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Chapter 941 - Spirit-Accumulating Formation Disk

"Xiang Liang versus Qin Nan?"

"This is going to be interesting!"

"Qin Nan is in deep trouble."

The battle immediately captured the attention of the crowd, causing the atmosphere to become lively.

Many of the geniuses and the inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan smiled with a hint of gloating. The former was jealous of Qin Nan while the latter could finally witness Qin Nan's defeat.

Although Qin Nan was powerful, there was no way he could defeat Xiang Liang.


Both Qin Nan and Xiang Liang landed on the dojo at the same time.

Xiang Liang quickly looked at the other disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, who nodded at him. He then looked at Qin Nan disdainfully, "Kid, if you have the guts, don't surrender. Let's have an enjoyable battle."

There was no way he would let such a great opportunity go.

Qin Nan remained calm and silent, causing Xiang Liang to be infuriated knowing that he had been ignored.

"Let's begin!"

The Monarch Envoy announced in a calm tone.

The geniuses on the fifteen rings immediately launched their attacks at their opponents. However, the crowd's attention was entirely focused on the battle between Qin Nan and Xiang Liang.

"Martial Tree unleased! The secret technique of the Heaven-Saber, the Saber of the Galaxy!"

Xiang Liang uttered a roar as a five-zhang tall Martial Tree emitted a bright glow while emerging into the sky, as if it had formed a galaxy, executing a brilliant slash.

The aura of the attack swept toward the surroundings.

Many among the crowd were dumbfounded. Xiang Liang's Martial Tree had achieved the Undefeatable Martial Progenitor Realm, and together with the secret technique, the attack could easily slay a sixth-layer Martial Progenitor or match the strength of a seventh-layer Martial Progenitor!

He was planning to leave Qin Nan with no chance of surviving.

The crowd held their breath.


Qin Nan's eyes glistened as his personal Martial Tree emerged above his head. The tree was grey-white in color with flickers of thunder. The rumbling progenitor force completely overwhelmed Xiang Liang's presence.


Following a roar, the Martial Tree sprang forward and shattered the slash into pieces, an indication of how powerful it was.

"How is this possible!"

Xiang Liang and the geniuses stared with their eyes open wide.

Fourth-layer Martial Progenitor?

Qin Nan was a fourth-layer Martial Progenitor?

The entire dojo fell into a dead silence, followed by an uproar.

"It seems like Qin Nan has concealed his true strength. He has achieved the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!"

"That's so impressive. Did you see his Martial Tree? It's most likely that it has achieved the Law-Defying Realm!"

"No wonder he was ranked two thousand and first despite having a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! We should not underestimate him!"

"With such a display of strength, it's hard to determine who's going to win the battle now!"

The previously gloating geniuses were entirely dumbfounded, no longer daring to look down on Qin Nan. Many of the inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan were left speechless as well.

Only Tang Qingshan and Fang Changqing remained calm, as if they had expected this.

"Qin Nan, you…you…" Xiang Liang still could not believe what he had witnessed. He took two steps backward before collecting his thoughts as his expression darkened, "It looks like I've underestimated your strength, but does that make any difference? The victory is mine!"


The Martial Tree floating in the air fired countless glows downward, which were filled with deadly traps.

Qin Nan's left eye flickered as he saw the hidden danger. With a thought, his personal Martial Tree unleashed a strong Monarch Art intent and rammed forward, crushing the attack.

"The Heaven-Saber Talisman!"

Xiang Liang swung his hand, firing several talismans that rapidly combusted, summoning powerful saber intents toward Qin Nan in a ferocious manner.

The talismans were refined by peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts.

Qin Nan's personal Martial Tree was unable to dodge the attacks in time, resulting in loud crashes due to the impacts. However, only a few marks were left on its surface.

His personal Martial Tree was strong enough to suppress the Divine Battle Martial Trees.

"Progenitor force flowing in my body, unleash the various Monarch Arts!"

Qin Nan uttered a roar as the different forces in his body surged. With a flicker, a few hundred clones were summoned, surrounding Xiang Liang and firing countless punches at him from all directions. It was impossible to identify which of the attacks were real.


Xiang Liang's expression became pale as a saber aura was emitted from his figure, executing Monarch Arts while he activated half-Monarch Weapons.

The battle suddenly became one-sided. Even with the assistance of a few half-Monarch Weapons, Xiang Liang was no match against Qin Nan, as his figure was constantly knocked back.

Many among the crowd were astounded.

Not only was Qin Nan's Martial Tree incredibly powerful, his strength was terrifying too, as he could predict the path of the attacks, not to mention the outstanding battle intent he was showing.

If this continued, Xiang Liang would surely be defeated.

"I…how can I allow myself to be defeated!"

Xiang Liang was furious while feeling helpless in the situation.

If he were defeated, it would be extremely embarrassing!

Xiang Liang clenched his teeth as a thought crossed his mind. Although it's very precious, it's worth it as long as he could defeat Qin Nan with it!

"Spirit-Accumulating Formation Disk! Fellow Junior Brothers, please lend me a hand!"

Xiang Liang roared as he took out a round disk with ten sockets on it. As he inserted his progenitor force into the disk, the hollow sockets glowed brightly in a mystical way.

The crowd was startled. What was that?

Meanwhile, the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect rose to their feet and performed hand seals.


A shocking sight took place. The Martial Spirits of the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect appeared from the sockets on the disk. The powers of the Martial Spirits were combined followed a crimson flicker, resulting in a shocking pressure.

Three fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits!

Seven third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits!

"Martial Spirit…unleash!"

Xiang Liang stomped off the ground as four crimson glows were emitted from his back, together with an ancient saber that floated in the air.

That summed up to a total of eleven Martial Spirits!

The geniuses could not help but inhale deeply with shocked faces.

Such a terrifying artifact!

They did not expect Xiang Liang to have such a remarkable trump card!

As Xiang Liang waved his hand, the eleven Martial Spirits howled at the same time.

He glanced at Qin Nan as if a prideful dominator was looking down at the weak.

"Qin Nan, I already told you that I'd win the battle!'

Xiang Liang grinned as he spoke. With a thought, the eleven Martial Spirits dived in Qin Nan's direction.

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