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Published at 14th of September 2020 10:52:38 AM
Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Aso Family .


“My daughter!”

The middle-aged man anxiously roared as he dashed towards Wang Tangyun . He knelt on the ground and took off his clothes to cover her bloody arm .

At this time, the ambulance arrived, and the medical staff rushed in with stretchers in a panic . They looked at the scene, then at each other . In their hearts, didn’t you say there was only one guy with a broken right leg, why were there two seriously injured?  Also, the injured woman actually had a broken arm . What happened here?

“Save my daughter!”

The middle-aged man cried to the medical staff in indignation .

“Yes, we’ll save her right away . ”

Wang Tanyun was hurt the most and lost too much blood . If they did not save her right now, there would be no guarantee that she would live . The medical staff knew which was the most critical . Due to the limited number of stretchers, they made the decision of saving Wang Tanyun first .

Soon after, the medical staff hurriedly carried Wang Tanyun out on the stretcher, and put her in the ambulance .   Next was Guo Qinghe, but Guo Qinghe refused . Thereafter, it was Liu Fei, who had fainted, was resuscitated . However, the ambulance could only carry a maximum of two injured people . The medical staff called for another ambulance to Nebula Sword Pavilion .   Then they rushed away with the injured .

After Wang Tanyun was sent away, the middle-aged man pulled out Guo Qinghe’s western sword from the wall .

“Who did it?”  The middle-aged man growled in crude Chinese .   His words were filled with fury .

“It’s him . He did all this!”  Guo Qinghe angrily pointed toward Xiao Luo . He was so anxious that he teared up .

“Good, good .   Very good!”

The middle-aged man’s face was grim .   He stared at Xiao Luo with a murderous look in his eyes . “If you break one arm of my daughter, I’ll cut off all your limbs . ”

With both hands tightly holding the hilt of the western sword . He entered a combative state .

Xiao Luo glanced at him off-handedly, “You are not my opponent . ”


The middle-aged man was so angry that the veins stood out on his forehead . “Don’t try to be mysterious .   No matter who you are, I will definitely make you pay a painful price today!”

After saying this, he exploded with a roar, and then like a tiger out of its cage, he attacked Xiao Luo . The wooden floor cracked under his feet .

After the rushing five steps, he leaped high and swung the sword, attempting to chop off Xiao Luo .

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This was definitely a sword that was extremely overbearing!

Instead of being conceited and confronting it head on, Xiao Luo dodge .   The man’s internal force was powerful . The breath of the sword in his hand was quite different from Guo Qinghe’s . The former was cold and sharp, like a magic weapon showing dazzling light, while the latter was bleak and non-threatening .

This sword was chopped directly on the floor where Xiao Luo was previously standing . They only heard a loud noise “bang” and countless dust particles spread all around and filled the air . When the fog dispersed, a three-meter long crack appeared on the floor, like a wound on a human body .   A total shock! The lingering influence of the firm impact still reverberated gently throughout Kendo Hall .

Su Canye was stunned .   He thought that if this sword were to hit a person, wouldn’t he be split in two?

Thinking of this, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty . He broke out in cold sweat . The hall owner was indeed a sword master . A while ago, he remembered him introducing them to a long-standing sword style, this was it .

The students were also shocked . What they saw and heard today were all things that subverted their cognition .

However, Guo Qinghe grinned with excitement and shouted at Aso Liu, “Master, cut off his limbs and avenge Xiao Yun!”

He couldn’t wait to see Xiao Luo’s limbs cut off . His psychological state was now twisted to the extreme .

Xiao Luo’s looked at the crack on the ground, which was cut out by the so called firm but gentle sword move . That was to say, the middle-aged man had reached the highest level of the sword skill . His vigorous internal force integrated with the western sword and expelled as the sword performed the move .   Thus, it formed an indestructible firmness amidst gentleness, called the ‘Sword Move’ . When this move reached the highest level, its range of attack could reach up to 30 meters . It was like the sword move one would read in Martial novels .

“Give me your life!”

Aso Liu ferociously attacked for the second time .

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His left foot suddenly stomped to the ground and his body turned into a flash . Using the momentum to increase his strength, he flashed forward .   The sword in his hand whirled with unparalleled force .

Xiao Luo’s steps were elegant and nimble . He was moving like a dragonfly skimming the waters . After retreating two paces, his body writhed backward . He bent down, and held the katana in his hand that Aso dropped on the ground during his grieve .


The katana was unsheathed, drawing forth a gleaming and cold light .

Xiao Luo held it in his hand and saw the word “Aso” engraved on the hilt . He couldn’t help laughing and spoke in very fluent and standard Japanese, “Aso family?  It seems that you have some fame in your island country . ”

“Our Aso family is a royal family!”

Aso Liu proudly said, at the same time, he was also angry . Holding the sword with one hand, he swept forward . Although the sword’s tip was broken, when it rubbed against the ground, it made harsh scratching sounds with sparks flying . The fierce blade chopped again .


The fierce collision between the Western Sword and katana shook the eardrums of the people present . Two powerful forces swept across both sides . Both Xiao Luo and Aso Liu stepped back to stabilize themselves . The wooden floor cracked under their steps .

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Aso Liu was stunned by Xiao Luo’s strength . After a short pause, he roared and continued to attack, aiming for Xiao Luo’s head .

“Dangdang ~”

Metallic ringing sounded out as the two weapons collided . Aso Liu’s sword was increasing in speed and becoming more and more fierce . He chopped, swung, stabbed and slashed . All kinds of moves were used . In a short period of time, he and Xiao Luo had already exchanged fifty to sixty moves .

“The sword pierces the heart!”

Aso Liu suddenly stormed up, accompanied by a loud tiger-like roar, the sword went straight toward Xiao Luo’s chest .

Xiao Luo used the katana to block the fierce attack of the sword, abruptly cutting it off .   However, Aso Liu didn’t stop there as he sent a roundhouse kick toward Xiao Luo’s neck . Xiao Luo’s pupil shrunk, using his left arm to block .


Two strong collisions generated a dull explosion .

Xiao Luo’s body slid out three meters before stopping . Aso Liu was also panting at this time . It seemed that this move cost him too much internal energy that he needed to temporarily stop .

The spectators looked at each other with horror, because the whole Kendo Hall was shaken due to this fight . It seemed like it could collapse at any time . The ‘Sword Will’ made a mess of the floor, with cracks all over .

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