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Chapter 224: Massacre in the Spiritual Region!

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Lin Feng and Meng Qing flew as quickly as they could for half a day. When they arrived in the sky above the Spiritual Region, Lin Feng tried to contact Hu Ba. Hu Ba had been badly injured, but he had already retreated to the Beast Region with the remaining troops. Even though they had suffered a crushing defeat, many of them remained truly persistent.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was a bit relieved, but it didn't calm him down when it came to the Spiritual Region. He still wanted to annihilate them. Lin Feng would never forgive them for what they had done to the Snow Region, because the new leader of the Snow Region was his wife!

Because the Snow Region which was now controlled by Meng Qing had been destroyed, Lin Feng had decided he would slaughter every single person from the Spiritual Region, except people who didn't cultivate.

"Spiritual Region, you can only blame your leader for what's going to happen to you," snarled Lin Feng, smiling icily. He was holding his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, and threw it out. A terrifying sword Qi streaked across the sky of the Spiritual Region and bombarded it. A countless number of people screamed a final time. Lin Feng had just destroyed a small sect of the Spiritual Region in one sword strike!

Lin Feng and Meng Qing continued flying. They went to another sect and continued slaughtering people. With their combined strength, nobody could withstand their attacks.

Ten li, a hundred li, a thousand li, Lin Feng shed blood all around. Horrible screams rose unceasingly, followed by terrible silence.

Meng Qing's Qi was ice-cold. Lin Feng didn't know whether that change was good or bad, but Lin Feng assumed that it was because the Snow Region had been destroyed.


Lin Feng slaughtered all the small and big sects of the Spiritual Region. The news quickly spread around and finally, someone managed to report to Ling Tu Zi.

Ling Tu Zi and his fellows were celebrating happily when he finally heard the news. They were all drunk, but suddenly, Ling Tu Zi came back to his senses. He flew into a flaming rage and ordered everyone to go and kill Lin Feng!

After that, Ling Tu Zi begged the members of the mysterious sect to help, who agreed. Ling Tu Zi was overjoyed. Those strong cultivators rose up into the air and went to find Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing were still in the outer reaches of the Spiritual Region, slaughtering people. Blood kept dripping from his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword.

"Lin Feng, you must die today, otherwise hatred will conquer my heart!" shouted Ling Tu Zi in fury. He was holding his Pure Spiritual Spear as he flew towards Lin Feng.

"Hmph! I'm the one who's going to kill you today," replied, Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He flickered and raised his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. His sword was excited to fight against the Pure Spiritual Spear.

There was an explosion when the two weapons collided. Lin Feng flashed forwards and raised his sword again. Blood kept dripping as Lin Feng condensed brightness strength in and around it, using his full strength. He didn't waste time, he wanted to kill Ling Tu Zi as quickly as possible.

Ling Tu Zi sensed how scary Lin Feng's Qi was. Just two months before, Lin Feng's Qi wasn't that powerful. What had happened?

Ling Tu Zi realized Lin Feng had already broken through to the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He suddenly had a bad premonition.

However, it was too late to regret and retreat. Lin Feng could behead him at any time. Ling Tu Zi ground his teeth and clutched his spear, raising it and attacking again. The two weapons collided again.

Lin Feng's sword blocked the spear, but his brightness Qi gave him the advantage. He shouted furiously and attacked Ling Tu Zi again. Ling Tu Zi groaned with pain and fell from the sky.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, not giving Ling Tu Zi any chance to win. He jumped and kicked Ling Tu Zi with deadly force, slamming him away.

"Killing me is a bit difficult. Killing you is easy. Die, Ling Tu Zi! After what you did to the Snow Region and the Beast Region's army, you're dead to me. Hmph!" shouted Lin Feng angrilyy. He condensed as much brightness strength as he could into his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, and they surrounded Ling Tu Zi.

Many people in the Spiritual Region were astonished when they saw that. Their great and mighty leader was in danger!

Lin Feng looked like a peerless god of death as he brandished his sword again. Ling Tu Zi was doomed!

However, he didn't want to die, how could he be killed by Lin Feng so easily? Finally, Ling Tu Zi threw away his reservations and acted as he had to, to live!

He flashed forwards and threw himself at Lin Feng as if he were running amok. However, Lin Feng had a bad feeling at this action.

"Haha, Lin Feng, initially, I wanted to kill you during the Top-Class Great Competition, but I'll have to do it now, in the end!" shouted Ling Tu Zi, bursting into a strange and evil laughter. He took a purple pill out of his ring, and strange hum arose. Lin Feng sensed the Qi of the pill and suddenly understood.

"It's a forbidden pill!"

Lin Feng flashed backwards, grabbing Meng Qing and moving a thousand meters away from Ling Tu Zi. However, Ling Tu Zi had just taken a forbidden pill. A terrifying Qi exploded all around him and he suddenly gained the ability to reach Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Lin Feng shouted furiously and threw out his hands while releasing brightness strength. Meng Qing also released an ice-cold Qi. They joined hands to stop the Qi of the forbidden pill.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing could see Ling Tu Zi's bloodshot eyes. His whole body was surrounded by purple smoke, and he looked like a demon. Lin Feng could tell that it wasn't a real demon Qi, it was more bestial… but it wasn't a beast either. It was what a cultivator in a frenzy looked like, more precisely.

Ling Tu Zi slowly raised his head, strange symbols appearing in his bloodshot eyes. When Lin Feng looked at those eyes, he felt uncomfortable. He had the impression he was being influenced.

At that moment, an ice-cold Qi penetrated into his body. He looked back and saw Meng Qing smiling at him as he instantly regained control.

"It seems like he joined them," sighed Meng Qing when she saw Ling Tu Zi's change.

"Them, who?" asked Lin Feng.

"The Evil Soul Sect. They're the ones who destroyed the Snow Region. They have two sorts of people; evil spirits like Ling Tu Zi, and loose souls, who can't exist independently, they must conquer other people's bodies to exist. The two fake Sages you saw in the Snow Region were two souls from the Evil Soul Sect."

"Evil Soul Sect?"

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