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Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Miss Venom’s Advances .


Looking at the closed door in front of her, Su Li’s eyes widened in astonishment . She was rejected?  She was the one who took the initiative to ask but got rejected, this … was really unthinkable . How many men dreamt of being favored by her?  Even if it was only a glance or a smile, they would cherish it . However, this rule was not applicable to the man inside the room .

She raised her hand to press the doorbell again . She actually had many things to ask . For example, during today’s interview in Huayao Group, she was very curious and wanted to know whether Xiao Luo really knew so many foreign languages . She hesitated and eventually gave up . She put her hand down then turned around and walked back to her apartment .



Xiao Luo immediately entered meditation after returning to his room . The strength of the beggar should not be underestimated . His kick caused Xiao Luo a lot of internal injuries . Since he didn’t want to waste the healing power of the system by consuming points, he could only recover through meditation . This was also the main reason why he didn’t promise to teach Su Li how to make green vegetables and taro paste .

In addition, it wasn’t long ago that he threw Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguard into the public toilet to have a ‘full meal’ .   Although he didn’t touch any of them, that disgusting smell lingered in his senses and mind . This was really not a good time to teach cooking .

All of a sudden, a strange fragrance drifted gently…

Xiao Luo sniffed and suddenly opened his eyes . He withdrew from meditation .

Just then, a black figure swept in the bedroom, just like a black lightning, the figure hit his precise acupuncture points .   Xiao Luo only felt his whole body stiffen, his limbs couldn’t move .

“Mie, you are mine!”

A sweet and charming voice sounded, and a woman walked from behind Xiao Luo, folding her slender waist as she took small steps . Her eyes were like spring water, clear . A jade dragon and phoenix hairpin was obliquely inserted in her black hair, and her fragrance was charming and tender, just like a rose in full bloom in the snow . Her charm was incomparably enchanting, especially her eyes, they seemed to have ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings hidden within .

She looked like an ancient beautiful woman who walked out of a painting!

“Miss Venom, what are you doing?”  Xiao Luo coldly stared at her .

“As I said, we are a perfect match . ”

Miss Venom suddenly bent down, and her red lips met Xiao Luo’s like a dragonfly skimming the water . Then she smiled, “I want to taste the taste of a man . Tonight, let’s enter our bridal chamber . ”

A slight blush appeared on her cheek, which made her look particularly charming and enchanting under the light . Her voice was deeply alluring, especially when she bit her lips lightly like an invitation for people to devour her .

Xiao Luo was stunned and immediately refused, “Find someone else . I have no interest in you . ”

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“But other men are nothing to me . I only want you . ”

Miss Venom held Xiao Luo’s face with her hands . Exerting a little force, she squeezed Xiao Luo’s face as if he was a child .

How could he, a man, allow a woman to hold his face like a child?  Xiao Luo’s eyes were cold as he said, “Get your hands off me . ”

“Mie, I hope you know your current situation . You are my prey . I can do whatever I want to do . Don’t blame me for this, this type of feeling can also be cultivated slowly .   However,I don’t have any tasks recently . Therefore, I will come everyday to start cultivating our feelings . ”

Miss Venom’s voice was very sweet, it was the kind of sweetness that could make a man soft to the bones . After saying this sentence, she forcibly kissed Xiao Luo . She closed her eyes, pried Xiao Luo’s jaws open, and then ‘stirred’ it into a mess with her wet and moist tongue .

Xiao Luo’s eyes became as big as the moon . He did not think that Miss Venom would be so bold . Although he had resistance to her poison and this kind of feeling was quite wonderful, no matter how he felt, he was being molested! His hands and feet couldn’t move, so he used his last bit of strength to bite .


Immersed in the state of kissing a man, Miss Venom suddenly woke up from it, stood up and covered her mouths . Xiao Luo bit her, which was too painful . She immediately showed her brutal nature .

“I will kill you!”

Miss Venom raised her right palm towards XiaoLuo but when she met Xiao Luo’s eyes, she immediately got rid of the idea . Her right hand dropped back down, and she stared at Xiao Luo unflinchingly .

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“Miss Venom, you and I work together at the NSA . I don’t want any friction between us . Sorry but I can’t accommodate your request . If you really want to taste the taste of men, I can introduce you to a few, I can absolutely guarantee your satisfaction . ”  Xiao Luo said coldly .

“I said that I only want you . ”

She then said solemnly, “Just now it was my first kiss . Whether you admit it or not, it was given to you, so you must be responsible to me . ”

I ~!  a##¥%&……

Xiao Luo’s heart was shaken . How is he responsible? Do women love to pull this stunt?

He said firmly, “Then you should die as soon as possible . ”

“You …”

Although she said that she wanted to slowly cultivate her feelings with Xiao Luo, he had really set off her temper after saying such an answer . She hated it and acted like a jealous woman . “Your wife is Su Li, the popular star who lives next door . She is very beautiful . Even I will envy her beauty, but she shouldn’t have the man I want, so she must die!”

“You can try!”

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Xiao Luo’s eyes turned scarlet, his body put off a strong murderous aura .

Miss Venom was really jealous now . Her chest heaved up and down in anger .   “If you enter the bridal chamber with me, I will not touch her . ”

Xiao Luo was really on fire now . There are so many men in the world . Why did you choose me? Not to mention that he was now Su Li’s nominal husband, even if he was single, he would not have sex with a woman so easily, let alone a woman with toxic poison all over her body .

Miss Venom saw the determination on Xiao Luo’s face but did not care so much . She wanted this man .

“I don’t believe you can move!”

She took off her clothes until she was only in her undergarment and threw herself at Xiao Luo .

Her lithe and graceful figure carried a charming fragrance . She didn’t have any experience, she just learned from the men and women on TV, so she constantly kissed Xiao Luo’s neck, chest, etc . And at the same time, she began to tear off Xiao Luo’s clothes .

This crazy woman!

Xiao Luo frowned deeply . He really did not dare to imagine that Miss Venom would use force against him . He had heard about women forcing men (rape) before but he only laughed it off . Now however, he was experiencing it himself! It was also still ongoing . In Zhang Dashan’s words, “love from a thief” .

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