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Chapter 930 - Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit

" hurts…"

"Qin dare….how dare you…"

"Qin Nan...I'm sorry! We're sorry…please stop!"

The previously infuriated Xuan Ya and his crew were utterly terrified after being struck continuously by the Beast-Hitting Stick.

Currently, nine enormous eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm Skyhowl Wolves were lying flat on the ground trembling in pain while uttering faint cries in agony.

Qin Nan had shown no mercy with his new toy this time.

"Let me ask you, do you really think it's embarrassing for Xuan Yue to follow me?" Qin Nan said calmly.

" no no...not at all!" Xuan Li felt like crying after suffering another hit. This Qin Nan was a f**king devil.


Qin Nan nodded with satisfaction. He took away their badges and storage bags, before forcing them to make an oath.

"I have to hurry!"

Qin Nan headed straight to the place of the rare phenomenon.

The nine Skyhowl Wolves felt relieved seeing Qin Nan's disappearing figure. A moment later, they shivered as they imagined what would happen to the other beasts.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan came to a halt.

In front of him was a giant lake that was pink in color. At its center was a piece of land, covered with ancient trees. One of them in particular caught his eye, which was golden in color and had a red flicker, resulting in a strong presence.

The ancient golden tree was surrounded by a faint glowing barrier, which was dissipating at a shocking rate.

"What a surprise, it's the Spiritual Fox Fruit!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

The Spiritual Fox Tree only bore a single fruit every two hundred years, which was known as the Spiritual Fox Fruit. Not only would consuming it strengthen one's body, it would also improve the person's charm, thus making it extremely valuable.

"The fruit is still growing, and is protected by the barrier. It's unwise to break it with brute force, otherwise, it would affect the efficacy."

Qin Nan took a glimpse and swiftly glanced in other directions.

He was not the only one attracted by the rare phenomenon.

On the opposite side of the lake were nineteen inner disciples, all of whom were from the top thirty beast tribes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Meanwhile, following a few piercing sounds, several figures arrived at the side of the lake.

They were disciples from three of the beast tribes!

"The people of the Golden-Winged Giant Bird tribe are here!"

"I thought our appearance was randomized? How did they find each other?"

"This is troublesome, we'll have to work together!"

The cultivators discussed among themselves with stern looks.

No one was aware of Qin Nan's presence.

Time gradually passed. After the period it took half an incense to burn, the barrier encapsulating the Spiritual Fox Tree disappeared.

The inner disciples immediately gathered their focus.


Qin Nan was about to make his move when he realized something, causing his expression to change.


A sudden explosion took place, which gave the disciples a great fright.

The golden Spiritual Fox Tree emitted a red glow, which gradually changed into a bright purple glow. Apart from that, a few illusionary nine-tailed foxes crawled out from the purple glow and danced in the air.

"What's going on?"

The crowd was astounded.


On the ancient tree, several forces surged toward it from the sky, pouring down onto it like a downpour.

The ancient tree began to expand into its surroundings rapidly.

In just less than two breaths' time, it was three zhang taller.

At its center was a fruit the size of a fist, emitting a mystical glow as an aura was unleashed from it.


It was the aura of immortality!

" the Spiritual Fox Fruit turning into an Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit?"

The same thought popped up in each disciple's mind, causing them to inhale deeply as their eyes burned with passion.

The Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit was not necessarily linked to immortality, but as the name suggested, its potency must be unimaginable!

It was at least a few times stronger!

"The Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit? Using the support of the Nine-Tailed World to level up, interesting."

Qin Nan squinted.

Either way, he had to claim the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

While the lake was experiencing the extraordinary change, several figures with powerful auras arrived at the scene, who turned out to be from the fifth, sixth, and seventh-ranked tribes of the Dragon Emperor Clan!

The first rare phenomenon did not attract their attention. After all, the Nine-Tailed World was filled with countless treasures.

However, they immediately took it seriously after observing the second rare phenomenon!

"Hmm, it's an Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit. It seems like we're in luck. Junior Sister Mu Mu, I'll make sure it's yours later."

Following a giggle, Su Qingqing and Mu Mu descended on top of an ancient tree, resulting in a beautiful scene.

"Is that so?"

A calm voice appeared, as streams of black Qi gathered above the lake, turning into a black-robed cultivator.

The Demonic Qilin, An Lin!

"Hehe, we shall see who'll get it in the end!"

A laugh filled with disdain echoed in the woods, as Ao Dongfang walked out with his hands placed on his back. The dragon might of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon was completely unleashed.

"Humph, you violent maniac. Don't you know the manners toward ladies?" Su Qingqing rolled her eyes.

The inner disciples shivered seeing this.

The rare phenomenon that the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit had triggered was too enormous, such that even the geniuses of the top three tribes had been attracted.


They were only fifth-layer Martial Progenitors, thus they still had a chance competing against them!


Meanwhile, a series of footsteps could be heard, as a giant sword tore the rift apart and floated above the lake.

Four figures stood on top of the giant sword, who turned out to be Hua Jiwudao and three peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts!

The inner disciples were startled. Even the eyes of the three geniuses glistened.

Hua Jiwudao's strength was already outstanding, not to mention the assistance from the three Martial Progenitor Realm experts.

Besides that, more disciples were making their way toward the lake.

Currently, the surroundings of the lake were crowded with people. Almost half of the disciples taking part in the trial had arrived, as if a grand feast were about to take place.

The Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit continued to be nurtured, emitting a brilliant glow.

"It's done!"

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