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Published at 12th of October 2020 12:18:21 PM
Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Crazy Woman .


‘Rip~ Rip~’

Xiao Luo’s clothes were torn off by Miss Venom . His body wasn’t buff, but it was extremely beautiful and had clear muscle lines .

“Miss Venom, are you sure you want to continue?”

Xiao Luo gave her an ultimatum . After all, he was a man with normal body function . If he was being provoked constantly and incessantly, of course, he would have a physiological reaction . In the first place, Miss Venom wasn’t ugly, and one could say that she was very beautiful . A top beauty of this world, so how could one not be tempted? But, he was not willing to be forced by a woman, he didn’t have such kink .

“We are a match made in heaven . If you are Adam created by God, then I am Eve . Mie, our fate is predestined . Stop resisting . ”

Miss Venom was like an orchid, her cheeks were flushed . She used her own skin to rub against Xiao Luo . She also kissed Xiao Luo everywhere . She tried her best to tempt him .


Xiao Luo’s heart scolded . He concentrated in breaking the seal in his acupuncture points .

Miss Venom wrapped around him like a beautiful snake . She gently slid down and stretched out her hand to untie the belt around his waist .


Just then, the acupuncture points sealed by Miss Venom were finally broken by Xiao Luo, and internal force burst out like waves from Xiao Luo . Miss Venom had no protection at all and was directly thrown off, she smashed on the solid floor in the hall . With a “poof” sound, she spat out a mouthful of blood .

She looked intently at Xiao Luo who had stood up and was looking at her .

“You … you actually broke free …”

Miss Venom looked at Xiao Luo with disbelief . She tried her best at sealing him . She even did an experiment once to a martial arts practitioner . The result was, the person was burned alive because he could not move . This was enough to show that her acupuncture was a very effective method to trap the enemy rather than binding them with ropes . But Xiao Luo actually broke free and in such a short time . Such a thing that subverted her cognition .

Xiao Luo came to her like a phantom . His face was full of banter and ridicule . Then he kicked her in the abdomen .

‘Peng ~’

Accompanied by a rumbling sound, Miss Venom abruptly slid three meters away . She only stopped after colliding against the wall of the hall . The pain in her abdomen made her twist her beautiful face slightly .

Xiao Luo approached her and stared at her coldly from a high position, “This is a small punishment for your sneak attack on me . If there is another attack, I will kill you!”

His murderous look materialized, it pervaded from his eyes . It made Miss Venom fearful .

Miss Venom struggled to stand up from the ground . There was a trace of blood on her mouth that made her look a little pitiful, “Mie, if I attack you again, will you really kill me?”

“You can try . ”  Xiao Luo coldly replied .

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Miss Venom could not say how sad she was .   When she saw this man at the NSA headquarters, she instantly fell in love at first sight .   But Xiao Luo was so cruel to her . Even if she was NSA’s fearsome Miss Venom, her heart was still deeply hurt . She was just an ordinary girl when it came to feelings .

“I will not try . ”

Miss Venom said sadly, she put on her clothes and prepared to leave .

“I warn you not to do anything to hurt Su Li, otherwise I will not let you go!”

When she walked to the door, Xiao Luo’s indifferent words sounded out from behind her . Miss Venom’s heart was once again struck down . She was like a little girl in love showing her love to the boy she liked, but what she got in return was the boy’s refusal and warning .

She turned around and said bitterly, “Mie, we are all NSA members . Do you think I will kill innocent people indiscriminately?”

Xiao Luo was stunned and looked in her eyes .   He suddenly felt as if he had done something wrong . His eyes immediately softened and became gentle . When he looked at the door again, he only saw the door was left ajar, Miss Venom had already left .   But her fragrance still lingered in the air .

“Crazy woman!”

At the sight of the mess on the ground, Xiao Luo shook his head and sighed, he went over to close the door .

Having just learned the lesson of getting sneak attacked, he would not meditate anymore . He would just let this internal injury recover slowly . He went into the bathroom and turned on the tap, then proceeded to wash his whole body . Through the mirror, he would see that there were several hickeys on his neck and lipstick on his face .

He was depressed, extremely depressed, he almost got raped by a woman…

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At this moment, his phone on the bathroom sink rang . He glanced at it, and saw that it was from Zhang Dashan . He turned off the shower and answered it .

“Lao Xiao, what’s with the situation today, you fired a store manager named Li Yueze but re-employed him? What game are you playing?”  Zhang Dashan’s big voice sounded .

Xiao Luo was already depressed so when he heard this, he immediately answered with sourness, “With your IQ, even if I explain it, you won’t get it . ”

“We haven’t spoken for so long and it’s not easy to make a phone call during these busy times . Why are you insulting me? What are you doing? Did you get raped by a woman?”  Zhang Dashan was ‘hurt’ .

This was originally a joke, but even though the speaker had no ill intention, the listener literally had just gone through such experienced . He was indeed almost raped by a woman .

Xiao Luo’s face turned red and shouted, “F*ck off!”

He then hung up the phone without hesitation . If Zhang Dashan was in front of him now, there was no doubt that Xiao Luo would kick him .

In Jiang City, Zhang Dashan looked at the phone in astonishment . He grabbed the back of his head and said to himself, “Love from a thief . Did Lao Xiao eat some?”



Early morning of the next day, Xiao Luo went to Su Li’s apartment with Su Bei, who came to call him for breakfast, in his arms .

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Su Li didn’t eat yet and waited for him to come .

“Didn’t you say you wanted to learn how to make green vegetables and taro paste yesterday?”  Xiao Luo put Su Bei in her position and walked over to Su Li with a dry cough .

Su Li raised her head and glanced at him with her beautiful eyes, “It’s morning . ”

The problem was that the dish should be cooked at noon or at night . But now it was breakfast time .

Xiao Luo shook his head, “Green vegetables and taro paste were originally eaten in the morning, which is perfect with steamed eggs, soy sauce and chili . ”

“And eat it with milk and bread?”  Su Li was doubtful .

“No, it’s served with rice . ”  Xiao Luo said .

Su Li looked at him as if he was a monster, “Do you eat rice for breakfast?”

It was the first time in her life that she had heard that rice was eaten for breakfast .

“In my hometown, breakfast was rice . ”

Xiao Luo nodded and said in a positive tone, he didn’t lie to her . The breakfast at home was rice, he seldom ate bread or noodles . Especially when he was young . Since there were not many breakfast shops in the rural market, his grandparents would get up early every day to cook and stir-fry . What he ate the most was green vegetables, taro paste and steamed eggs .

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