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Perceiving Each Other's Love

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Yuki)

(Donation thanks to: Meropith, S.Taing, C.Govinden, M.Chhoun, N. Wongvitoothai)

"I want… to be a pair for a lifetime, bodies and minds are one, devoted to each other…"

Long YuTian was frozen on the spot… There must be a problem… Qian DuoDuo must have broken her brain!

In their Sheng Chen country, those with a bit of wealth and influence, even if that person was only a very small landowner, would have three wives and four concubines. She wanted to only be a pair… Unless she was to marry a destitute guy from a starving family or a very low servant, everyone else would be more or less the same.

Hidden behind the door, quietly hiding his presence, was the equally stunned Long MuChen.

He was a few years older than these several HuangZi who all had several ShiQie and TongFang[1] in their fu. However, he, their HuangShu, had no women by his side at all.

HuangShang and TaiHou had picked daughters from Sheng Chen country in their attempt to choose a WangFei for him a few times. Even GongZhu from different countries were willing to marry him as a ShiQie.

However, he actually used several years of battling to pacify the borders as a reason to ignore a lot of court ministers who wanted to marry their daughter into Chen wangfu. After meeting countless rebuffs, everyone thought inwardly, could their Chen Wang perhaps be a cut-sleeve[2]?

But only Long MuChen himself understood what he was thinking. His wife must be someone he loved, someone he held in his heart, someone he'd cherish throughout his life.

Otherwise, no matter how captivating or how ethereally beautiful she was, he'd still not pay her a glance.

Unexpectedly, after looking for so many years, for the first time ever, he was finally interested in a woman and had a good impression of her. Besides, she was exactly like him, their hearts would perceive each other's love.

But just because of TaiHou's decree, she happened to become his nephew's WangFei.

Thinking about love, Qian DuoDuo's lips automatically hummed a pop song, "You know even better than I do, no matter how good you were to me, how gentle, how sincere, can't be the qualification to love me… Only when you can only look at me, think of me, have only me, love originally ought to be unique and without comparison…"

This was a song from S.H.E, 'The Qualification to Love Me'[3], that she previously sang to her Long YuTian.

Long YuTian couldn't say what kind of feeling filled his heart when he heard this song. After a short while, he suddenly laughed, "Haha… Qian DuoDuo, I think it's you that has a broken brain. You wouldn't be able to get married in your whole life if you're thinking like this!"

"Tch… You understand my ass! This is called integrity! Not everyone is like you, this stud-horse!"

Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips and retorted back. But right now wasn't the time to quarrel. It seemed Long YuTian would soon drive her away from the wangfu. Then she, a lone, pitiful little GuNiang, a stranger in this strange place in ancient times, how could she live?

Besides, from what Xiao Ruo told her, she had always been bullied and humiliated in the Qian family. Who knows what kind of appearance those snobs from the Qian family would laugh at her with if she was to be divorced.

Qian DuoDuo massaged her forehead somewhat worriedly. Seeing that Long YuTian was so anxious to divorce her, a plan appeared in her mind. She said, "Long YuTian, it won't be a problem if you want to marry Zhu SiSi, and it also won't be a problem if you want to divorce me… I can even help you speak. However, you have to promise me several things. Otherwise, I'll stick with you like  bubble gum!"

"Are you discussing conditions with BenWang?" Long YuTian raised his eyebrow; he knew this woman wouldn't be so easily satisfied! He threw her a glance from the side of his eyes, saying, "Say it, BenWang will hear them first."

"First, we're husband and wife in name only: you have a person you like, and I have my ideology, so you have to promise me that you will never force yourself on me…"

"Second, where I want to go to play, I'll go there to play, you cannot restrict my freedom! Furthermore, if I happen to rush into a disaster outside, you have to help me take the responsibility!"


[1] TongFang (通房/tōngfáng): Lowest rank concubine, the status they bore was that of a maid. [2] Cut sleeve (断袖/ duàn xiù): Gay. To those who are curious about the background story, this (4th paragraph if you're too lazy to read all). H.E: is a Taiwanese girl group. Qian DuoDuo was singing their song '爱我的资格'


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