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Chapter 300

Xiao Luo’s vision was very vast . He aimed for the route of an estate and more on a resort . He planned to make use of the 1,000-mu¹ farm as a whole . In addition to setting up some leisure projects, he has to build basketball courts, badminton courts, swimming pools and hotels for accommodation… It is a completely new transformation for the farm .

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[TN¹: mu/mou: 1 mu/mou=7175 . 94; 1,000mu = 7,175,940 . 27sq . ft . ]

Of course, this resort still needed to be managed by his father Xiao Zhiyuan . He didn’t want to be tied down by this fixed asset too much . He was responsible for investment and planning, but Xiao Zhiyuan would oversee the reconstruction, operation and later publicity .

Xiao Zhiyuan also modestly took out his notebook at this time and wrote down Xiao Luo’s ideas one by one . It was indeed much better than his current model . Profits were no longer coming from selling all kinds of livestock, instead it was based on services .

“I have roughly estimated that the total investment should be around 8 million . If the operation is good, it will be able to return its original capital in three quarters and make a formal profit in the fourth quarter . That is to say, the resort will start to make profits by the end of the next year of its operation . ”

Xiao Luo had made some efforts in this respect . After all, it was related to the life of his parents . He couldn’t let his parents stay the same . He was busy all year round and had no time to rest . He would only renovate the farm into a resort . His parents were still the real owners . After the resort operation was completely stabilized, his parents would not have to always be so tired and can travel around to see the world .

“In terms of recruitment, each project must have a person in charge, as well as a hotel manager, chef, logistics, security, etc . Dad, the farm (future resort) is your dream . You are responsible for all these . I will not participate . ”

Xiao Zhiyuan nodded . Suddenly he was full of energy, “Don’t worry, many boys in Luo Village don’t want to work outside . When the resort is built, they will all be recruited to work . ”

Xiao Luo’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, “Dad, we are creating a career, not doing charity . Although we are all members of the same family, we can’t recruit without any requirements . We have to recruit according to the three conditions of pragmatism, sureness and willingness to bear hardships . ”

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Although this sentence seemed very unreasonable, it was logical . Xiao Zhiyuan also returned to reality from his beautiful fantasy . If the people recruited were lazy and did not have a common belief, they would only muddle through everyday . For the future resort, it would definitely be more harmful than good .

“By the way, you beat up Xiao Qiu . Even if his family is going to make a scene with you, endure it and don’t argue with them . ” Having said that, Xiao Zhiyuan turned the topic to what happened today .

“I will try my best . ”

Xiao Luo took a deep breath, and if he could, he really didn’t want to stand in opposition to Xiao Qiu’s parents .

When he was a child, he had a good relationship with Xiao Qiu . He used to go visit Xiao Qiu’s house often . Xiao Qiu’s parents were very kind to him . When he left, they often stuffed snacks into his trouser pockets . Now because of Xiao Qiu, the relationship between the two families broke down . To tell the truth, he couldn’t think how to face the two elders .

Xiao Zhiyuan didn’t say much, his son grew up, he needed to go out and experience a lot of things . He could not let his son live under his wings forever, that was not love, it would only harm his son . He decided that from childhood to adulthood he would only provide reference opinions for Xiao Lou, and would never arrange everything for Xiao Luo, everyone had his own way to go, had their own dreams to complete, even parents also had no right to control them .



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Hua Heying and Ji Siying talked for a long time . Before returning to the farm, she took out a jade bracelet handed down from generations of ancestors from a secret corner of the home and gave it to Ji Siying; she had decided that Ji Siying was the daughter-in-law .

This made Ji Siying startled as she hurriedly rushed to take it off .

Xiao Luo also echoed aloud, saying it was too early to send the jade bracelet, but Hua Heying’s attitude on this matter was very firm, plus his grandparents and father agreed with her . The ancestral jade bracelet was finally worn on Ji Siying’s wrist .

“Mr . Xiao Luo, this …”

On the second floor hallway, only Xiao Luo and Ji Siying were left . Ji Siying felt uneasy and wanted to return the jade bracelet to Xiao Luo . She wasn’t really his girlfriend, all was fake and under pretense . Even if it was true, she also couldn’t accept such valuable gift .

“Wear it first . ”

Xiao Luo was very contradictory . Although the jade bracelet was not worth much money, it was of great significance . It was handed down from the generation of Taimaster . At that time, gold and silver jewelry was sold as the family was in a decline . Only this jade bracelet was left . It was handed down from generation to generation and could be said to be an ancestral heirloom .

If he gave it back to his parents, how should he answer them? If he didn’t return it, what now? Ji Siying was not his real girlfriend, since it was a family heirloom, of course, he would need to give it to his future wife .

“Give it back to me when we leave Luo Village after the year . ”

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Xiao Luo added, “During this period of time, you will help our family take good care of it . ”

“Yes . ”

Ji Siying nodded heavily .

“Luo Zi, Luo Zi …”

Under the building, there was a cry from Xiao Ping .

Xiao Luo went to the window and said, “Brother Ping, what’s the matter?”

“Luo Zi, come to my house . My parents have something to say to you . ” Xiao Ping said .

Have something to say to me?

Xiao Luo was a bit suspicious, leaving Ji Siying, he put on his shoes and went downstairs .

He didn’t know what it was until he arrived at Xiao Ping’s house . Aunt Tao Xiu and Uncle Youfu were expressing their thanks to him . Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop them as they knelt on the ground and kowtow to him . Their emotions were out of control . Xiao Ping’s business failed and the debt of 200,000 yuan was a big blow to the family . In their eyes, Xiao Luo was a timely help and was their benefactor .

Xiao Luo couldn’t tell whether it was good or bad, he spent a long while to comfort the two people’s mood . Finally, he hurriedly ran home, as he really could not afford this way of thanks .

When he pushed open the door of his room …

“Ah ~”

A clear and crisp voice of panic spread to his ears, when he fiercely looked up, Xiao Luo immediately froze .

Ji Siying went to his room to take a bath, and it was just the moment she had just finished taking a bath and opened the door of the bathroom . Her whole body did not have an inch of fat and her black and glossy hair hung down at her waist .

Even with Xiao Luo’s superior concentration and control . At the moment, he also felt that there was a rush from the sky covering all over his body . It was so tempting and beautiful .

He didn’t say a word, and immediately closed the door . At the same time, he hurriedly checked to see if he was in the wrong room, but this was clearly his room, why was Ji Siying taking a bath in his room? Her room also came with a bathroom . What’s with this?

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