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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 319 - Is she gone forever? (2)

At that time, Zhao Zhe really had someone hand her a brush and paper so that she could paint. With her lips twitching, it took Ji Man a long time to explain that a blueprint wasn't a type of painting.

There was no one with the surname Nie anymore, so she was no longer a threat to Zhao Zhe. On the contrary, Zhao Zhe had repeatedly wanted to kill her because he thought she was too clever. But now, her intelligences could be used for his benefit. Why wouldn't Zhao Zhe accept her offer to help him?

Ji Man had been dressing as a man this entire time since it was much easier to do business this way. She had also especially purchased a very expensive face mask that looked just like human skin. The only problem was that it was difficult to put on and take off. Still, it was worth the cost, only Zhao Zhe knew her real identity. Everyone else had been fooled into thinking she was a man.

Anyhow, Ji Man really had returned to the capital to sell rice.

Right now, she wasn't an official, and Zhangjun was also a place that produced rice in abundance. And so, Ji Man continued doing her business while suggesting little ideas to Zhao Zhe. During this time, when there weren't turbulent changes, there was no need for her to do anything. She just needed to happily focus on selling rice. Right now, the titled princes were coming to pay respect to the emperor, so it was a good opportunity for her to expand her business to the capital.

She did have a faint desire to see how Ning Yuxuan had been living during the year she had been gone. If he had completely forgotten her, that wouldn't be good. It meant that she had overplayed her cards.

Smiling, Zhao Zhe asked, "Do you want the carriage to stop at Marquis Moyu's entrance for a little bit?"

The carriage had already entered the capital. As the carriage passed through the streets, some of the places still looked very familiar to her. Ji Man sniffled and shook her head. "No need. There will be other chances later."

There'll definitely be a more opportune day for them to meet again.


The carriage stopped in front of an inn. Right after Ji Man jumped down, she saw that Shen Youqing had arrived a little bit before them.

"Your Highness."

Shen Youqing showed a superficial smile as she accepted Ji Man's respectful greeting, then she turned around and entered the inn.

Ji Man thought that the princess consort was probably felling a bit angry because Zhangjun Prince would rather share a carriage with another man than her.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ji Man went to look for her own room. After putting away her luggage, she went out to make contact with the capital's grain retailer association.


Ning Yuxuan was holding Haohao and playfully teasing him. Xishi was by his side. She was wearing a soft green gauzy dress with her half of soft bosom exposed. Leaning against him, she said, "My lord, look. Haohao looks so much like you."

Xishi lowered her head. Holding onto his arm, she lightly rubbed against him. "Unfortunately, he wasn't born from the main wife, and now Liu-shi has become Madam. She must be feeling so dissatisfied that her son isn't the heir."

Haohao opened his eyes and blankly looked around.

Ning Yuxuan nodded. "Yes, the heir should be raised by the main wife."

Delighted, Xishi grasped his belt as she said, "Then... It's been so long. My lord, why won't you look at this servant?"

Holding Haohao, Ning Yuxuan seriously said, "Because you don't look as good as his biological mother.

The smile on Xishi's face stiffened. She paused for a long time before asking, "What did you say?"

"Haohao has reached the age where he should be learning how to talk," Marquis Moyu said as he stood up. "Since he's already old enough to have been weaned off milk, then he doesn't need you to care for him. I'll find a suitable scholar to come here to be his live-in tutor."

"My lord!" Panicking, Xishi stood up too. Grabbing his sleeve to stop him, she said, "What has this servant done wrong? Last time's quarrel with Madam was because she started it. She wanted to prick Haohao with a needle. This servant has been doing her best to protect Haohao. Why..."

"Hanyun doesn't have that type of temperament." Ning Yuxuan glanced at her and indifferently said, "I'll give you enough money to support you for the rest of your life. Haohao will be given to someone else to teach."

Xishi took a deep breath. "My lord, you can't turn your back on me after I helped you. I'm Haohao's..."

"You're not his real mother." Ning Yuxuan pushed her hand off his sleeve. "Take the things that you should take and go back to look at your own children. The carriage is already waiting for you outside."

It felt as if lightning had struck Xishi. Left feeling stunned, she continued to stand in the same spot. Marquis Moyu had already past the doorway while carrying Haohao.

Haohao had become increasingly clingy towards him. It was to the point where Ning Yuxuan would bring him along even when he was going to the Six Ministries to work. The sight of him wearing his dark blue official's attire while holding a baby attracted a lot of laughter from the other officials.

"It's about time for your mom to come home." He asked Haohao, "Do you miss her?"

Haohao just blankly looked at him while blowing little saliva bubbles. He twisted over, and his plump body nestled closer to Ning Yuxuan's chest.


Bringing along her proof of credentials, Ji Man was planning on going to the grain retailer association. She needed to get a permit before she could sell rice in the capital. However, when she had only reached halfway, a carriage horse actually got startled and was galloping towards her direction.

There was no scene of a hero saving a beauty this time. Heavily falling onto the ground to avoid being trampled by the horse, Ji Man's hands and legs were bloody from being rubbed against the ground.

"Sorry!" The wild horse was finally stopped, and the carriage driver jumped down. He walked to Ji Man's side and said, "Little brother, pardon me. Do you want me to take you to a nearby doctor?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Ji Man paused. When she raised her head, she saw Guibai's honest-looking face.

The passenger in the carriage had also come down. Clutching the carriage and not having fully recovered from her earlier panicky state, Xishi cried, "What have I done to deserve such bad karma?"

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