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Chapter 912 - Stumbling into Enemies

"What? A third-grade Tian ranked genius against three second-grade Tian ranked geniuses?"

"Gasp, the Magical Thunder City is making a bold move! I've never seen them doing anything like this!"

"Let's go! We have to be there! How can we miss such a bet?"

"Tsk tsk, even taking a glimpse at the battle will be incredibly helpful toward our cultivation! It seems like I have to pay a visit to the Magical Thunder City!"

"HAHAHA, send a message to master, a bet like this is always his favorite!"

Many cultivators who were regular betters at the Magical Thunder City totally lost their grounds and immediately made their way from all places.

As for the Magical Thunder City itself, the whole city was immersed in an uproar.

As Sima Kong understood the situation, his eyes sparkled with excitement, "Qin Nan, this is our chance! The bet tomorrow is going to be huge, and if you were able to stir up a little chaos, you could easily distract the experts."

"Mm, you're right."

Qin Nan nodded as his eyes flickered.

The difference between the duration of one breath and one incense stick was huge, thus the rare bet of the Magical Thunder City was definitely in their favor.

It was now or never!

"Sima Kong, remember, the weakness of the first entrance is located at the top left corner of the formation, close to the two stars. The weakness of the second entrance is at its middle…" Qin Nan made up his mind and swiftly said.

Even though the defensive formation of the Magical Thunder City was quite powerful, it was nowhere enough to challenge the power of his left eye. Despite the barrier, he could easily observe their weaknesses.

"Got it!"

Sima Kong nodded.

Following this, they sat down with their legs crossed and began to meditate.

The two hounds were still flipping through ancient manuals while the Heavenly Fortune Mouse was enjoying himself playing with dried leaves. Despite that, there was an indescribable pressure lingering in the air.

It was extremely risky for Qin Nan to attract the attention of the experts and Sima Kong to acquire the treasure on his own. If they made a slight mistake, they would instantly alert City Lord Zhou and the experts, thus putting their lives at stake.

Time gradually passed.

Unlike usual, the next morning, the entire Magical Thunder City was extremely lively.

The sound of discussions could be heard from all directions as countless cultivators arrived at the city.

"Time's up. Follow me." Qin Nan opened his eyes and exhaled deeply. He rose from the ground without glancing at Sima Kong, and left the residence with the two hounds and one mouse.

He was confident in Sima Kong's capabilities, thus there was no need to say anything else, as it would increase his pressure.

"Mm? Why are there so many experts here?"

As Qin Nan arrived at the hall in the middle of the city, his eyes were filled with astonishment after he did a rough scan of the crowd.

There were more than two hundred people in the hall; two among them had achieved the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, five had reached the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, and nine of them were second-layer Martial Progenitors. The rest were all peak Martial Sacreds.

However, this was only the beginning.

How many experts would there be during the battle?

"Having more experts at the bet is definitely bad for my plan. It seems like I'll have to stir a greater chaos to attract everyone's attention." Qin Nan squinted as he made his decision, before stepping into the hall.

Despite the scale of the bet, Qin Nan's identity was still a VIP, thus he was permitted to enter without paying the entrance fee.

In the underground city, most of the palaces were already crowded with people. The waitresses of the Magical Thunder City weaved among the crowd, serving them delicacies and wines.

Qin Nan headed straight to a VIP hall.

However, when a waitress was about to approach him, a shocking sight took place.

"Who's that?"

"Gasp, even City Lord Zhou is escorting him in person, who could the young man be?"

"Damn! City Lord Zhou isn't the only one. The Second Elder, Third Elder, and Fourth Elder are here too, followed by two inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect!"

"Why the intimidating formation? Could it be that a core disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect has arrived?"

Doubtful voices filled the place.

The arrival of the group of people immediately attracted the attention of nearby cultivators.

A core disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect was here?

Qin Nan frowned slightly as he turned around.

On the other side of the main street, a young man carrying three ancient swords on his back approached him at a steady pace. His face was completely filled with pride, while the half-Monarch Weapon long robe he was wearing was emitting a faint monarch aura.

He was followed by two inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, whose strength was on par with Duan Ren's, or even slightly stronger than him. Behind them were City Lord Zhou and his crew, resulting in an imposing appearance.

The young man immediately entered the limelight, as if an emperor had just arrived.

Qin Nan was extremely familiar with the young man, who turned out to be Cui Lixu whom he had stumbled into at the Monarch Ranking Trial!

"Why is he here?"

Qin Nan was startled.

His first reaction was to avoid contact with Cui Lixu, but on second thought, his presence might be helpful to his plan.

"Why are you blocking the way? Move!" One of the inner disciples behind Cui Lixu snapped.

The crowd had made way as they had arrived, apart from Qin Nan who remained in his spot.

"Qin Nan?"

The eyes of City Lord Zhou and his men turned cold as they gathered their progenitor force in their palms.

They had been busy preparing for the bet yesterday and had entirely forgotten about Qin Nan.

The surrounding experts were astounded too.

How daring was this young man to stand in the middle of the street blocking their path?

"Mm? Qin Nan? Why are you here?" Cui Lixu collected his thoughts and turned around. His eyes widened the moment he saw Qin Nan. The pride on his face instantly vanished, as if he had just eaten something filthy, giving him a disgusted expression.

If Cui Lixu were to describe the person he hated the most, even Tang Qingshan who had recently caused a lot of trouble for him was only ranked second, as the person before him occupied the top of the list!

As he saw Qin Nan, he could not help but recall the scene that took place at the Touring Dojo.

Both the treatment from the top three genius of the Monarch Ranking and the reward given to him were his absolute nightmares!

It was his first time being so embarrassed since he was born, and it had happened twice in a row!

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