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Chapter 316

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the ability of a pilot . Consumed 800 points!”

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Just when there was a panic in the cabin, Xiao Luo immediately spent 800 points in exchange for the ability of a pilot . He shook his head and dragged out the original pilot, it was unknown whether he was alive or dead . He then sat himself in the pilot seat, put his hand on the joystick, and controlled the plane to fly out of the thunderclouds .

Tan Ning Fu was the first to see this scene . After feeling slightly surprised, she informed the chief flight attendant of this situation .

The chief flight attendant, and also other flight attendants, crew staff, and passengers near the cockpit door slowly widened their eyes when they saw Xiao Luo sitting in the pilot seat to control the plane .

“What are you doing here, brother?!”

Wang Yanzu couldn’t help but let out a loud exclamation . Being knowledgeable in the medicine field was understandable; doctors were very common in life after all . But knowing how to fly a plane was a bit of an international joke . He immediately panicked, “This is not a toy plane, nor is it driving . Brother, don’t do it . Flying it is akin to killing people!”

He didn’t believe that Xiao Luo knew how to fly a plane at all . Many people did not even dare to sit in the pilot’s seat . Steel machinery with a very high operating difficulty coefficient, such as an airplane, would be deadly in a disorderly operation . He was afraid that Xiao Luo would make such few blind moves and the plane would crash immediately .

“Hey, don’t fly it if you don’t know how to . ”

“Stop now, don’t kill us . ”

“Chief flight attendant, stop him and don’t let him move . ”

The other passengers came back to their senses in succession . They were all shocked by Xiao Luo’s actions . Obviously, they and Wang Yanzu had the same idea . They thought that Xiao Luo did not know how to fly a plane . If he did not know but would sit and press buttons randomly, it was simply challenging their psychological endurance .

“Crack ~”

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Outside a flash of lightning appeared not far from the plane, like a huge salamander that spread hundreds of miles . Fortunately, the direction of the spread was not towards the plane, otherwise at this moment the plane would definitely crash . But the quantity of lightning increased and swept through like waves . The whole plane shook violently, the people on board staggered, unable to maintain stability .

“He must have touched the wrong button, stop him, don’t let him continue to fool around . ”

“Someone stop him, stop him now!”

“Bastard, if I die, I will not let you go even if I am a ghost . ”

The passengers were angry with fear and were out of control due to anger . They all thought it was caused by Xiao Luo’s disorderly control of the plane . They wanted to rush to stop Xiao Luo, but the plane was experiencing heavy turbulence . They couldn’t even rush into the cockpit .

Xiao Luo ignored their bristle . He stretched out his hand and pressed several buttons that everyone could not understand . Then he pushed the throttle of the plane . This was the power combination button of the plane . When he pushed the throttle of the plane, its speed soared immediately, rushing out of the thunderclouds .

“Faster, faster!”

Xiao Luo could not continue to stay in the dark thunderclouds, otherwise, sooner or later, lightning would hit the plane and destroy it .

One kilometer, five hundred meters, three hundred meters …

At last, the plane was approaching the outer edge of the thunderclouds .

“Whoossh ~”

The dark clouds dispersed and the plane, like a dragon, went out to the sea and rushed out of danger .

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The plane finally settled down smoothly . The cabin was in disorder . The passengers inside seemed to have suffered an earthquake . They slowly climbed up one by one from a state of stagger . Some people have found that they have left the thunderclouds and can no longer see the harsh and frightening lightning .

“Come out, we … we’ve escaped!” Someone said in a trembling voice .

“Yes, we have left the devils zone . ”

“We’re saved . We don’t have to die . ”

“Ha, ha, ha …”

For a moment, everyone in the cabin cheered, hugged and wept with joy .

“Mr . Xiao, you really know how to fly a plane!”

Tan Ning Fu was the first to run into the cockpit, unable to suppress the joy on her face .

However, Xiao Luo looked solemn and did not reply to her words, because the connection between the plane and the ground control room was cut off and could not be restored . In other words, the plane was really blind as Cui Jihou said . If the plane could not reach the airport, it could not land . If the fuel ran out, it was still a dead end waiting for them .

What should I do?

What should I do?

He frowned deeply and couldn’t help cursing in his heart . He got caught up with this kind of thing on his first flight . Who would be in a good mood?

“Cheer, just continue to cheer, either way the plane can’t reach the airport anyways . If not hit by lightning, sooner or later, the plane will crash because of fuel depletion . The result is still the same, everyone will go to see god, ha ha ha ……”

Lao Cui’s face was covered with blood . With this smile, his face looked ferocious and horrible, which made people panic .

His remarks suddenly made everyone’s mood drop from the peak of joy to the bottom of the valley, especially the cabin crew who knew the current situation very well, with white and bloodless complexions and dim eyes .

“Fart, don’t believe him . My brother knows how to fly a plane and can definitely make it land safely . ”

Wang Yanzu tried hard to convince himself and others, and then greeted Lao Cui in the face with one punch .

Lao Cui just smiled with a little pity and sympathy in his eyes, “Everything will be over . Let’s throw ourselves into the arms of God . ”

“Throw yourself into your mother’s arms, you bastard!”

“Kill that prick, don’t drag us to death . ”

“Kill that bastard!”

Angry male passengers rushed up and beat Lao Cui to death .

Xiao Luo was upset by the noise, he turned his head and gave them a shout from inside the cabin, “Shut it!!”

He now had the supreme authority, so with his voice and shout, the people got a fright, and listened to Xiao Luo as they obediently returned to their respective seats and sat down .

Xiao Luo said, “Chief attendant!”

“Mr Xiao . ” The flight attendant bowed slightly .

“Calm down the passengers, let them fasten their seat belts and not leave their seats . In addition, keep an eye on the deputy pilot and don’t let him move . ” Xiao Luo instructed .

“Yes . ”

The flight attendant turned and left to carry out the orders given to her by Xiao Luo .

At this moment, Xiao Luo was acquiesced to be the top commander on this plane .

Xiao Luo looked at Tan Ning Fu and asked, “Miss Tan, right?”

“Mr . Xiao, if you have anything to say, I will do my best to help you . ” Tan Ning Fu replied .

“You cooperate with me in the co-pilot position . ”

“Ah? Am I … am I going to fly the plane?” Tan Ning Fu got a fright . She is only a small flight attendant . How can she fly a plane?

“I’ll tell you how to do it . ”

Xiao Luo said in a tone that no one should disobey, landing required two people to operate, of course, if he had four hands, he would not need Tan Ning Fu’s cooperation .

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