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Chapter 188: Hu Ba

Edited by RED

Lin Feng left the Supranatural Region. However, this time, he traveled without any target destination in mind. He just wandered. However, he did have an important goal in mind: he wanted to become a Holy Spirit Emperor as quickly as possible.

He was in his shuttle, and didn't stop for ten days, heading farther and farther from the Supranatural Region. In front of him, there were only mountain ranges, and a lot of waterfalls.

Lin Feng didn't see any strong cultivators here. Actually, he saw nobody. He only saw an emerald forest, waterfalls, and green valleys.

Lin Feng didn't have the whole map of the Continent of the Gods, so he didn't know where he was. He found a cave with nobody inside.

The cave was simple and crude. There was only a big stone. Lin Feng used it as a bed to take a rest.

He gathered some firewood and made a fire in the cave, warming it nicely. At his cultivation level, Lin Feng could bear extreme temperatures, such as thousands and thousands of degrees under or above freezing. However, he was used to doing some things ordinary people did.

"I am not a Peerless Holy Emperor. I want to become a Holy Spirit Emperor, but it's not that easy. It mustn't be as simple as understanding Dao strength.

"It took the Silver Region's Godly Leader three hundred years to become a Holy Spirit Emperor, and our Godly Leader became one in less than two hundred years. He's more talented than the Silver Region's Godly Leader.

"But if I do like them, I'll have to wait for hundreds of years, do I want that?" wondered Lin Feng aloud, frowning. He was in a rush.

He didn't like spending too much time on one thing. He was patient, but his patience was limited.

Lin Feng was convinced that nobody was as brave and talented as him. However, it was useless to him these days. He almost felt dispirited. He didn't know where to start.

Lin Feng became so angry that he started releasing demon Qi. But then he remembered Meng Qing and calmed down.

No need for me to think too much. I should continue traveling and let nature take its course. I'll leave tomorrow, thought Lin Feng, shaking his head. Hee crossed his legs on the big stone and meditated.


It was dark outside. Some cold, fresh air from outside penetrated into the cave. It felt so good to breathe such fresh air.

Time passed. Lin Feng forgot about everything. He started enjoying the peace and tranquility there. It felt like being a part of nature, like water, or a tree.

Lin Feng forgot everything, he felt as if he were a part of that boundless emerald forest…

"Hello. You're a human being? Welcome. You must be from far away."

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard a sweet and fragile voice. It could be called bewitching, even.

Lin Feng could see a castle, all emerald green. It seemed like a fusion of the forest and the sea. There were many elves about it. Some of them looked like crystal balls.

Some of them had fish bodies and spat out multicolored bubbles. Lin Feng had the impression he was looking at a cartoon, and had to protect his mind. He realized he had lost control of his consciousness!

Lin Feng didn't want to see this cartoon, he was forced to!

"Human, welcome to the Beast Region," said the soft and gentle voice. Lin Feng was nervous… until he saw where that voice came from.

It was a thirty-centimeter little creature. It looked cute, like a water crystal, and was surrounded by bubbles. Its small mouth was red and adorable.

Lin Feng had never seen such a creature. He had seen demons, zombies, living corpses, but he had never seen such a creature.

"Why did you put my consciousness in this thing?" asked Lin Feng calmly. The elf didn't seem like it wanted to hurt him, but he remained vigilant.

The elf was a bit surprised, it waved and said gently, "Because you came into my consciousness."

"Uhhh… I came into your consciousness?" Lin Feng didn't understand. When had he…? Could it be that…?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng glanced around. He suddenly understood something.

"Human, why do you have two hands?" asked the elf. She had four hands, all waving at him.

"Uhhh… Because I am a human?" replied Lin Feng simply. He wanted to take back control over his consciousness and leave this place.

"Why is your heartbeat accelerating, human? My grandpa says that when children worry, they can't become stronger. It's a simple concept, but you don't understand it, you're stupid! Hehe!" said the elf when she saw Lin Feng looked worried. She then giggled mockingly. She didn't mean it in a bad way, she was just joking. However, in Lin Feng's opinion, she was a harsh critic.

Indeed, why was he nervous? Was he afraid he'd never become a Holy Spirit Emperor? Was he worried about his loved ones and friends? Was he afraid about his future in terms of cultivation?

Back in Xue Yue, he was a tiny little cultivator of the Qi layer, then he had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds and had managed to come to the Continent of the Gods. Now he was a Peerless Holy Emperor, he was already considered as a strong cultivator here.

Why was he worried? Becoming stronger wasn't something which happened suddenly, it was a step-by-step process. Why was he nervous?

Lin Feng meditated. A battle started in his thoughts, of ideas and concepts.

Then he heard the elf's gentle and soft voice again. "My name is Hu Ba. What's your name, human?"

Author's Note: I know that elves are popular, so I decided to introduce Hu Ba. I thought it'd be fun to introduce an elf in PMG. I don't want to focus on cultivation levels the whole time, it's a bit puerile to do that. Continue reading carefully and let yourself drown in the story. You will learn everything you need to in time.

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