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Chapter 739: You Want to Catch Me?!

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“Sh*t! There are more traps!”

The golden figure suddenly cursed when he dashed out of the black array formation.

The two level 4 inspectors didn’t expect someone to pop out from the area that was restricted to the Deputy Shrine Masters and the Shrine Master. They didn’t dare to stop whoever or whatever it was.

Hao Ren was shocked for a bit but quickly realized that it was Zhen Congming.

While Hao Ren was in shock, Zhen Congming came charging through the two layers of array formations and out toward the library gate. There was a golden light shining on him.

The third-floor library of the Dragon God Shrine was a closed-off space. Not only did one have to cross the array formations, but there were also defensive array formations and black stones that blocked off pathways. Even Qian-level and Kun-level cultivators couldn’t get through this library in other ways.


The translucent white array formation at the library gate lit up, and Zhen Congming who was wrapped in a golden light ran into it and got knocked back by the array formation.

The array formation suddenly intensified, and the level 2 inspectors who were by the gate were pushed back dozens of steps.

Zhen Congming was holding more than a dozen books in his hands, and they all fell to the ground.

“Stealing techniques?!”

Hao Ren ran over. When he saw the fallen books by Zhen Congming, he was extremely shocked.

Zhen Congming had used some methods to break through the array formations and made himself invisible to get into the library area where only the Deputy Shrine Masters and the Shrine Master were allowed in. However, when he was stealing the techniques, he triggered a trap so that he could only try to escape with the technique scrolls; he didn’t even have time to put the books into his storage space.


A strong surge of pressure came down from the top of the Dragon God Shrine.

The level 2 and level 3 inspectors who were of lower realms almost couldn’t stand straight because of the pressure.

Hao Ren raised a sword formation to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

Zhen Congming was only at Zhen-level, so there was no way that he could withstand this kind of pressure. However, he clenched his teeth and grabbed a book beside him which had a yellow cover. Then, he took out a black cape and used it to cover the golden light on his body.

“Hmph! You want to catch me? Not so easy!”

Zhen Congming took out a conch-shaped dharma treasure to break the array formation at the gate of the library. Under the watch of many inspectors, he ran out of the third-floor library.

Hao Ren thought that things would go very wrong, so he ran out of the library. As soon as he exited the library, he saw Zhen Congming flying down the central staircases of the Dragon God Shrine like crazy.

In this Dragon God Shrine, normal treasures wouldn’t work, especially the flight dharma treasures.

Even Zhen Congming couldn’t break through the enormous array formation that was covering the Dragon God Shrine.

Hao Ren didn’t expect Zhen Congming to come to the Dragon God Shrine to steal. He was also impressed by how this kid was able to get through all the layers of array formations and get into the highly restrictive area in which only the Deputy Shrine Masters and the Shrine Master had access to.

Just when Zhen Congming reached the lobby and was about to fly out of the Dragon God Shrine, the elder who was in the small room that was in charge of registration came out and blocked him.

Although the elder only showed the realm of Zhen-level, he was still very fast!

Zhen Congming jumped up. Just when his right foot was about to be grabbed by this elder, he stepped onto the latter’s shoulder and leaped toward the gate of the shrine like an agile bunny.


Zhen Congming saw a light when he came out of the east gate of the Dragon God Shrine.

All sorts of bottles fell when he was flying out. From the look of it, he had stolen quite a lot from the Dragon God Shrine!

Boom! A figure appeared at the west gate of the Dragon God Shrine.

Yue Zilong!

He dashed past the Dragon God Shrine and punched Zhen Congming in the back. Such speed and power even created waves on the big array formation that was protecting the floating platform.

Zhen Congming was flying out of the Dragon God Shrine while staggering. Then, he got out a black disk before stepping on it quickly. In a split second, he was able to create a half transparent energy sphere. By borrowing Yue Zilong’s power, he was able to fly for a very far distance in seconds.

Not only was Zhen Congming not hurt by Yue Zilong’s punch, but he was able to use the blow to his advantage and escape from the Dragon God Shrine! Zhen Congming went flying like a kite on the black disk with an energy sphere protecting himself.

No wonder he was famous on and above Fifth Heaven and known to be the kid thief. Even under the attack of Yue Zilong, a Qian-level cultivator, Zhen Congming was able to escape with energy to spare!


Yue Zilong flipped in the air and landed onto the platform heavily.

Bam! The large platform that was floating in the air shook, and all the arenas around the Dragon God Shrine collapsed. These arenas were supposedly very strong.

Also, the rooms where Hao Ren had once taken his written exam was now a junkyard as well.

Yue Zilong was at peak Qian-level, and he was mad. His stomp was able to shake mountains and rivers, and that also applied to the array formation which kept this floating Dragon God Shrine in the sky!

Zhen Congming had flown away, but he couldn’t stand straight and fell from the disk.

Yue Zilong suddenly jumped up and charged at Zhen Congming like a bullet.

“How dare you try to stop me!” Zhen Congming was also a bit angry, so he threw out a few balls.

These balls exploded in the sky. Even though Yue Zilong had a tough body, he was still blasted a few hundred meters away.

All the inspectors of the Dragon God Shrine opened their eyes widely due to shock.

Hao Ren had run out the gate of the Dragon God Shrine. He was prepared to go and help Zhen Congming, but Zhen Congming had thrown something to him.

Hao Ren caught it with one hand. Then, he looked down to examine it and realized that it was the mission booklet of the Dragon God Shrine.

Yue Zilong had been blasted away by a few extremely powerful Heavenly Lightning Balls. His clothes were torn, but Yue Zilong himself looked untouched. He clasped his hands together and charged at Zhen Congming with a fist punch.

Hao Ren suddenly blocked Yue Zilong with his sword energies; he didn’t know that Yue Zilong would be this ruthless when he attacked.

However, Yue Zilong was powerful, so he destroyed Hao Ren’s sword energies in the sky.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Two other cultivators came flying out of the Dragon God Shrine.

Peak Qian-level!

There were now three peak Qian-level Deputy Shrine Masters who were trying to catch Zhen Congming!

Zhen Congming took out a bronze mirror from his pocket. All of a sudden, the sky was lit up with different lights.

He tightly held a book called ‘Demon Transformation Scroll’ in his hand. This was a cultivation technique for demon beasts and was stored in the very back of the Dragon God Shrine’s library.

For ordinary mortals, the five-elemental cultivation was their way of cultivating, and the highest realm that they could reach was the Soul Formation Realm. However, some evil cultivators and demon cultivators could make mortals become one of them.

The book that Zhen Congming stole was one that could make humans learn the demon techniques!

He had also stolen a lot of elixir pills from the Dragon God Shrine. Amongst what he took was an ultimate secret pill called the Demon Transformation Pill!

The colorful lights shot out of the bronze mirror, and they stopped the three peak Qian-level cultivators from getting close!

Qiu Niu had given this treasure to Zhen Congming. Unless he was in a very dangerous position, he would not use it.

Zhen Congming wanted to slip in and then slip out secretly. He was stealing these things so that he could trick Wu Luoxue into cultivating this. His plan didn’t go as smooth; the moment that he got the technique, he had triggered a trap in the Dragon God Shrine.

Bam! A black light was shot down from the top of the Dragon God Shrine.

The black light was able to break through the colorful lights of the bronze mirror, and then it struck the bronze mirror, breaking it into four pieces.

The three peak Qian-level Deputy Shrine Masters instantly threw out three ropes to tie up Zhen Congming.

“None of you in the Dragon God Shrine are good people!” Zhen Congming shouted.

Hao Ren looked down at the mission booklet and saw the latest mission, [Hao Zhonghua, a mortal scientist, had published information about dragon scales, which is confidential information to the Dragon Tribe. There is a need to it cover up. Supplementary information: kill if necessary.]

The person who took this mission was Qin Shaoyang!

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