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Just as the black and red clashed, the twelve Titled Douluo staggered a few steps back. The Shattered Star Douluo did his best to protect everyone from Shrek Academy from this explosive burst of strength.

"Let's retreat a little further first!" The Shattered Star Douluo shouted. He immediately unleashed his Light of Shattered Stars, which engulfed everyone. After this, he proceeded to a point lower down the mountain with all of them.

If they continued to remain here, they would very soon be killed by this clash between two Ultimate Douluo!

The two of them were simply too strong. The shockwaves from their clash were already very terrifying.

The black dragon claws were forced back, but they didn't sustain any harm.

"Bloody Demonpuppet. So that's your martial soul. It relies on devouring spirits to evolve. It seems like you haven't just harmed soul beasts, but also many humans. This so-called Death God is simply a manifestation of your martial soul. How many avenging spirits do you kill every time you manifest it in this form? Every avenging spirit can only be collected after a live human being is killed. Even soul beasts can't be replenished. However, I don't care if you kill humans. But you've killed too many of my people. I'll use your life to avenge all of them."

As he spoke, 'Huo Yuhao' peered into the sky and let out a dragon roar. Following this, he lifted both his hands in the air, his palms facing upward. The space behind him tore apart, and a huge dragon head slowly poked out. Pitch-black dragon flames that carried spots of golden starlight were unleashed towards Ye Xishui.

The surrounding space blew apart just as the dragon flames were unleashed. The blood-red light was torn apart, and the entire mountain started to distort. A terrifying force tore apart the spatial barriers and bore down on Ye Xishui as if it were a great river.

The Bloody Demonpuppet behind Ye Xishui shone brightly. Her own body also turned into a streak of red light that fused into the back of the Bloody Demonpuppet as her seventh soul ring shone. The Bloody Demonpuppet expanded as it moved through the air. Rings of red light forcefully resisted the onslaught of the dragon roars.

Intense explosions started to ensue, and the entire mountain started to compress downward because of their terrifying strength.

The Death God Pagoda finally moved. It was shaking slightly.

"Beast God, Di Tian! So it's you!" Ye Xishui's sharp voice sounded. Evidently, she couldn't believe that the Beast God had actually appeared here and was helping the Star Luo Empire.

The Beast God calmly said, "That's right, it's me. You can kill everyone else, but you can't kill this person I'm protecting. Moreover, what's the benefit of letting the Sun Moon Empire rule the entire continent?"

Ye Xishui snorted coldly, "That's right. You're indeed very strong, and can curb my abilities. However, don't forget that you're not in your true form right now. If you possess this little fellow for too long, he might be unable to take it."

It was a pity that all the Titled Douluo had already retreated. Otherwise, they would be shocked beyond words if they heard Ye Xishui admitting that she wasn't Di Tian's match.

It was the truth. The last time Di Tian had commanded his soul beast army to attack Shrek City, Elder Mu and Elder Xuan had banded together to overcome him. Elder Mu had even planned everything very early, which aided them in curbing Di Tian. Even so, Huo Yuhao was the one who convinced Di Tian in the end. Otherwise, Shrek City would have been destroyed.

He had a cultivation that was greater than eight hundred thousand years, and had broken through eight bottlenecks. He was already one foot into another tier. Even Ye Xishui had to admit that he was terrifyingly strong.

"How do you know that I can't summon my true form? How is it possible for a mere human like you to comprehend things at my level?"

As he spoke, 'Huo Yuhao' pointed his right hand towards the sky and his left hand towards the ground. A pitch-black beam of light quickly joined between his left and right index fingers. Black light tore space apart, and a figure slowly walked out from the slit that opened.

Suddenly, the black dragon head behind 'Huo Yuhao' turned real, and the strength of the dragon flames increased significantly.

"You, you can actually break apart space and teleport your true body? This is impossible…" Ye Xishui exclaimed, but she stopped resisting. Instead, she turned into a beam of red light and instantly charged towards the Death God Pagoda.

The Death God Pagoda shone extremely brightly. Countless avenging spirits could be heard whining. A beam of red light that Huo Yuhao had seen before descended from the sky. It was the Avenging Light of the Death God, a watered-down version of the Light of the Death God. It clashed ferociously with the dragon flames that were in pursuit of Ye Xishui.

It wasn't that Ye Xishui wasn't willing to fully unleash her Light of the Death God. It was just that she needed some time to accumulate her strength before she could unleash the complete version of her Light of the Death God. The last time she did so, she went through prior planning first.

This Avenging Light of the Death God was unleashed through some kind of special method after greatly compressing avenging spirits. It was very powerful, but it used up thousands of avenging spirits every time it was unleashed. There weren't just a hundred thousand avenging spirits that were gathered within this Death God Pagoda. However, they were very limited. Every time it was unleashed, they had to be replenished.

What Huo Yuhao didn't know was that there were many avenging spirits in this Death God Pagoda that were collected by Ye Xishui after he initiated the massive explosion in Radiant City. This also aided in the completion of the Death God Pagoda, allowing it to cross the barrier that made it a Class 10 soul tool.

In this world, there wasn't just a single genius. Huo Yuhao was one, but Ye Xishui was also another one.

She had started to research soul tools in the Sun Moon Empire after her disappointing relationship with Mu En. After years of research, she gradually fused her evil soul master abilities and soul tools, creating a unique soul tool that belonged only to her. With her immense power as a foundation and the Holy Ghost Church as a backer, she finally became the strongest soul engineer in the Sun Moon Empire and the Death God Douluo. At the same time, she was also the Supreme Leader of the Holy Ghost Church. After Xu Tianran ascended to the throne, he even accepted her as his godmother. The current leader of the Holy Ghost Church, Zhong Liwu, was Ye Xishui's son.

It could be argued that she was actually the most powerful person in the Sun Moon Empire.

A huge explosive force was released as the black dragon flames and the Avenging Light of the Death God clashed. The entire mountain was flattened. The Death God Pagoda actually rose into the air and turned into a beam of red light that shot forward in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire. At the same time, a beam of blood-red light shot into the sky and turned into a weird image.

From afar, the formation of soul tools that the Sun Moon Empire had deployed started to reverberate with booms. The Titled Douluo from the Star Luo Empire had already achieved what they wanted. Following this, beams of golden light rose into the sky. It was the signal for the army to come.

Huo Yuhao silently drifted above the mountain and watched as the Death God Pagoda escaped. He didn't pursue. The Beast God was drifting beside him. He furrowed his brow as he looked at Huo Yuhao.

Di Tian was a little displeased as he said, "You actually riled up such a strong enemy. If I didn't appear in my true form, I don't think she would have left." 

Huo Yuhao seemed to have returned to normal, and calmly said, "You've already cost me two opportunities to advance to the future. Don't you think you should help me at such a critical moment? Moreover, from the perspective of the world of soul beasts, it's not advantageous if the human world is ruled by the Sun Moon Empire. When that happens, all of you will only become experimental subjects of the Sun Moon Empire. Once they find substitutes for soul rings that can replace soul beasts, it'll be the day that soul beasts vanish from the face of this world. This is why peace and balance between the various empires should be something that you want to see, am I right? Now that the Sun Moon Empire is so strong and the Heavenly Soul Empire is on the verge of destruction, the Sun Moon Empire would be very likely to rule the entire continent if we don't deal them a huge blow right now."

After pondering for a moment, Di Tian said, "However, you can't face too strong of an opponent. If not for the fact that I had some kind of understanding of her the first time you suffered the attack of the Avenging Light of the Death God and intentionally dealt with her strategy, she wouldn't have been scared off. She's right. I can't possibly descend in my true form. I believe that she'll realize that she's been scared off by me after she returns and calms down. This woman is very strong. If not for the fact that she detached herself from the Death God Pagoda, I wouldn't have been confident of fighting her even with my true form if she relied on her Death God Pagoda to fight me."

After hearing his words, Huo Yuhao was slightly stunned. Even the arrogant Di Tian was not confident of defeating Ye Xishui. How strong was she? With someone as strong as her, the Star Luo Empire would be unlikely to gain an advantage even if the Star Luo Empire faced her with a hundred-thousand-man army.

"This time, you've lent me too much of your strength. Your body is already on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, there's a very strong life energy in your body, which seems to come from the same source as the Lake of Life. This life energy has been helping you to recover quickly. However, don't face her again. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be confident of saving you. You only have one life. Your life might be important to us, but isn't it important to you too? Take precious care of your life and get as far away from the Death God as possible."

The Beast God was very composed. He didn't react to Huo Yuhao's earlier reprimand. After he finished speaking, dim black light slowly turned into air currents, and he disappeared. Black air also engulfed Huo Yuhao and carried him to the top of the mountain.

Slowly, the black disappeared, and Huo Yuhao looked very pale. Fresh blood flowed from all his pores. He only felt excruciating pain throughout his entire body before he lost consciousness.

When the Star Luo Empire's Titled Douluo came to the top of the mountain, they only witnessed an astonishing scene.

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