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Chapter 90: The slave princess


“This is really too shameful.”

Han Weiwei was regretting terribly as she followed Wei Suo to the Heaven Grade Residence.

On their journey, he purposefully walked through populated crowds within Spirit Peak City, and made two detour loops. Wasn’t this just to spite and display her to everyone?

Fortunately, she hadn’t changed out of the hall clothes from the Precious Treasure Pavilion; in addition to her wrecked face, even her senior sister Ji Ya wouldn’t recognize her. If people could recognize her as the big missy of the grand Precious Treasure Pavilion, she would no longer have the face to live on.

Even those guards that witnessed her fiasco were threatened by her not to tell anyone else, especially her senior sister Ji Ya. If they did, she would definitely be lectured by Ji Ya for an entire day, and be forced to have bodyguards tailing her every move.

Leecher, treacherous leecher! Apart from shamelessly wretched hooligan, she once again placed another title on Wei Suo.

But now, she had really misunderstood Wei Suo.

The real reason why he detoured around the city for two rounds, was because he was still greatly depressed because of Nangong Yuqing.

If Nangong Yuqing had flared up and berated him, then his heart may actually feel more relieved. But Nangong Yuqing was composed and cold, such a reaction was totally unacceptable.

Especially when Nangong Yuqing mentioned about spending spiritual stones is his own business and he didn’t need to explain to her about anything, Wei Suo became more anxious. That was because when he spent several hundreds of spiritual stones on the Heaven Grade Residence, Nangong Yuqing had specially scolded.

Thinking of the fact that he hadn’t even done anything yet, especially when he thought about the spirit hotspring within the spirit garden. And coming to terms that Nangong Yuqing would distance herself from now on, and he no longer had a chance to soak in the hotspring with her, Wei Suo felt so regretful he wanted to drown himself within the spirit hotspring.

“Why, master. Do you want me to ask Nangong Yuqing for you, if she would love to accompany you to soak into the hotspring?” But at this point in time, they had already wandered around for a long time, and upon seeing the dazed look on Wei Suo’s face as he looked at the spirit spring, she childishly spoke out.

Wei Suo’s evil nature exploded forth, deciding to shatter the already cracked jar. If he didn’t heartily torture this vile lunatic, he wouldn’t be called Wei Suo.

After he shot a chilling gaze at the gleeful Han Weiwei, Wei Suo advanced towards the spirit spring. “Just stay right here for now.”

The more agonizing Wei Suo was, the more pleased Han Weiwei became. She still purposely taunted Wei Suo. “Master, do you really want me to just stay here, I can find Nangong Yuqing for you.”

“I need to soak in the springs for awhile, if you want to see me strip, then you can follow me. If not, you better shut your mouth and obediently stand here.


“Bring me some fruits.” Wei Suo stirpped naked, entering into the spring as he ordered loudly.

He’s honestly taking me for a slave?

Han Weiwei’s eyes were wide with disbelief. But as her eyes widened, the stinging pain of her panda eyes kicked in. Han Weiwei immediately cursed Wei Suo in her heart, there was no way in hell she wanted to marry a filthy Cold North city fat male. Han Weiwei proceeded to gather some fruits outside and delivered to Wei Suo.

Soaking in the springs, only Wei Suo’s head could be seen as he gazed towards the distance. “What kind of slave are you, fumbling around so clumsily, do you even know how to select fruits? You actually plucked one that has been infected by bugs?”

“Even a slave has to be clever and quick-witted?”

Han Weiwei was slightly speechless, but what made it worse was that the fruit in her grip indeed had a rotten hole on it. Such a hole was so tiny that she herself couldn’t notice, yet this guy could actually see it from afar.

Han Weiwei couldn’t do anything, and couldn’t say anything else; she walked out to pluck some fruits again. This time, the fruits were fresh and spotless, fragrance without a tinge of damaged blemishes.

“Gather more.” Instead, Wei Suo pinpointed from afar, as he mercilessly and sternly replied.

“Why?” Han Weiwei couldn’t help flaring up with anger. “You just scolded me for that rotten fruit, but this one doesn’t have any problems.”

“I don’t like peaches or plums, so? All you brought was peaches, plus how can I eat these?” Wei Suo snorted.

Han Weiwei refuted angrily. “Why didn’t you say it just now!”

Wei Suo scoffed. “I’m the master, if I like to say it now then i’ll say it now. Also, please mind your tone when you talk to your master.”

Han Weiwei sighed furiously, but her rising chest betrayed her expression. “Alright master, what kind of fruits do you like?”

“Grapes, or purple wax-apple should be fine. That’s all, slaves should learn how to think for themselves. Be good, you must learn to satisfy your master.”

“F**** you! Pui Pui Pui Pui Pui!”

Han Weiwei quietly gathered some grapes and purple wax-apples, secretly spitting on it as she cursed at Wei Suo; then, she delivered the fruits to the spirit spring.

“Come here, how am I gonna take it from so far away? Do you want me to walk out to collect it?” Wei Suo swept a creepy look towards Han Weiwei by the spring side.

“What did you say?” Han Weiwei’s eyes popped out with disbelief.

“Come into the springs ah. You don’t understand me clearly?” Wei Suo looked at Han Weiwei, his heart feeling rather refreshed. Didn’t Han Weiwei purposefully agitate him over Nangong Yuqing. Since Nangong Yuqing would never soak with him, then Han Weiwei will take her place.

“You better not forget our earlier conditions for being a slave!” Han Weiwei called out in fright.

Wei Suo stubbornly continued, “Why, are you scared I’ll take advantage of you. When have you seen a master taking advantage of his slave? Moreover, looking at you right now, nobody would want to take advantage. I wouldn’t even want to touch a hair on you. Why, can’t a master ask his slave to soak in the springs together, and feed him fruits?”

“You’re doing this on purpose! I will not be fooled. If word of this gets out, which other male cultivators would want me, you even toured the entire Spirit Peak city for 2 rounds. With your state now, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at you. If you dare to touch even a hair on me, I’ll never let you off in one piece!” Han Weiwei’s voice was filled with murderous intent, gritting her teeth as she stepping into the hotspring still with all her clothes on.

“Hmph, feed me the grapes.” Wei Suo taunted as he stuck out his mouth like a spoilt young master.

Han Weiwei reluctantly forced a grape into Wei Suo’s mouth. Observing the indulgent look on Wei Suo’s face, she felt really refreshing because she had spat over the grape previously. But this sort of feeling gradually became sour, why did she feel like this was some sort of an indirect kiss?

And even though she was wearing clothes, she was indeed still soaking inside the spring with him. How close were they, and this guy was even stark naked. Fortunately, the water clouded him.

Thinking in this manner, Han Weiwei’s face unconsciously blushed as she felt rather uncomfortable.

“Nangong Yuqing is definitely more reasonable than this spoilt princess.”

“Everyone makes mistakes right, I just made a slight mistake once. If I get a chance, I need to have a good chat with her and swear I won’t commit the same mistake. With such a reasonable girl like her, she should forgive me right?”

After soaking for a while, Wei Suo’s emotions finally became clearer.

Actually, Wei Suo wasn’t expecting anything to spark between him and Nangong Yuqing. The feeling she gave him was that of an older sister, but he didn’t have any kin since young. He understood clearly how valuable this friend Nangong Yuqing was, just like Ye Xiaozheng and Ye Guwei. Such a stingy person like Wei Suo would even send gifts to them, he really didn’t wish to lose friends like Nangong Yuqing and the Ye siblings.

When a human encounters a disaster, he would feel like the whole sky was crumbling down on him, everything is futile. Yet after thinking through, he would still discover the possibility of mending the sinking ship.

The current Wei Suo was like that, once he thought it through, his body was brimming with fighting spirit, his emotions had soared outstandingly.

Furthermore, today was the day he saved spiritual stones and acquired the Spirit Controlling Technique. Which loose cultivator could be compared to him, and he even made the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s young princess to be his slave, soaking inside the same hot spring as him?

Laughing slyly, Wei Suo glanced at Han Weiwei. “I find this shore of the spring with fine sand really uncomfortable, maybe a pebbles shore would be more refreshing. Find me two thousand pebbles from that waterfall over there, and change the shore over here.”

Han Weiwei had no clue what he was planning, saying nothing as she obediently strolled out of the spirit spring heading towards the waterfall within the mountain range.

“This young princess’s figure is really not bad, she is just a little too crude.”

After drenching inside the spring, even though her clothes couldn’t be seen through and nothing could be seen, it still stuck tightly onto her body, highlighting her curves and ampleness. Frankly speaking, Han Weiwei’s figure wasn’t particularly outstanding, but her curves still enticed Wei Suo’s gaze and gasp.

“Hmph, since it’s there I should just look.”

As Wei Suo lecherously observed Han Weiwei strolling out of the spirit garden, he then leapt out of the spring and wore his clothes. Then he entered back to his cultivation room.

After retrieving the jade scroll containing the Spirit Controlling Technique from his Treasure receiving pocket, Wei Suo’s face surged with delight. He then immediately took out the 5 Mind Devouring Bug eggs.

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