crocodile into two and shatter its head with one stomp, do you think that's something very difficult?" Chen Xiang laughed lightly, then said loudly to everyone: "What do you guys think?"

Although Yu Zhen knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, he felt that this was their territory.

"I exhausted all of my Armored crocodile's power, and only succeeded after accumulating my energy for two strikes. Hurry up and return me back the half of the corpse and the golden armor you snatched away earlier, otherwise, don't blame my Great Heaven School for being impolite." Yu Zhen held onto the sword, releasing a strong burst of Spirit Power into it, causing it to tremble, and release a strong burst of Qi.

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