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Chapter 859 - The Astonishment of the Dragon Emperor

The hall was covered in a layer of ice, with gusts of icy wind appearing from nowhere.

A single gaze was enough to change the place!

Words were not needed to explain what the words meant.

Qin Nan's gaze became calm as he spoke, "Chief, Senior Ancient Purple-Dragon Battle Dragon has treated me well, which is why I've decided to join the Dragon Emperor Clan. I'm clueless about what your beast race is planning to do. Does that mean I'll have to destroy the world on your request? Besides, why must I participate in the test?"

The sacrifice he would have to make in order to obtain the support of the beast race would surely be huge. Most importantly, the Dragon Emperor was threatening to kill him if he chose not to obey his will.

Qin Nan had always hated being threatened.

Even the terrifying existences such as the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the copper mirror, and the golden seal had never threatened him.

The Dragon Emperor remained stationary while his eyes emitted a shocking flicker, "The matter about the beast race is too much for you now. Even if you pass the test, your cultivation is still too weak! As for the test, you have no choice but to take it under my supervision!"

The words were uttered in an imperious tone.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan squinted his eyes while directing his Divine Sense onto the golden sea.

The copper mirror and golden seal were tightly related to the beast race, thus he was confident that the two artifacts would allow him to leave the Dragon Emperor Clan safely.

As for the test?

There was no way he would be forced to take a test all of a sudden!

Even if the person before him was the Dragon Emperor!

However, the copper mirror in Qin Nan's mind emitted a faint glow as the icy female voice appeared, "You can take part in the test. It won't bring you any harm."


Qin Nan was startled. He did not expect the copper mirror to speak at this moment.

"It's true that I'm somehow related to the beast race, but my goal is different than theirs, therefore it's all up to you now if you decide to take part in the test. I will not show myself and validate your identity." The copper mirror fell silent after finishing the sentence.

"Validate my identity?"

Qin Nan was stunned. For some reason, it sounded out of context to him.

However, the Dragon Emperor ran out of patience and unleashed his dragon might when he saw that Qin Nan had remained silent for a prolonged period. He spoke with a thunderous voice, "Qin Nan, stop hesitating! The test begins now! I know you're not feeling pleasant being forced doing the test, but if you end up passing it, I'll personally apologize to you!"

He could sharply sense Qin Nan's unwillingness from his reaction.

However, as long as he passed the test, he was more than happy to apologize!

To him, only the experts were worthy of his respect!

"Apologize? Are you being serious?"

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and squinted.

"Of course, I'm the Dragon Emperor, one of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Tribe. Why would I go against my words?" The Dragon Emperor placed his hands behind himself and unleashed a prideful aura.

"Alright then, I'll take the test!"

Qin Nan nodded to express his decision.

Since the copper mirror had mentioned that the test would not bring any harm to him, he chose to believe her. Most importantly, the Dragon Emperor was willing to apologize to him if he managed to pass the test.

"Great!" The Dragon Emperor straightened his face and said, "The test is very simple. Show me anything that you think is extraordinary to prove your value, whether it be your Martial Arts, Martial Spirit, possessions, cultivations, etc.!"

"Prove my value?"

Qin Nan was startled, before he frowned and said, "Does that include something that I've invented for my cultivation as well?"


The Dragon Emperor glanced at Qin Nan and said, "As a reminder, there are not many things left in the Middle Continent that could impress me. You have only one chance. Of course, I'm not an unreasonable person. Whatever you show me today, I swear in the name of the Heavens and Earth that I'll keep it a secret between us."

The Dragon Emperor raised his hand to swear the oath.

"It seems like this Dragon Emperor really cares about the test. He's willing to apologize and swear an oath for it, but that's definitely better for me!" Qin Nan's eyes glistened. If the Dragon Emperor did not swear the oath, he would not easily show his secrets.

"Take a close look then."

Qin Nan brought his fists together and with a single thought, a mystical glow was emitted from his head, which slowly formed into a one-zhang tall green crystal-like Martial Tree emitting a thick Martial Intent.

"Not bad, a Martial Tree formed with the cultivation of the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm. It's true that not many people in the Middle Continent are able to achieve this." The Dragon Emperor nodded slightly, before his gaze coldened, "But Qin Nan, is this all you've got? This alone is far from enough!"

How was a mere Martial Tree formed by the cultivation of the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm enough to impress him?

Was this Qin Nan trying to fool him?

"Chief, this is not the end of it."

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he gathered his thoughts once again.

The Dragon Emperor wore a cold grin. If Qin Nan were unable to prove his value, although he would not kill him, he would not hesitate to cripple him.

Following a loud explosion, a brilliant purple glow was unleashed from Qin Nan's head.


The Dragon Emperor was astounded. As he took a closer look, his face turned pale.

He could see a one-zhang tall purple Martial Tree floating in the air, emitting an imperious aura, which completely outmatched the aura of the other Martial Tree.


The Dragon Emperor's eyes widened. For the first time in the past few dozen years, his eyes were filled with utter astonishment.

Two Martial Trees!

Qin Nan had refined two Martial Trees!

How was this possible?

He only possessed a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

Apart from the senior eight thousand years ago, not a single genius in history had been able to achieve something like this, not even the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch!

Even though Qin Nan was unable to see the Dragon Emperor's face clearly, he could sense the change in his emotions, thus he immediately withdrew his thoughts.

Since two Martial Trees were enough, there was no point showing him the remaining four.

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