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Chapter 295

Xiao Luo saw the worry in Xiao Ping’s heart and smiled calmly, “Don’t worry, it’s my own money . Please give me your card number . ”

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Although Luo Village was very remote, there are still 3G network signals and mobile banking transfer was completely feasible .

“This …”

Xiao Ping hesitantly took out his bank card from his pocket . He was originally looking for Xiao Qiu to borrow money today . His bank card had always been with him . After all, 120,000 yuan was not a small sum, so he couldn’t keep any cash on him and would have to transfer it directly .

Xiao Luo entered his card number and account name with a smile and soon completed the 120,000 yuan transfer formalities .

Xiao Ping’s bank card was equipped with a balance change SMS alert notification feature . When 120,000 yuan was received, his mobile phone immediately received the message . Looking at the 120,000 yuan in the SMS, his eyes were slightly moist, “Luo Zi, did you lend me the money for daughter-in-law? If so, I … ”

“Brother Ping, you think too much . I have enough money to marry!”

Xiao Luo lightly interrupted with a smile, he finally knew the reasons why Xiao Ping didn’t speak to him . First, it was because Xiao Ping thought he didn’t earn money as easy as Xiao Qiu; second, was because he had not married yet, marrying in the countryside needed at least one hundred and fifty thousand, Xiao Ping must be considering these two issues, thus he didn’t ask to borrow money .

“You didn’t lie to me?”

Xiao Ping was a little skeptical, he was afraid of Xiao Luo lying to him .

“He didn’t lie to you!”

Ji Siying also walked up, her lips slightly red . “You can take it to pay off your debts . It doesn’t matter . ”

Only then did Xiao Ping put down his heart and nodded repeatedly, “Thank you, Luo Zi . In this way, I’ll write you an IOU . ”

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Xiao Luo stopped him with one simple word and patted him on the shoulder . “We don’t pay attention to these things . ”

“Yes, yes, Xiao Ping, since Xiao Luo has said so, you should stop making those false statements . Besides, since so many of us can testify, are you still afraid that you will default?” Xiao Dechang laughed .

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help laughing .

“Luo Zi, good brother!”

Xiao Ping and Xiao Luo shared a hug between brothers .

The whole crowd was filled with an air of joy . Only Xiao Qiu was left out and no one looked at him . It was as if he did not exist . His face turned red and he felt like shit . It was superfluous standing there . Everyone’s happy laughter seemed to be mocking him .

“Xiao Luo, why are you against me?”

He became angry from embarrassment, He picked up a wooden stick placed in front of the door, rebuked and whipped towards Xiao Luo’s head .

He completely lost his cool, he used up all his strength, the stick struck Xiao Luo’s head, “p cha” it immediately broke into two pieces .

It was over!

Ji Siying said inwardly, she knew what kind of person Xiao Luo was . This was a living beast in human skin, the stick would just make the beast angry .

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All the people present gasped, their eyes wide open . They couldn’t believe that Xiao Qiu would beat Xiao Luo with a stick and hit Xiao Luo directly on the head!

“Xiao Qiu what are you doing?!”

Xiao Ping was the first to react . He pushed Xiao Qiu aside and then asked Xiao Luo with concern, “Luo Zi, are you all right?”

Xiao Dechang and Xiao Quanren also gave Xiao Luo a worried look . Xiao Dechang pointed to Xiao Qiu and shouted loudly: “Hold him, don’t let him go mad and hurt more people . ”

Five strong men immediately stepped forward, Xiao Qiu was pressed against the wall, though Xiao Qiu was crazy with laughter .

“This madman, send him to the police station!” Xiao Dechang exploded in anger .


Xiao Luo lightly asked them to stop .

“Xiao Luo…”

In the worried eyes of the people, Xiao Luo, step by step walked up Xiao Qiu .

Was this to show his fangs?

Ji Siying’s heart hung in mid-air, she felt a bitter chill from Xiao Luo’s body, even if there were countless incense flames that baked the air and it was very warm, she still couldn’t help but shiver from the cold .

“Xiao Qiu, give me an explanation . ” Xiao Luo lightly asked Xiao Qiu, deadpan .

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This was also a surprise to him . He never thought Xiao Qiu would beat him . He got hit with a stick to his head . It was really damaging their already brittle relationship . Fortunately, he had internal force to protect his body thus the stick was not painful for him .


Xiao Qiu sneered, his face ferocious, “This boss wanted to beat you, this hypocritical fuck, a rich girl’s waste! This is my explanation, do you refuse to accept? Fucking bite me then!”

He completely lost his due sense, he felt humiliated, and the main culprit for all of this was Xiao Luo .

“Xiao Qiu, you’ve gone full crazy!” Xiao Ping came running, he angrily rebuked .

“I am crazy, that is also driven crazy by you, Xiao Luo is nothing but a fart! Why do you need to hold him so high to the sky? He said he would lend you 120,000 yuan . It was the rich girl’s money . He is nothing but a dead worker . With so much money, he has to cut off his head and get kicked to afford it . ” Xiao Qiu was frenzied .

Xiao Quanren shook his head and sighed faintly, “Jealousy is not good, jealousy is not good!”

“Jealousy? Sir, it seems that you are crazy too . I am jealous of him? Bah … this is ridiculous!” Xiao Qiu burst out laughing .

Xiao Luo smiled followed by a penetrating sneer . He stretched out his hand and took the half of the stick from a man who subdued Xiao Qiu .

Xiao Qiu shuddered and his smile froze in a flash .

The crowd was shocked, and their hearts asked: ‘Is this Xiao Luo retaliating?’

As the secretary of Luo village, Xiao Dechang could not watch helplessly if such a beating took place, he shouted, “Xiao Luo, don’t be rash!”

Backed by Xiao Dechang, Xiao Qiu, who knew Xiao Luo’s temperament, laughed again, “Xiao Luo, don’t pretend here, you don’t even have a tenth of courage, you …”

His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo’s stick flew towards him .

“Pa Cha ~”

Half of the wooden stick was broken into half again, and sawdust was flying .

Xiao Qiu felt dizzy, and then a stream of hot blood flowed down .

The men who held him saw that his head was bleeding . They subconsciously released him and retreated to one side . Losing support, Xiao Qiu fell and knelt in front of Xiao Luo with a “splat” . Since he was already shorter than Xiao Luo, even with his upper body straight when kneeling, he was much shorter .

He raised his head and looked at Xiao Luo in horror, his eyes full of disbelief: “You … you …”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Xiao Luo stared at him coldly, with a cruel smile on his lips . “Hanshan asked and said: How should anyone in the world slander me, insult me, despise me, laugh at me, bully me, and humiliate me? ‘Beat them!’”

His words just fell, when a leg came for Xiao Qiu’s face


Xiao Qiu immediately screamed as he flew out of the altar, falling heavily on the solid ground outside .

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